True Martial World Chapter 114

Chapter 114: Evil brought on by himself is the hardest to bear
Chapter 114: Evil brought on by himself is the hardest to bear

The Jin Long Wei army prohibited plotting and backstabbing, but they did not prohibit people from seeking revenge in a fair and square manner.

In fact, this was a world with weak laws. Seeking revenge was a universally accepted principle, and advocated as a custom of the martial arts way.

Even the constables and judges of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom would not interfere.

Besides, this vendetta was initiated by Lian Chengyu himself. As a warrior who had initiated the life and death battle, he had to be responsible for his own life!

So Zhang Tan just looked on, and did not interfere.

No matter how much the members of warrior preparation camp wished for Zhang Tan to end the contest, it was pointless.

But if the situation had been the reverse, where Lian Chengyu brutally beat up Yi Yun, Zhang Tan would have interfered. In the end, this was the difference in value of a person.

For Yi Yun to be able to induce Purple Air Comes From The East, he would likely become a human lord in the future; how could Lian Chengyu ever compare to that?

Lian Chengyu had done well in his evaluations, but it was only within the scope of the thousand mile radius of the Tao tribal clan.

The entire Cloud Wilderness had many tribal clans the size of the Tao tribal clan!

The Kingdom’s selection ran by Zhang Tan was just one of the many in the entire Cloud Wilderness.

As for a talent like Lian Chengyu, to the Jin Long Wei, it was not bad taking him in, but neither was it a loss to not take him in.

Zhang Tan had already noticed the animosity between Lian Chengyu and Yi Yun. There had to be an end between the two. Instead of letting them conspire against each other in the Jin Long Wei army, resulting in conflict, it was better to just let them fight it out during the selection.

It was obvious who to choose between the two. Taking in a talent was a great contribution to the Jin Long Wei, but on a personal note, nurturing an expert would bring benefits to Zhang Tan himself. In the future, Yi Yun could be considered a student of Zhang Tan; so if Yi Yun really flourished in the future, Zhang Tan would also share in glory.

So, earlier when Zhang Tan asked Yi Yun about his cultivation level, he had already predicted the outcome of this battle. Yi Yun meeting Lian Chengyu in his first round was also intentionally planned by Zhang Tan.

Lian Chengyu was destined to end in tragedy from the beginning.

But if Lian Chengyu had not dug his own grave by trying to use a loophole to kill Yi Yun, forcing Zhang Tan to make a stand, then Lian Chengyu probably would not have ended in such a pathetic state.

It could only be said that the evil that was brought on by himself is the hardest to bear!

“The ninth crime, you overdrafted on the Lian tribal clan’s resources, picking dry the herb mountain, slaughtered the cattle and the hunting dogs! To push your future, you burnt the bridges of the Lian tribal clan, making them the sacrifices on your altar! You owe this life to the people of the Lian tribal clan!”

“The tenth crime, our private revenge is irreconcilable! You wished to kill me, to make me lead a living death! Today at the Kingdom’s selection, you asked the examiner, hoping to eliminate me for your nefarious joy. If I were to set a tiger free, allowing you to recover and seek revenge against me, harming my loved ones? So today, I’ll get rid of the roots, eliminating any future trouble!”

After Yi Yun said that, he lifted a dying Lian Chengyu and crushed Lian Chengyu’s working hand, and with two punches shattered Lian Chengyu’s kneecaps. With the kneecaps shattered, he could no longer stand up.

Yi Yun grabbed Lian Chengyu and sent another punch.


With a thud, the last punch landed on Lian Chengyu’s Dantian!

Lian Chengyu’s body suddenly began to tremble violently. He was suffering from body fractures and severed meridians, but the last hit was right on his Dantian. Lian Chengyu was now like a leaking basket and would be unable to store energy anymore.

Even if he induced Heaven Earth Yuan Qi to enter his body, this Yuan Qi would meander through his body and escape from all his openings, leaving nothing behind.

Without energy nourishing him, compounded with the severed meridians and destroyed bones, Lian Chengyu would have great trouble recovering. He would be crippled for life and would need to be bedridden for many years.

Lian Chengyu was totally crippled by Yi Yun!

The moment Yi Yun crippled Lian Chengyu, he felt extremely refreshed. The last blow made Yi Yun feel fulfilled and delighted.

The months of suppressed hatred, animosity and all the trials he had experienced had been released at that moment!

By feeling refreshed, the Purple Crystal’s energy directly reached Yi Yun’s head, nourishing and refreshing his soul!

“When the ancients practiced martial arts, they made sure to settle vengeances quickly. This was probably the reason as it calmed the heart and mind, lessening the bottlenecks for breaking through!”

With a throw, Lian Chengyu’s body was thrown to the ground like a dead dog. He breathed out more than he breathed in.

Lian Chengyu’s face was pale and his eyes dull. His pupils were out of focus. He laid on the ground motionless.

Receiving such serious injuries, with his martial arts maimed and meridians broken, to an ambitious Lian Chengyu, this was a fatal blow. He was leading a living death!

“Young…Young master…” A few members of the Lian tribal clan warrior preparation camp were stupefied, unclear of what they should do.

With their master crippled by Yi Yun, where were they to go from here?

The people, the other members of the warrior preparation camp and the upper echelon of the Lian tribal clan were all waiting for them to return with good news!

They could not imagine what the reaction of the upper echelon of the Lian tribal clan would be upon receiving the news of Lian Chengyu being crippled.

The people of the Tao tribal clan were also stunned, they did not know what to say.

They had an attitude of schadenfreude in the internal conflict of the Lian tribal clan, but soon, they could no longer laugh.

Yi Yun was too fearsome. His ruthlessness of his strength and decisiveness made them shiver.

“Yi Yun… easily maimed Lian Chengyu! If not for the ten crimes he had to count, the process might have been even shorter! What cultivation level is Yi Yun?” The people had an intuitive understanding of Lian Chengyu’s strength, because when he had demonstrated on the white jade stage, he had easily shattered a black ironstone the size of a roller.

It could be said that his strength was easily in the top ten or even top five of the Mortal Blood warriors that competed in the Kingdom’s selection!

But such a person had been easily maimed by Yi Yun. It was not a battle but a slaughter!

What strength did Yi Yun possess?

“Yi Yun has to be in the Mortal Blood realm. He’s only twelve, so he can’t have broken through to the Purple Blood realm. And if he really had broken through to the Purple Blood realm, the Jin Long Wei would not have allowed him to share the arena with Lian Chengyu, causing Lian Chengyu to be beaten into such a sorry state.

“Yi Yun’s level should be at the peak of the Qi Gatherer realm!” A Tao tribal clan warrior passed his judgement. His level was not bad, but because he was above twenty-eight years of age, he could not participate in the Kingdom’s selection.

“Peak-Qi Gatherer? Then it’s the same as Lian Chengyu…but how could the difference be this big when they fought?” Many commoners were puzzled. To them, everyone was at the peak of the Qi Gatherer realm, so their strength should be similar.

“This question is meaningless,” the man shook his head. “So what if they are both at peak-Qi Gatherer? Don’t forget, Yi Yun’s demonstration had been assessed as…Mystic rank grade five.”

Mystic rank grade five.

The man’s words stunned the surrounding people.

Yes, Yi Yun had been assessed by the Jin Long Wei to be a Mystic rank grade five, much higher than their tribe’s three young masters!

Mystic genius was a young lord! When he grew up, he could become a noble!

The people of the Tao tribal clan were unconvinced originally, but now they were speechless.

They had to admit that Yi Yun’s talent and strength lived up to his ranking.

When Yi Yun demonstrated his techniques on the white jade stage, he did not show his strength because he did not want to.

If Yi Yun wanted to give a shot, shattering a black ironstone would have been too easy,

The fanatic fans of Tao Yunxiao and Hu Ya had all shut up.

With Yi Yun’s strength displayed to them, they no longer had grounds for dispute. The truth of the matter proved that the Jin Long Wei did not make an error in their assessment. Yi Yun did not use a loophole to obtain first place in the preliminary round. And Yi Yun’s demonstration was something they did not understand because of their lack of insight.