True Martial World Chapter 1140

Chapter 1140: Familiar
Chapter 1140: Familiar

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The girl behind the Myriad City's city lord did not look a day older than twenty. She wore a snow-white dress with fluttering cloth belts.

The girl slowly walked forward. She had a tall and slender body with fair skin that rivaled snow. She had a reserved charm with a beauty that could topple cities, giving her the air of an ethereal fairy.

Everyone could not help but be attracted to her, and found it almost impossible to move their gazes away.

"This girl sure is exquisite. She doesn’t even pale in comparison to Fairy Youqin. Or rather, it should be said that each one of them has their own merits."

"She was in the Heaven-class room with the city lord. Could she be his daughter?"

There was a flurry of discussion as people were curious over the woman's identity.

The two scions beside Yi Yun stared at her as if their eyes were about to pop out. The trip here today truly wasn't wasted for them. Not only did they witness Fairy Youqin's unveiled face, they had also managed to see another peerless woman.

However, they knew all too well that people like them stood no chance with women of that status.

The two felt forlorn when they realized that Yi Yun was staring at the white-dressed woman intently and seemed somewhat out of it.

"Brother, it's useless to look at her. Such women stand in a completely different world from us. Being mesmerized by her will only be lead to your own suffering."

The honest-looking youth spoke and patted Yi Yun on the shoulder as a form of consolation.

Yi Yun only exhaled and smiled at the honest-looking youth, not explaining a thing.

He never expected to see a familiar face in the Myriad Divine Territory. Furthermore, this person's aura and strength had made a quantitative leap. It was so different that Yi Yun was unable to recognize her immediately.

The woman was once Yi Yun's rival, Princess White Fox.

Years ago, Yi Yun had entered the Primordial Empyrean Heaven and his strength was far inferior to hers. Only when Yi Yun managed to crack the secret of the Purple Crystal Chaos Stones by chance, learning the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence and Major Destruction Dao, did he managed to exceed Princess White Fox in the training trials.

Later on, Yi Yun became Felicitous Rain Lord's disciple and left the Luo clan. Following that, he went on an expedition to the Azure Wood Great World, which resulted in him no longer being able to see Princess White Fox. He never imagined that he would chance upon her in the Yang God Empyrean Heaven.

Why did Princess White Fox come to the Yang God Empyrean Heaven? Furthermore, how did she know the Myriad City's city lord?

Yi Yun was somewhat puzzled.

What he did know was that Princess White Fox's strength had increased by leaps and bounds. She was already a peerless genius so now, with her strength improved, she was even more formidable. She would truly be a favored daughter of the heavens even in a faction of the Divine Lord grade.

"City Lord Qin, you make it sound so formal. It's my pleasure that City Lord Qin could listen to my performance today."

Fairy Youqin held her zither and gave City Lord Qin a bow.

"Haha!" City Lord Qin guffawed. "To think that Old Freak Zhuo can have a disciple like you is truly his blessings. I’m even a little jealous of him."

City Lord Qin did not hold back on his praises of Fairy Youqin. "Speaking of which, although I do not have any worthy disciples, an old friend of mine has taken in a good disciple. I brought her here today and I would like to introduce her to all of you."

As City Lord Qin spoke, he said to Princess White Fox behind him, "Wuxia, why don't you introduce yourself to Youqin?"


Yi Yun was slightly surprised. In the past, the people of the White Fox clan addressed Princess White Fox as Princess Xue'er. He had never heard of the name "Wuxia." He wasn't sure if she had changed her name later.

"Zhuo Youqin." Fairy Youqin gave Princess White Fox a slight bow.

"Xue Wuxia." Princess White Fox returned the bow.

The two outstanding women were polite in greeting each other. Following that, a single sentence from City Lord Qin broke the peace.

"Fairy Youqin, my old friend sent Wuxia here to Myriad City for training. What a coincidence that Wuxia also cultivates in the Zither Dao and soul techniques. It's rather similar to you, so I recommended that she come to Heavenly Treasures Arch."

"Fairy Youqin's Zither Dao is peerless so, if the two of you can spar, you will both definitely improve. I wonder if Fairy Youqin is agreeable to the idea?"

The moment City Lord Qin laid out his cards, everyone was taken aback. When they finally understood and confirmed what City Lord Qin meant, they were astounded. They originally believed that City Lord Qin had brought Xue Wuxia here to befriend someone, but they never expected that he had brought her here to make a scene.

The male warriors present could not help but get excited.

The Heavenly Treasures Arch was Fairy Youqin's territory, to begin with. Fairy Youqin made her first appearance three years ago and since then had caused many young scions of Myriad City to be infatuated with her. Unfortunately, Fairy Youqin was sacred and pure. She kept others at a good distance, causing everyone that tried to woo her to leave in low spirits.

And now, another flawless fairy that was every bit her equal had appeared. What would be the outcome between two phoenixes?

"Oh? What a coincidence…"

Fairy Youqin glanced at City Lord Qin. Her expression was unperturbed. She could sense that Xue Wuxia's cultivation in the soul was definitely not lower than hers.

Fairy Youqin was not afraid of such competitions. On the contrary, she was very willing to accept the challenge. She knew that if her opponent was of similar strength to her, it would benefit her growth in cultivation level greatly.

In fact, Fairy Youqin had chosen to make appearances in Heavenly Treasures Arch and play the zither in front of so many Myriad City elites so that she could infuse her soul power into her zither music. By enveloping everyone in her Zither Domain, she was able to train her Zither Dao and soul.

Princess White Fox streaked her fingers across the air and dots of light gathered together, transforming into a zither with a phoenix tail design. It appeared beneath her fingertips and floated in mid-air.

She looked at the seven strings on the zither and said, "Fairy Youqin's zither tunes are melodious and moving. I am not a competitive person by nature but my master is strict. I can only comply. Speaking of which, the relationship between my master and the Paradise Chapter goes deep…"

As Princess White Fox said this, she suddenly stopped. She scanned the baffled audience for, at that instant, she suddenly felt a faint but familiar aura.

Was there someone she knew here?

Goes deep? How so?

Everyone was waiting for Princess White Fox to continue but she did not say another word.

However, with that already said, everyone guessed that the 'deep relationship' probably wasn't a simple matter.

It was very likely that Xue Wuxia's master had some conflict with the Paradise Chapter, seeing as he sent her to the Heavenly Treasures Arch to compete with the Paradise Chapter's successor.

Upon thinking of this, the audience got excited.

A duel between such peerless women was truly a rare opportunity!

"This Xue Wuxia is truly of supreme-grade."

Zuoqiu Haoyu looked at Xue Wuxia and something within him stirred. His strong desire to possess once again reared its head. Xue Wuxia was every bit as splendid as Fairy Youqin!

If he could have the two women in his bedroom, it would truly be extreme bliss.

However, it was just too difficult a goal. Zuoqiu Haoyu knew very well that courting Xue Wuxia would be extremely difficult.

But despite the difficulty, only a challenge would give him a sense of accomplishment. In terms of background and strength, few in Myriad City's younger generation could compare with him. If she were to marry, who else could she choose but him?

With these thoughts in mind, the corners of Zuoqiu Haoyu's mouth curled up. He was absolutely confident in such matters.

"Oh? What is Xue Wuxia looking at?"

Zuoqiu Haoyu was surprised. He suddenly realized that Xue Wuxia, who had taken out her zither, was somewhat distracted. Her gaze was trained at a corner in the public seats. The seats of Heavenly Treasures Arch were of different prices and the corner seats were obviously the lowest. Those who sat there were poor losers, inferior warriors to Zuoqiu Haoyu.

Why was Xue Wuxia looking at those inferior warriors?

Zuoqiu Haoyu was somewhat perplexed. He carefully traced Xue Wuxia's gaze and finally confirmed that she was looking at a black-robed youth.

The youth had a young maidservant beside him. He had quite outstanding looks but in a warrior's world, that did not mean much. Furthermore, the youth dressed blandly. He did not have any emblems of a major faction on him, so he clearly wasn't of a superior background. He was completely inconsequential.