True Martial World Chapter 1142

Chapter 1142: Skyfox Zither Dao
Chapter 1142: Skyfox Zither Dao

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Despite chancing upon news of Lin Xintong amid a sea of people, Yi Yun had no idea where to begin his search from. But at the very least, he knew that Lin Xintong was safe.

"Your Highness, thank you for telling me the news. I'm already very contented to know that she's alive."

"Sorry for not being able to help you with much," Princess White Fox said somewhat guiltily.

"Your Highness, don't blame yourself. Also…regarding Luo Huo'er, does Your Highness know where she has gone to?" Yi Yun was also rather concerned over Luo Huo'er. The spirited girl held an important place in his heart.

Xue Wuxia similarly shook her head. "It wasn't easy for us to escape that tiny world. After that, we were separated, so I have no idea where Huo'er is either."

"Got it…"

Yi Yun did not speak further. It was within expectations so there was nothing to be disappointed about. In fact, he had many questions he wanted to ask Princess White Fox, especially on matters regarding that tiny world, as well as Lin Xintong's experiences over the past few decades.

However, Yi Yun's mind was a mess, unsure as to how to begin querying immediately. He planned on bidding Princess White Fox farewell first before meeting her another time to discuss the topic carefully.

However, just as Yi Yun was about to speak, a figure flashed in front of him. Zuoqiu Haoyu had flown down from the luxury box on the second floor.

Zuoqiu Haoyu floated in mid-air, standing high above Yi Yun. He said to Yi Yun, "Since this brother is Fairy Wuxia's friend, you are also an honored guest of my Myriad City. Brother, you appear to be a talented person and I'm willing to befriend you. I would like to invite the both of you to my luxury box for a seat. I wonder if the both of you are agreeable?"

Zuoqiu Haoyu's voice sounded very polite but Yi Yun was not in the mood to converse with anyone. He looked up and glanced at Zuoqiu Haoyu. He naturally remembered that this person had tried to chase him away just moments ago.

Yi Yun did not mind such a trivial matter but now, despite Zuoqiu Haoyu's humble and sincere eyes, Yi Yun could sense a difficult-to-detect look of contempt and disparagement.

Clearly, Zuoqiu Haoyu wanted to befriend Princess White Fox.

Princess White Fox had a formidable master, knew City Lord Qin and was a blessed daughter of the heavens. It was obviously not going to be easy for Zuoqiu Haoyu to invite her. In order to appear less imprudent, he had swallowed his pride to invite Yi Yun as well. He wanted to use Yi Yun as a wingman, yet he belittled him. Under such circumstances, Yi Yun naturally did not think well of Zuoqiu Haoyu.

He was already plagued by discordant thoughts so he had no intention of dealing with Zuoqiu Haoyu's feigned politeness. He directly said to Princess White Fox, "Your Highness, it's not convenient for us to have a long chat today. I'll be bidding you farewell for now. I will have a detailed chat with Your Highness at a later date. I will temporarily be staying in Myriad City."

With that said, Yi Yun turned and left. He did not even speak to Zuoqiu Haoyu.

Zuoqiu Haoyu was still floating in mid-air, looking down on Yi Yun. When Yi Yun turned around, the smile on his face stiffened. Was this punk leaving just like that?

Zuoqiu Haoyu was left hanging in mid-air as his eyes flashed with pangs of fury.

He could ignore Xue Wuxia's cold demeanor towards him as she was, after all, a blessed daughter of the heavens. It was only normal for her to have an attitude.

But who the hell was this punk? Zuoqiu Haoyu thought his status to be supreme. He had already given his due respects to come down and specially speak to the punk.

The two warriors beside Yi Yun were also somewhat confounded. They never expected that Fairy Wuxia appeared to have a deep relationship with Yi Yun. What's more, Yi Yun had ignored Zuoqiu Haoyu in front of so many people. He could not even be bothered to reject him verbally and had completely disregarded him.

Zuoqiu Haoyu was one of the young masters that held quite a lofty position among the Myriad Pavilion's younger generation. Did Yi Yun consider the consequences of offending him this way?

Seeing the surrounding people's astonished reaction, Zuoqiu Haoyu's expression appeared as still as water. He did not speak another word and quietly returned to his luxury box.

He took a deep look at Yi Yun's back as killing intent flashed in his eyes. "Investigate this man for me!"

"Ru'er." Yi Yun called out to Ru'er.

"Yes…Yes!" Ru'er finally snapped out of her daze. She hurriedly got on her feet and before she left, she did not forget to glance at Xue Wuxia before turning to chase after Yi Yun.

Ru'er thought to herself, "That fairy from before was truly beautiful. I wonder what relationship Young Master has with that fairy…"

Xue Wuxia watched Yi Yun leave before sighing inwardly. Following that, her figure transformed into an ethereal white smoke as she returned to the front of the Heaven-class box on the second floor.

She took a look at Fairy Youqin and City Lord Qin and bowed slightly, "It was a reunion with a familiar. Sorry for being impetuous."

"It's fine." Fairy Youqin said softly as a hint of curiosity flashed in her eyes.

City Lord laughed instead. "I never expected you to have a friend here. However, it's a day in which you and Fairy Youqin are having an exchange. If there's a chance in the future, introduce me to that friend of yours."

"Yes, Uncle Qin." Princess White Fox looked at Fairy Youqin. She released the zither in her hands and left it in mid-air. Her soft and flawless fingers lightly touched the zither.

"Please give me your pointers."


Like the howl of the wind, pattering of stormy rain, and the shriek of a phoenix that reached the nine heavens, Princess White Fox's zither tune was produced. The people that were secretly in conversation in Heavenly Treasures Arch instantly fell silent.

All that was left in their ears was Princess White Fox's zither tunes. The imagery they saw was limited only to Princess White Fox's agile fingers.

Sound runes resonated from the zither strings like starlight that danced around Princess White Fox.

At that moment, a blue eye suddenly appeared behind Princess White Fox.

The eye seemed to devour all light. It became bigger in front of everyone and shrouded Princess White Fox's figure. At that moment, she was like a galactic fairy who played melodious zither tunes in the vast sky.

Eye of the Skyfox!

Years ago, Princess White Fox had competed with Yi Yun in the Primordial Empyrean Heaven and she had summoned the Eye of the Skyfox. However, the Eye of the Skyfox back then was only in its nascent stage. It could not be compared to what it was now.

The White Fox clan was adept at spiritual and soul techniques. Fusing her soul with Zither Dao was Princess White Fox most proficient domain of expertise.

And it was this reason that she was acknowledged by her master who wanted to try his best to nurture her.

City Lord Qin also nodded as he marveled at her feats. He naturally knew of her background. Such a powerful Ancient Fey bloodline was not something humans could compare with. His friend's disciple was indeed impressive. When compared to Paradise Chapter's Fairy Youqin, they each had their own merits.

Fairy Youqin's expression revealed a hint of seriousness. She could sense that her opponent's talent in the soul was innate.

"Young Master." Ru'er followed Yi Yun gingerly. She could tell that Yi Yun looked rather aimless. He walked with a heavy heart.

Having suddenly received news of Lin Xintong, Yi Yun was delighted but he also felt mixed emotions.

It was unknown where the exit to that small world had opened to. The 12 Empyrean Heavens was so massive so how was he to find Lin Xintong?

This was even more difficult than the previous situation. Originally, Yi Yun had believed that Lin Xintong was in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven but now, she could be anywhere.

After a while, Yi Yun calmed his heart down.

"There's no hurry. At the very least, I now know that Xintong is safe." Yi Yun shook his head.

He had no means to find Lin Xintong. He could only wait until the point when his strength was enough to influence all of the 12 Empyrean Heavens. When his name spread throughout the 12 Empyrean Heavens, Lin Xintong would naturally know where he was.

Yi Yun temporarily had no plans of leaving the Myriad Divine Territory. Ling Xie'er had nearly been wiped out because of him and Yi Yun had sworn to awaken her so he naturally could not give up.

"Ru'er," said Yi Yun suddenly as he stopped. "Let's return to the store."

Regardless of how chaotic his thoughts were, everything had to be done in a slow and steady fashion.

Yi Yun still planned on staying in Myriad City. He needed preparation to obtain the three herbs in the exchange three years later.

As long as he could refine the Hollow Soul Pill, he would able to awaken Ling Xie'er from her slumber.