True Martial World Chapter 1149

Chapter 1149: Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill
Chapter 1149: Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill

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Yi Yun caught the pill recipe and scanned the ingredients listed on it—Ice Tharm Grass, Shattered Fissure Jade, Nine Crow Flame Plume, ten-thousand-year-old Fogheart Flower, Thunderous Wolf Spine…

The pills that Zuoqiu Haoyu wanted to be produced were named "Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills!"

There were records of this pill in the divine alchemist's notes. It had a long history, and had existed well before the divine alchemist made a name for himself.

And in fact, the records contained in the divine alchemist's notes were much more complex than the recipe Zuoqiu Haoyu had given him. The effectiveness of the final product was also much better.

Due to the passage of time, some ancient pill recipes could end up losing pieces for a myriad of reasons. They were later completed by others, but the effect was no longer as good as before.

"I never expected Zuoqiu Haoyu and Old Ghoul Huyan to have such good reserves."

Yi Yun let a slight smile escape, but in truth, his heart was filled with joy.

The Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills were excellent pills that could fortify the soul and rejuvenate the blood, while also enhancing one's cultivation level and nourishing one's dantian.

Not only would the pills save Ling Xie'er, they would also be very beneficial to Yi Yun. After rapidly breaking through to the Dao Palace realm, he was in need of pills that could nourish his foundation. If more than ten pills out of a cauldron of Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills succeeded, he would make a killing.

Of course, they were very difficult pills to refine. Not only did it require a powerful soul, but the handling of the Nine Crow Flame Plume and Thunderous Wolf Spine needed the Desolate Heaven technique.

Although alchemy and the Desolate Heaven technique were essentially the same, due to the differences in handling spiritual plants and Fey beasts, many alchemists were unable to practice both.

In the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, the Desolate Heaven technique was more popular due to the prevalence of Fey beasts. In the Yang God Empyrean Heaven, alchemy was more popular.

Yi Yun happened to be proficient in both. He was quite confident that he could succeed in refining the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills.

Even so, Yi Yun did not immediately agree to do it. He looked at Zuoqiu Haoyu carefully and said, "You really are willing to invest. These herbs probably cost more than 1.5 million runes. When doubled, that's three million. Do you think I can afford to pay that?"

"It doesn't matter if you don’t have the runes. According to Myriad City's rules, any debt can be repaid by severing one's limbs. If that's not enough, your life can be used. Although your life isn't worth anything, I'm still very willing to accept it. Furthermore, I believe Fairy Wuxia would not sit idly by when she sees you being sliced apart."

Zuoqiu Haoyu mentioned Fairy Wuxia once again. Yi Yun knew that if he truly got into trouble, Princess White Fox would definitely not sit idle. Of course, Yi Yun did not believe that he would fail.

"In ten days, I will begin the refining process!" Yi Yun did not engage in idle banter and directly agreed to it.

"Hahaha! Alright! I will be here. I have to see you refine it with your own hands!" Zuoqiu Haoyu smiled sinisterly. He had sealed off Yi Yun's routes of retreat.

Zuoqiu Haoyu left and the bystanders began to disperse.

The news that Yi Yun would start to refine Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills in ten says quickly spread throughout Myriad City.

Although Yi Yun was not considered a big shot, anything involving Alchemist Huyan and Zuoqiu Haoyu naturally garnered the attention of many.

Princess White Fox and City Lord Qin naturally received the news as well.

"Oh, your friend also knows alchemy?" City Lord Qin was rather astonished. According to what Princess White Fox had told him, Yi Yun was only a junior. Young people didn’t even have enough time to cultivate, but this one had even practiced alchemy, going so far as to dare to refine the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills?

Princess White Fox frowned slightly as she said with a nod, "Uncle Qin, Yi Yun is indeed proficient in the Desolate Heaven technique. I have seen him refine Fey bone relics. However, I do not know how well he does when refining spiritual plants into pills. Furthermore…if the refinement of Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills is as hard as you say, perhaps it might not be that easy for Yi Yun to refine them."

Princess White Fox had some understanding of Yi Yun's Desolate Heaven technique. Although he was excellently talented in the Desolate Heaven technique, he was probably greatly inferior to master alchemists. Moreover, the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills were something that even many famous alchemists in Myriad City could not guarantee success in, according to City Lord Qin.

"The date is ten days from now. I'll be there and we will see for ourselves." City Lord Qin said. The matter sounded fascinating, so he naturally did not want to miss it.

As City Lord Qin and Princess White Fox were conversing, Yi Yun was cooped up in his room, studying a little gray cauldron.

It was the Divine Alchemy Cauldron left behind by the divine alchemist!

Before the divine alchemist died, he had used the Divine Alchemy Cauldron to establish a massive array to revive his daughter, but he failed in the end. For hundreds of millions of years, the Divine Alchemy Cauldron had been burning in pure Yang flames. The burning had even changed its appearance slightly.

The Divine Alchemy Cauldron was now of better quality than it was when it was used by the divine alchemist. The only pity was that the Divine Alchemy Cauldron's internal array was broken.

The array had fused with the worldly formation of the Sun Burial Sandsea, but it was broken by Yi Yun. As such, the Divine Alchemy Cauldron's array dispersed into the worldly formation. Yi Yun felt that it was quite a pity.

But even so, the Divine Alchemy Cauldron with a broken array was still a hundred times more powerful than any cauldron used by Myriad City's alchemists.

It meant that Yi Yun's refinement would produce double the results for half the effort.

"I'm unable to fully control this Divine Alchemy Cauldron. I can only use a portion of it. What a pity. If I can mend its missing array in the future, I'll be able to restore it to its former glory, or even better."

Yi Yun knew that the divine alchemist had set up the array without the intention of leaving it to a successor. However, he had stumbled into inheriting the divine alchemist's mantle. Since it happened, he wanted to develop whatever the divine alchemist left behind into something that would shine with even greater brilliance.

It was always a pity when bright pearls were covered in dust.

Yi Yun tapped his finger gently as a herbal plant transformed into a stream of light, flying into the Divine Alchemy Cauldron. Soon, it was enveloped by flames and transformed into medicinal fluid…

From beginning to end, the Divine Alchemy Cauldron did not emit any light. From the looks of it, it was an ordinary cauldron.

This was because the core array had cracked, causing the Divine Alchemy Cauldron to lose its luster. Even a Divine Lord alchemist would probably find it hard to tell what was special about the cauldron. That actually saved Yi Yun some trouble.

Yi Yun needed to hone his control over the Divine Alchemy Cauldron in ten days, so he could attain optimal working conditions. As for the recipe of the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills, be it the old or new recipe, Yi Yun had memorized it by heart. Everything would be settled in ten days.

If he could successfully refine the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills, he would be able to find his footing in Myriad City, earning large amounts of resources.

"Xie'er, I will definitely wake you up in at most three years." Yi Yun said inwardly.

At that moment, Ling Xie'er was lying on Yi Yun's bed. Her body was translucent and she held the Soul Returning Root in hand. A dancing Heretical God Fire Seed illuminated her tiny face with a weak glow. Her expression looked peaceful as if she was deep asleep…