True Martial World Chapter 1153

Chapter 1153: Unforeseen Matter
Chapter 1153: Unforeseen Matter

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"You plan to cleanse your daughter's body, right? Have her consume one of the three pills every two hours. It will lead to even better effects, but the body cleansing process will be rather painful."

Yi Yun directly threw the jade box into the interspatial ring that Dong Shaoqing had previously given him before handing it back.

"This…" Dong Shaoqing's hands trembled as he took the interspatial ring. He did not even know how he could thank Yi Yun.

He had gone through all sorts of difficulty, along with great effort, to find a single Skydew Grass. Now he held three Body Cleansing Pills in hand, and it was like a dream.

"I will never forget Grandmaster Yi's favor my entire life."

Dong Shaoqing held the interspatial ring and gave Yi Yun a deep bow.

He did not decline further. Naturally, three pills were more effective than one. Furthermore, it would cleanse the impurities within his daughter's body, allowing her talent to be enhanced. If that happened, the Jadewave Sect had hopes of prospering.

"With such alchemy skills, Grandmaster Yi's Yun Xin Loft could probably become Myriad City's number one medicinal clinic."

Dong Shaoqing sincerely wished that Yi Yun's Yun Xin Loft would flourish.

However, Yi Yun shook his head. It wasn't that simple to become the number one medicinal clinic. To reach that stage, one first needed unparalleled strength.

Getting stronger was a priority of Yi Yun's.

Upon careful thought, he realized that he needed to strengthen his foundation, enhance his soul, search for the materials for the Hollow Soul Pill, become very familiar with the divine alchemist's notes, and increase his cultivation level. He truly did not have much time.

"Grandmaster Yi, I'll bid you farewell for now. Regarding the refinement of the pills, do you permit me to promote your services to others?"

Dong Shaoqing asked Yi Yun carefully.

Yi Yun immediately understood that Dong Shaoqing wanted to advertise for Yun Xin Loft.

Yi Yun did not mind it. The truly powerful advertisement would be done by Zuoqiu Haoyu and Huyan Cang, two illustrious figures in Myriad City. Furthermore, they did not charge any fees for the advertisement, and were even paying him for the honor. What a steal.

As for Dong Shaoqing boasting so much that Zuoqiu Haoyu and Huyan Cang would consider going back on their word, Yi Yun never considered that a possibility. There had been so many people around when the agreement was made. It was absolutely enforceable. Unless the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic did not want to continue doing business, they would definitely stick to the agreement.

"Do as you please. Just don't be too exaggerated in your promotions," Yi Yun said casually, not really caring either way.

Dong Shaoqing thanked him once again before leaving Yun Xin Loft.

In fact, the news spread faster than Yi Yun could have imagined.

In just half a day, nearly every tea shop and wine parlor in Myriad City was abuzz with talk of Yu Xin Loft. Yi Yun might be a trivial figure in Myriad City, but he was becoming rather famous. Days ago, he had been recognized as a friend of Fairy Wuxia at Heavenly Treasures Arch. Not only did they have close relations, Yi Yun had even rejected Zuoqiu Haoyu directly. He had also quarreled with Zuoqiu Haoyu and Huyan Cang. There were always busybodies that would talk about such things after meals.

Of course, it was unavoidable that the news reached Zuoqiu Haoyu and Huyan Cang's ears.

"What? That useless Dong even said that Yi Yun managed to refine three Body Cleansing Pills?"

Zuoqiu Haoyu was shocked when he heard the news. How ludicrous was it if it were true? Wouldn't it mean that Yi Yun possessed the abilities of a top-grade alchemist?

Huyan Cang frowned slightly. He immediately said with a cold snort, "That darn Useless Old Dong. He deliberately released fake information in an attempt to seek revenge against me. Does he think that I will back away in fear and give up on the agreement with that punk, admitting defeat before the challenge even begins?"

"Oh? Alchemist Huyan, what do you mean?" Zuoqiu Haoyu immediately asked when he heard that something was amiss.

Huyan Cang drank a mouthful of tea and said slowly, "To be honest, I had some thoughts on Useless Old Dong's beautiful daughter. However, he reacted like a cat that had its tail stepped on. He wanted to fight me so I threw him out, then he went to Yun Xin Loft."

"I saw the ingredients that Useless Old Dong prepared with my own eyes. Even if I did my best, I could at most produce two Body Cleansing Pills. Yet, he managed to make three? How can it be that easy!? Furthermore, he stepped into Yun Xin Loft less than twelve hours before news of the three Body Cleansing Pills was spread. Such refinement speed leaves me in the dust! If that punk can really refine Body Cleansing Pills in twelve hours, I'll eat this table in front of me."

Huyan Cang said confidently. Zuoqiu Haoyu heaved a sigh of relief when he heard that.

"In that case, Useless Old Dong is trying to seek revenge against you by scaring us into backing off, causing us to lose our reputation?"

"I can't think of it being anything but that. Such thoughts are just too naive." Huyan Cang said conceitedly.

"So that's the case. There are still four days. When the time comes, we will arrive on the appointed hour, exposing Yi Yun for what he is."

"Hahaha! There's no need to even wait that long. If these Body Cleansing Pills are genuine, Useless Old Dong will definitely feed them to his daughter. We will be able to see its effects. I'm sure his daughter will not recover."

In fact, Dong Shaoqing's story left many people doubting. After all, what you hear may be false but what you see is true. With most people's understanding of alchemy, they found it hard to believe what Dong Shaoqing had said. It was too fantastic.

However, there were those who believed in Dong Shaoqing. After all, Dong Shaoqing was a sect master. Even if it was a tiny sect, a sect master would not shoot their mouths off without thought. It would only serve to harm their sect’s reputation.

Therefore, some people did go to Yun Xin Loft to try their luck. They wanted to see if Yi Yun could refine the pills they wanted.

"Hey, where's your boss? I'm here to get him to refine some medicine."

Three large men appeared in Yun Xin Loft's hall, shouting at Ru'er with a muffled tone.

Ru'er was an obedient girl. Regardless of the customers' attitudes, she would respectfully serve tea before informing Yi Yun to come down.

The three men slammed the recipe on the table as they sat down with a wide, open stance.

"Wow! Seven Astralmist Flower Tea. It's good tea. Give me a few more cups."

A delightful look flashed in a man's eyes when he saw the aromatic Seven Astralmist Flower Tea. Such tea was extremely helpful to one's cultivation level.

He immediately picked up another cup and was about to drink it when he felt pain in his glabella. He nearly dropped the cup of tea to the ground.

"A hundred runes per cup. If you want to drink the tea, pay for it."

A cold voice suddenly sounded.

The man was given a fright. "What? I'm here to give you business, but you want to collect money from me for drinking tea? And a hundred runes a cup? Why don't you just rob me instead!?"

The man said angrily. He looked up, and standing against the second floor's railing was Yi Yun.

Yi Yun was dressed in azure-colored clothes and he held a black scroll, making him look like a mortal scholar. "If you want me to refine pills, regardless of the quality, it starts at 50,000 runes. If the difficulty is higher, 100,000 runes. All the ingredients on your body do not add up to a thousand runes. Yet, you want me to refine pills for you?"

The recipe in the man's hand had been seen clearly by Yi Yun.

There were more than ten recipes listed. They were all cheap and low-grade pills. The ingredients used were so cheap that Yi Yun wouldn't even bother to pick them up if he saw them.

The recipes required minor ingredients of little value. Added up, they were only worth a few hundred runes. Although they were not difficult to refine, they were still extremely tedious.

Yi Yun guessed at these people's thoughts. They had heard from Sect Master Dong that he knew how to refine medicine, and came here to try their luck and cash out. They had deliberately brought some cheap ingredients so that they would not suffer a great loss if the refinement failed. However, if the refinement succeeded, they would make a killing.

Yi Yun had no time to entertain such petty men that used tiny profitable schemes.


The three men were enraged. They nearly moved to attack Yi Yun but, when Yi Yun's gaze landed on them, they felt a baffling sense of fear.

"Scram. You should be grateful for Myriad City's rules. Were it not for them, you wouldn't have been able to leave here in one piece."

The three men eventually left dejectedly.

"Ru'er, close the door. I'll be going into seclusion."

Yi Yun decided to use the Skydew Grass that he had obtained by luck to refine Skydew Mental Nourishing Pills. Regardless of when it was, enhancing himself took priority. He obviously had to use the herb if he had it.

With the store open, the ones that came in were mostly thieves and rascals. Yi Yun had no time to deal with them.

"Yes, Sir."

Ru'er immediately closed the door, leaving those that came to Yun Xin Loft hoping to try their luck barred from entering.

The three men that had been chased away by Yi Yun were furious. As a result, they began discrediting Yi Yun wantonly, throwing mud at Yun Xin Loft, and saying how bad Yi Yun was.

Immediately, there were more doubts cast at Yi Yun.

This was unexpected by Dong Shaoqing. He never thought that his promotion would have adverse effects.

Yi Yun was his benefactor, so how could he allow the situation to get worse?

Yi Yun entered reclusion and couldn't be bothered to deal with the matter. However, he couldn’t sit idle. He had the Body Cleansing Pills in hand, insurmountable evidence that could not be doubted.

He showed many people his genuine Body Cleansing Pills and fed the three pills to his daughter in two-hour intervals.

This display attracted the attention of many people. They wanted to know what the effects of the Body Cleansing Pills were.

Logically speaking, after consuming the Body Cleansing Pills, impurities would be expelled from her body and her talent would improve.

People waited to see if there were any changes to Dong Xiaoyu's body.

However…what Dong Shaoqing never expected was that after Dong Xiaoyu consumed the perfect Body Cleansing Pills, her body began to gradually weaken.

After thirty minutes, Dong Xiaoyu's face turned purplish-blue. Her lips turned pale as her body gradually became cold. Even her breathing got weak.

When he felt Dong Xiaoyu's pulse, he realized that it was erratic. There was no way to regulate it. It was as if she was beyond cure.

Dong Shaoqing was alarmed. He forced himself to remain calm and convinced himself that it was possible his daughter's body could not withstand the three high-quality Body Cleansing Pill, resulting in side effects.

However, as time went on, Dong Xiaoyu's condition turned for the worse. Her flames of vitality also gradually waned, making Dong Shaoqing turn anxious.

This was absolutely not a side effect of the powerful medical essences of the Body Cleansing Pills. Instead, Dong Xiaoyu's life was weakening and she was dangerously close to dying!

Why did this happen? She had clearly eaten high-quality Body Cleansing Pills. What happened?

Dong Shaoqing was in a state of utter stupefaction.