True Martial World Chapter 1154

Chapter 1154: Reason for Danger
Chapter 1154: Reason for Danger

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News of Dong Xiaowan’s severe sickness quickly spread. Not only were her meridians still damaged, leaving her unable to cultivate after eating Yun Xin Loft's Body Cleansing Pills, she ended up collapsing and was apparently close to perishing.

This made people immediately believe that the things Dong Shaoqing said about Yi Yun successfully refining the Body Cleansing Pills were just fabrications.

"Hahahaha!" Huyan Cang laughed out loud. He was feeling delighted at that moment.

"Dong Shaoqing, to think that you wanted to seek revenge against me. In the end, all you did was smash your own foot with the rock you lifted. I am sure that, in a few days, he will come begging me to save his daughter's life."

"Alchemist Huyan, you are truly prescient." Zuoqiu Haoyu echoed the sentiment with a smile. As a young master of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, Zuoqiu Haoyu had many competitors in the same sect. He needed to maintain a good relationship with Huyan Cang. "Since your abilities are now needed to save her, you will easily be able to bring that Dong Xiaowan into your bedroom to slowly research her body."

There was an underlying tone lacing Zuoqiu Haoyu's words. Huyan Cang stroked his chin. Treating an already unconscious beauty that had no means to resist, allowing him to do anything he wanted, seemed to be quite an intriguing thought as well.

"How can that punk with only an exaggerated opinion of his own abilities be able to refine Body Cleansing Pills? Pills like the Body Cleansing Pill need to be carefully refined even by someone like me. Yi Yun must have refined bogus pills which have large amounts of pill toxins left in them."

Any standard pill carried remnant traces of pill toxins, so a bogus pill would be full of them.

"It seems as though it will be the punk's doomsday in three days, at the bet." Zuoqiu Haoyu heaved a sigh of relief. He was somewhat worried when he heard news of Yi Yun refining Body Cleansing Pills. Now, he realized that his worry had been all for nothing.

Three days quickly passed. During those three days, it could be said that Dong Shaoqing had nowhere to turn to for help.

He did not know what had happened to his daughter. As he watched her get frailer by the day, with her vitals gradually weakening, he knew the trend indicated that his daughter would perish in a few days. It was an unbearable setback for Dong Shaoqing.

He was completely penniless, not even having any savings left to treat his daughter’s illness. Furthermore, no other alchemist would touch this matter. The only ones he could conceivably turn to were Yi Yun and Huyan Cang.

Sending his daughter to Huyan Cang would be like sending a sheep to the slaughter. He wanted to send her to Yi Yun, but Yi Yun had already entered seclusion and would not entertain anyone.

Yi Yun's choice to enter seclusion at that particular moment only encouraged the belief that he had refined bogus pills to deceive others. From their point of view, he had clearly used seclusion as a means of avoiding consequences.

However, regardless of what people said, Dong Shaoqing refused to believe that he had been deceived.

He had tested the three pills personally. Even if he had made a mistake due to his lack of ability, he had seen Yi Yun's pill refining process. That godlike technique was obviously remarkable, even to a layperson like him.

Under such circumstances, he could only endure his anxiety and did not disturb Yi Yun's seclusion. He knew that Yi Yun would come out of seclusion very soon, as today was the day he agreed to refine the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills in public.

And indeed, early that morning, Yi Yun came out of seclusion!

Over the past three days, Yi Yun had used the Skydew Grass to refine a Skydew Mental Nourishing Pill. After consuming it, his soul strengthened tremendously.

Before he had a chance to revel in joy, Ru'er informed him of Dong Xiaowan's dire situation.

"Sir, that is what has happened…"

Ru'er had known of the news for a few days, but she only informed him now. In her eyes, Yi Yun was obviously the most important person.

"You said that Dong Xiaowan's life is in a dire situation?" Yi Yun frowned.

"That's what the people in Myriad City say. Sect Master Dong also came to Yun Xin Loft a few days ago. He personally told me of the situation with his daughter. Her condition is turning for the worse."

"Strange, the Body Cleansing Pills that I refined should have an extremely low amount of pill toxins. They should have mild medicinal properties. Even if she consumed three in one sitting, it shouldn’t lead to any problems."

Yi Yun was perplexed as he suddenly felt something. He transmitted his voice out the door, "Sect Master Dong, I have come out of seclusion. Please come in."

Dong Shaoqing had been waiting outside Yun Xin Loft's door since yesterday night. He was feeling extremely anxious, with no motivation to do anything else. He had spent the past three days almost counting his breaths.

Upon hearing Yi Yun's voice transmission, Dong Shaoqing was overjoyed. He immediately pushed the door open and entered before giving Yi Yun a deep bow.

"Young Master Yi, you must save my daughter!"

Yi Yun was the only person that Dong Shaoqing could rely on.

He knew that as long as Yi Yun did not deliberately refine bogus pills, Yi Yun did not owe him anything. He had no right to ask Yi Yun to save his daughter, so all he could do was beseech him to do so.

"Where's your daughter?" Yi Yun walked down the stairs as Dong Shaoqing hurriedly took out a mobile abode—Well, it couldn't exactly be called an abode. It was about ten square feet large and was obviously an inferior product. Dong Shaoqing had probably pawned his original mobile abode for money.

When the micro abode opened, Yi Yun saw Dong Xiaowan lying within.

Dong Xiaowan wasn't tall and she had a petite figure. She was indeed very beautiful. Even though she was ghostly pale from the Body Cleansing Pills, all it did was add to her frail beauty.

When he saw Dong Xiaowan's state, Yi Yun sighed slightly. Her condition was not indicative of the after effects of consuming Body Cleansing Pills.

"She seems to have been…poisoned."

Yi Yun said with a guess. In the divine alchemist's notes, there were records regarding the treatment of the ill. Although Yi Yun had done some cursory reading on such matters, he had little experience. He could not put theory into practice so easily.

As such, Yi Yun wasn’t really equipped to bring Dong Xiaowan back to life. He could only guess at the reason why she had ended up in this state.

"Poisoned?" Dong Shaoqing faltered for a moment. The famous doctor that had diagnosed Dong Xiaowan had previously mentioned the possibility, but that was only one of the many possibilities.

"Sect Master, what was the reason you wanted Dong Xiaowan to consume the Body Cleansing Pills? It doesn't seem like you only wanted to enhance her talent."

Yi Yun was certain that his Body Cleansing Pills did not have any pill toxins. The only possibility, therefore, was that Dong Xiaowan had been poisoned prior to consuming the Body Cleansing Pills.

"That is not the main reason." Dong Shaoqing quickly explained the situation.

"Oh? After entering a mystic realm, she was unable to raise her cultivation level no matter how much she cultivated? And the Body Cleansing Pill is a prescription given to her by a famous doctor?"

Yi Yun recalled the divine alchemist's notes. He could not find any faults with the famous doctor's prescription of using Body Cleansing Pills as the main medication to treat her. Since a Body Cleansing Pill could cleanse one's body, it could naturally expel poisons and evil elements.

But Dong Xiaowan's life was in danger precisely after consuming the Body Cleansing Pills!

Yi Yun pondered for a moment before saying, "It seems the poison in your daughter's body isn't ordinary. Not only did the poison remain after consumption of the Body Cleansing Pills, it had even been stimulated. It resulted in her current state."

No matter how he thought about it, that was the only possibility.

Dong Xiaowan was stunned hearing this, and sunk into despair. "If it's a poison that even Body Cleansing Pills can't remove, what sort of rare poison is it? And how will I be able to save Xiaowan?"

Dong Shaoqing was truly helpless. Ignoring the fact that he was bankrupt now, even if his peak wealth was increased ten times, he probably lacked the means.

Yi Yun said, "I can only give it a try. I'm also not that skilled when it comes to healing people."

Yi Yun pressed down on Dong Xiaowan's weak and pale wrist. He checked her pulse, but he had no experience in doing such things. After all, it was hard to determine the result going solely by the descriptions in the divine alchemist's notes.

Yi Yun felt that Dong Xiaowan's pulse was chaotic. If he wanted to find the root reason, he would only be left confused.

As he pondered, an idea came to him. He activated the Purple Crystal's energy vision.

Ever since Yi Yun fused with the Azure Wood Divine Tree, his perception had been greatly enhanced. He could even penetrate Chaos Stones, so he seldom used the Purple Crystal's energy vision.

Now, after such a long time, he needed to rely on the crystal’s energy vision once again. Non-energetic entities around him vanished. Dong Xiaowan's clothes and body turned into phantom lines.

As for the Dong Xiaowan's meridians and dantian that flowed with energy, they appeared without any abnormalities. Following that, Yi Yun saw a scene that left a chill running down his spine.

He saw an old, hideous face in Dong Xiaowan's body. The face was laughing sinisterly at Yi Yun as if it were mocking him.

What is this!?