True Martial World Chapter 1155

Chapter 1155: Day for the Refinement
Chapter 1155: Day for the Refinement

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Yi Yun was completely confounded. Anyone would be terrified by such a thing appearing in a woman’s dantian.

Was this a spiritual soul or an evil entity?

Yi Yun could not make an immediate judgment. He had a vague sense that the face was something intricate.

Although the Jadewave Sect was small and weak, Dong Shaoqing knew some powerful experts. Be it when medical attention was first sought for Dong Xiaowan or when Dong Xiaowan was in her current predicament, no one had noticed the underlying problem.

If not for the energy vision provided by Yi Yun's Purple Crystal, it would have been difficult to sense this strange evil entity.

"Over the past few days, have any alchemists seen Dong Xiaowan?" Yi Yun asked.

To which Dong Shaoqing nodded, "Yes. Huyan Cang has made quite a number of friends in the Myriad City over all these years. As Young Master Yi might know, you opened Yun Xin Loft in the vicinity of the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic. So regarding this matter, many old and qualified alchemists are, in fact, treating…treating it as a joke."

Dong Shaoqing hesitated for a moment before speaking the truth. Yi Yun's every action in Myriad City so far seemed designed to showcase how much he overestimated himself. Why should any of these seasoned alchemists, that made names for themselves years ago, ever think highly of Yi Yun?

"So…after Xiaowan's complication, a few alchemists agreed to look at her, claiming to check on her medical condition. I was anxious and out of my wits, so I allowed them to check on her condition, hoping for that tiny chance that one of the alchemists would be willing to help. However, they were mostly doing it as a joke. Someone even insinuated that I send Xiaowan to Huyan Cang for a few days…then…"

Dong Shaoqing could not go on further when he said that. He only had one daughter.

Warriors usually had many wives and concubines. However, Dong Shaoqing was a very dedicated man. He only had one Dao partner, who left behind their only daughter after she passed away. Furthermore, his daughter had excellent talent. Dong Shaoqing had placed all his hopes on her.

Yi Yun nodded. Indeed, none of these alchemists had noticed anything amiss. "Back when your daughter entered that area, how did she end up encountering the misfortune?"

Dong Shaoqing said, "It's a World Stone mining ground that my Jadewave Sect controls. During the mining process, an ancient underground ruin was found. We don’t know how many years it had been abandoned for. Xiaowan was extremely curious, so she entered it. Accompanying her were quite a number of her fellow disciples. Xiaowan is rather popular in Jadewave Sect. Many senior and junior brothers of hers fell over each other trying to enter with her."

"And what happened to those people? Did they return safely?" Yi Yun interjected.

"Yes…I guess so…" Dong Shaoqing sounded certain in the beginning, but when questioned by Yi Yun, his speech faltered.

"Did they or did they not?"

"About that…I wasn't able to tell if there were any problems, at least." Dong Xiaowan responded seriously. Although Dong Xiaowan was unable to cultivate, it did not seem like she was in any danger. Had she not consumed the Body Cleansing Pills, he would never have known that Dong Xiaowan had succumbed to such a terrifying catastrophe.

Yi Yun frowned and said, "I will try my best to save your daughter's life. The process will be rather tricky, but I already have an idea. You don't have to worry. Her life is not in danger at the moment."

Although it appeared as if Dong Xiaowan's vital signs were gradually fading and that she would perish within a matter of days, Yi Yun knew that the moment Dong Xiaowan died, the evil entity would have nowhere to hide. If it had any intelligence, it would not want to cause Dong Xiaowan’s death.

"Thank you Young Master Yi!"

Dong Shaoqing gave a deep bow. All of his hopes rested on Yi Yun.

At that moment, a loud laughter was suddenly heard.

"Hahahaha! Dong Shaoqing, your daughter ate bogus pills and is on her deathbed, yet you bow so deeply at the man who put her there. I have seen stupid people before, but I have never seen one quite as stupid as you!"

The person spoke so loudly to publicize the matter. Dong Shaoqing's face sank as he turned his head to see a black carriage drawn by four dragon horses rumbling over.

A young-looking man walked down from the carriage. It was none other than Huyan Cang!

And following closely behind Huyan Cang were several people.

Zuoqiu Haoyu was obviously there as well. Aside from him, there were many people dressed in alchemy robes. Among them were Huyan Cang's disciples as well as other famous alchemists of Myriad City.

Huyan Cang had made many friends in the alchemy circle over the years. Naturally, they came to the event to back Huyan Cang.

The moment this group of people arrived, it attracted the attention of many onlookers. People obviously remembered that today was the day Yi Yun had to publicly refine the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills!

At that moment, a soft green beam flashed across the street. People quickly made way as a spirit boat made of jade shuttled through the air.

Myriad City banned flying, but a small few were permitted to fly at low altitudes. Furthermore, the distance from the ground indicated how high one's privilege was.

When the spirit boat landed, a middle-aged man dressed in red robes walked down.

"It's Medicinal Immortal Pavilion's Grandmaster Zuoqiu!"

Someone recognized the person. The Medicinal Immortal Pavilion was one of the three major medicinal clinics in Myriad City. The Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic was established by the alliance of a few major factions but the Medicinal Immortal Pavilion was one of the private businesses of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion.

Although Zuoqiu Bo was, in name, part of the Medicinal Immortal Pavilion, it was impossible to get him to do any actual refinement at the Medicinal Immortal Pavilion. At his level, he never made an appearance in Medicinal Immortal Pavilion and very seldom would he provide any services. He was not like Huyan Cang who was a mainstay at Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic. As long as one had enough money, Huyan Cang could be hired.

In Myriad City's territory, Zuoqiu Bo's status was naturally higher than Huyan Cang's.

"Sixth Granduncle, I didn't expect you to come."

Zuoqiu Haoyu was pleasantly surprised upon seeing Zuoqiu Bo. Although he was a young master of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, he was still considered a junior. His conflict with Yi Yun was therefore only considered a dispute between juniors. It would not have risen to the level of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion.

The truly important figures of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion did not care about this trivial matter at all. As such, Zuoqiu Haoyu never expected that Zuoqiu Bo would appear here today. It made him overjoyed. He was hoping for Zuoqiu Bo to show him guidance in Myriad Immortal Pavilion.

"Haoyu, I only happened to pass by here today. I heard that City Lord Qin will come, so I decided to stop only to greet City Lord Qin." Zuoqiu Bo said nonchalantly. He was not interested in Yi Yun's refinement of the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills at all. He had come for City Lord Qin.

After Zuoqiu Bo finished saying that, nine dark golden ancient beasts were seen. They pulled a chariot that was simple and unadorned. It rumbled as it tore through the void!

Riding the chariot was an azure-clothed middle-aged man. His aura was converged and there were faint streams of light shimmering around him—This was a particular realm of cultivation. Laws would naturally materialize.

He was none other than City Lord Qin!

And standing beside City Lord Qin was a peerless woman. She wore a veil and carried a zither in her arms. She was obviously Princess White Fox.

"It's City Lord Qin. City Lord Qin has really come!"

Everyone was alarmed. They never expected that a dispute between two juniors—Yi Yun and Zuoqiu Haoyu—would truly rouse City Lord Qin!