True Martial World Chapter 1159

Chapter 1159: Victory and Defeat
Chapter 1159: Victory and Defeat

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"It's really a Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill? But didn't Alchemist Huyan and Master Zuoqiu say that Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills are supposed to be green? Why are the ones refined by Yi Yun ice-blue?"

The people present broke out into a flurry of discussion. They could ignore Huyan Cang but Zuoqiu Bo was a top alchemist in Myriad City. He was also one of the upper echelons of the number one faction, the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. He was an authority, and his words were truth.

And yet, Zuoqiu Bo’s Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill had no effect at all on Dong Xiaowan. However, the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill that Yi Yun had refined made her visibly better!

Could it be that Zuoqiu Bo's attainment in the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill was inferior to Yi Yun's?

"Impossible! Impossible!"

Zuoqiu Haoyu was in a state of stupefaction."There must be a problem. How can the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills refined by a junior be on a higher level than those of my Sixth Granduncle? It must be that the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill that Dong Xiaowan consumed first had yet to take effect. She happened to consume Yi Yun's useless pill right when Sixth Granduncle’s took effect, resulting in this outcome. Yes, that has to be it! It's my Sixth Granduncle’s pill that healed Dong Xiaowan. That little bastard, Yi Yun, only got lucky!"

Zuoqiu Haoyu shouted frenetically. He could not accept the fact that he had lost to Yi Yun. He could not bear the price of losing.

"Shut up!" At that moment, a cold voice resounded. It was so powerful that it struck at the soul. It drained the color from Zuoqiu Haoyu's face as he nearly fell to the ground.

The person who had spoken was none other than Zuoqiu Bo.

Zuoqiu Bo frowned. Not only had Zuoqiu Haoyu lost, but he had also lost to Yi Yun in a sense.

He naturally felt a tinge of shame in losing to a junior. However, it was a fact that he had lost. He would not be a sore loser as well.

"Did you enhance the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills' recipe?"

Zuoqiu Bo asked. Other than that, there was no other way of explaining how Yi Yun had refined ice-blue pills. Still, he found it unbelievable. How could Yi Yun have such knowledge?

However, Yi Yun did not reply Zuoqiu Bo. He went to Dong Xiaowan's side. The effect of the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill was slightly better than he expected. Therefore, he took out a second pill.

"Young Master Yi, this…this is too precious. There's no need, there's no need."

Dong Shaoqing spoke incoherently. He also could tell that the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills had somewhat improved his daughter's condition, but could not cure it completely. Furthermore, Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills were extremely expensive. According to the bet from before, they now belonged to Yi Yun. How could he continue letting Yi Yun use his personal wealth to feed his daughter?

Yi Yun replied,"Sect Master Dong, there's no need to stand on ceremony. You gave me the Skydew Grass and it was extremely useful to me. A few pills are nothing."

To Yi Yun, the Skydew Grass bolstered his very soul. It made his perception increase greatly, allowing him to control two wisps of the Heretical God Fire Seed when he used to only handle one. Such an extraordinary improvement was more than paid for by a cauldron’s worth of Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills.

Without speaking further, Yi Yun converted a second Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill into Yuan Qi before injecting it into Dong Xiaowan's dantian. Following that, the medicinal essence traveled through Dong Xiaowan's limbs and body once again, entering her flesh.

Dong Xiaowan's body was strengthened once again.

"Oh? This is…"

Yi Yun had his energy vision constantly activated. Through it, he discovered that the hideous face hidden in Dong Xiaowan's body was turning belligerent because of Dong Xiaowan's increasing lifeblood. It was roaring and struggling in an attempt to devour Dong Xiaowan's lifeblood and Yuan Qi and maintain the balance.

Yi Yun thought of using the Purple Crystal Origins' absolute control over energy to directly absorb it!


The Purple Crystal stirred up an invisible energy vortex that enveloped Dong Xiaowan's abdomen before sinking into her dantian.

Yi Yun wanted to shred the evil entity.

"Roar! Roar! Roar!"

The evil entity bellowed out in fright as it clenched tightly to Dong Xiaowan's dantian and resisted the energy vortex of the Purple Crystal.

Yi Yun's soul was much stronger than it was before. As a result, he was even more proficient in his control of the Purple Crystal. However, despite the constant loss of energy the evil entity suffered from the shredding vortex, it remained whole.

"It is a living entity. The effect the Purple Crystal has on living energetic entities is drastically reduced." Yi Yun muttered to himself.

He knew of the Purple Crystal's weaknesses. It would be too difficult for it to completely vanquish the evil entity. Furthermore, he had just finished refining a cauldron of Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills. That took a toll on his soul’s power, so it was impossible for him to heal Dong Xiaowan immediately.

Yi Yun took a deep breath and gave up on killing the evil entity.

The evil entity hardly recovered from the recent shock despite the energy vortex vanishing. Through Dong Xiaowan's dantian, it could watch Yi Yun. Its originally hideous face revealed a look of trepidation.

It finally understood that the young man could see it. Furthermore, he was capable of killing it.

How could the evil entity not feel fear?

"Get lost!"

Yi Yun's cold shout resounded in the space within Dong Xiaowan's dantian. The evil entity was given a shock. It ultimately did not dare to resist Yi Yun as it slowly went silent.

It did not leave Dong Xiaowan's body as Yi Yun ordered, for it did not have the guts. However, after it recessed in silence, it slowly released the power of Dong Xiaowan's Yuan Qi and lifeblood that it had been sealing.

Although the power of the Yuan Qi and lifeblood were weak, to begin with, the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill’s essence quickly surged once it was not met by the resistance of the evil entity. The medicinal essence flowed through her meridians into her limbs and body, gradually restoring her vitality. The moment her vitals returned to normal, Dong Xiaowan's once-sealed soul also began to awaken.

In less than three minutes, Dong Xiaowan's face turned a lot more ruddy.

Dong Shaoqing sensed the changes in his daughter, and was still uncertain what had happened when—

"Cough, cough!"

Dong Xiaowan suddenly coughed as her body quivered a few times. Slowly, she opened her eyes.

Her blurry vision gradually turned clear. She saw her father's face and a youth that she did not recognize.

"What am I…What is going on?"

Dong Xiaowan said in a daze. Over the past few days, she felt like she had been locked in a black and tiny space. She did not know how much time had passed. Now, having seen light again, she was still unsure what had happened to her body.

"Xiaowan! Xiaowan!"

Dong Shaoqing was overjoyed to the point of tears. He never expected that Yi Yun's second Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill would be able to awaken Dong Xiaowan!

He was extremely excited. He had already mentally prepared himself for the worst. Now, with Dong Xiaowan waking up, he felt like he had regained his lost daughter.

Everyone present turned silent when they saw Dong Xiaowan awaken.

They could not sense the existence of the Purple Crystal. All they knew was that Yi Yun had used two Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills to successfully treat Dong Xiaowan.

Weren't the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills that Yi Yun refined too miraculous!?

They knew very well that Dong Xiaowan’s situation was so grave that it was like being given the death sentence. The fact that Zuoqiu Bo's pill was ineffective also proved this point.