True Martial World Chapter 116

Chapter 116: Kingdom Knight
Chapter 116: Kingdom Knight

Zhang Tan was satisfied with the responses of Tao Yunxiao and Yi Yun and said, “Good, in thirty minutes, you will begin battling. If Tao Yunxiao were to win, he will be designated as a Jin Long Wei elite.”

Hearing this from Zhang Tan, Tao Yunxiao was stunned and was overjoyed.

Jin Long Wei’s elite!

Under normal circumstances, only the exceptional Purple Blood warriors would be inducted as a Jin Long Wei elite. Upon becoming a Jin Long Wei elite, they would be given much greater resources and facilities. They were promised a bright path ahead.

Originally, Zhang Tan promised this to the Mortal Blood’s first place, and with Yi Yun winning the first two rounds, Tao Yunxiao felt there was little hope that even if he won the final battle, Zhang Tan may not decree him as being first. Unexpectedly, luck had turned in his favor and Zhang Tan had promised that he could be a Jin Long Wei elite by beating Yi Yun.

How could Tao Yunxiao not be excited?

Thankfully, he had received the ancestral artifact. With the ancestral artifact aiding him, his might would be doubled, and it would not be hard for him to defeat Yi Yun.

At this moment, not only Tao Yunxiao, but all the elders and the grand elder of the Tao tribal clan were agitated. If Tao Yunxiao could become a Jin Long Wei elite, it would be of great help in bringing the Tao tribal clan out of the vast wilderness.

But Zhang Tan carried on with his words; it shocked the Tao tribal clan’s elders and Tao Yunxiao. Their original excitement had evaporated, and they could not speak for a long time.

Zhang Tan said, “In this final battle, regardless of Yi Yun’s victory or defeat, he would become a Jin Long Wei elite. And if Yi Yun were to win, he will also be conferred the title of Kingdom Knight.”

The words “conferred the title of Kingdom Knight” shocked everyone.

Being defeated meant becoming a Jin Long Wei elite.

Being victorious meant not only would he become a Jin Long Wei elite, but he would also become a Kingdom Knight.

What was a Kingdom Knight in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom? Under the divine emperor were the nobles. The nobles were divided into seven ranks: prince, duke, marquis, count, viscount, baron and knight.

The knight was of course “Kingdom Knight”.

Although Kingdom Knights were the last rank of the nobility, do not think it wasn’t valued. All the nobles of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom were canonized by the royal household.

The Tai Ah Divine Kingdom was a vast country. The founding emperor of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom was a sage, so it was difficult to measure the amount of territories under it.

The great vastness of the Cloud Wilderness was just a remote place in the northern part of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom and was of little value.

As for the Tao tribal clan, they were just one of the many tribes in the Cloud Wilderness. Their territory was just a thousand miles.

For such a vast empire, to be conferred nobility by the royal household, even in name was a great honor.

The title of nobility could not be used in idle talk. The difference between nobles and plebeians was great in any country in the vast wilderness.

Previously, the henchmen of Lian Chengyu often said the words “Lian Chengyu will become a Kingdom Knight” and Lian Cuihua and those women would spread information on how powerful a Kingdom Knight is throughout the Lian tribal clan. This made it seem like Lian Chengyu would immediately become a Kingdom Knight. But in reality, passing the Kingdom’s selection and to be a Kingdom Knight was a huge gap.

Normally, to be a Kingdom Knight, one had to render meritorious services in battle. If not for meritorious services, they had to have outstanding talent to be noticed by the top before they could be conferred.

Just take the Jin Long Wei as an example. 99% of the Jin Long Wei warriors were not conferred a title. Their status was the same as a commoner, and not a noble.

Even Zhang Tan as a Thousand Households of the Jin Long Wei was just a ‘Kingdom Knight’.

Which is to say, in terms of nobility ranking, Yi Yun would be at the same level as Zhang Tan.

Zhang Tan did not have the authority to confer Yi Yun as a Kingdom Knight, but after Yi Yun had induced Purple Air Comes From The East, it meant that he was bound to have a bright future and to become either a future duke or prince.

For a person who could become a duke in the future, so what if they gave the title of Kingdom Knight?

So to bestow Yi Yun the title of Kingdom Knight, Zhang Tan had consulted the senior members of the Jin Long Wei. Only after they gave their permission did he procure the Kingdom Knight title.

Next was to enter the capital for approval. In fact, a title like Kingdom Knight, upon being decided by the upper echelon of the Jin Long Wei was a sure thing. Going into the capital for approval was just a process.

“As long as Yi Yun beat Young master Yunxiao, he would become a Kingdom Knight.” The warriors of the Tao tribal clan knew clearly what it meant by the words Kingdom Knight. They could not believe that a poor kid from a small tribal clan could become an esteemed noble.

Days later, they would have to bow to Yi Yun upon seeing him.

This was such a humiliating scene for them.

“Tsk, that will only happen if he beats Young master Yunxiao. Young master Yunxiao has obtained permission to use our Tao tribal clan’s ancestral artifact. With the ancestral artifact in hand, Young master Yunxiao would be successful in any endeavor.” Some Tao tribal clan warriors said indignantly. The warriors of the Tao tribal clan found it hard to accept that such a title could be given to a commoner of a small tribal clan. They were extremely proud but Yi Yun had trampled on their pride.

“That’s right, for Yi Yun to get the title, he has to cross the hurdle of our Young master. Our Tao tribal clan’s ancestral artifact has killed numerous ancient desolate beasts, can Yi Yun withstand the ancestral artifact?”

The title of Kingdom Knight made everyone green with envy, because this title was not just idle talk, but was something packed with real benefits.

Kingdom Knights could obtain resources from the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom annually. Not only that, a Kingdom Knight would receive a small piece of land in the central heartlands, where they can build their home.

Don’t belittle this, to the people of the vast wilderness, it was an absolute attraction.

Typically, a Kingdom Knight’s wealth was pretty good. As a Kingdom Knight was strong, he had a respectable status. As such, many would come to seek refuge under the Kingdom Knight, giving up their numerous possessions in order to become a servant of the Kingdom Knight.

Many beautiful young women would vie to dedicate themselves, selling their bodies to the Kingdom Knight and serving him. If they were lucky to be noticed by the master, they could become a room maiden or a concubine. It would be a great blessing.

This was the present situation of this chaotic world. Commoners lived arduous lives in this world. By leaning on a big tree, even if they were to lead a life of servitude and without freedom, their lives would be easy.

What Lian Chengyu had previously mentioned of a family clan was this. If he became a Kingdom Knight, he could own his little piece of territory. He could take in servants and beauties and enjoyed splendid riches.

This vague promise had made the people of the Lian tribal clan excited. To these suffering people, to be able to follow Lian Chengyu into the central heartlands of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, they could get by through their labor, with no fear of famine, plagues or attacks from beasts. Such days would be like paradise.

Now, Lian Chengyu’s dreams had been crushed like his body. Never to be realized.

The irony was that Lian Chengyu’s ambitious goals were realized by Yi Yun.

Once Yi Yun became a Kingdom Knight, he could bring a group of people to his land in the heartlands. He could build his homes, take in servants and become a real lord of nobility.

The thought of a twelve year old noble made many jealous. It could only be described as a bright future.

Added with the fact that Yi Yun was handsome, if he were to become a Kingdom Knight, even many girls of the Tao tribal clan would end up admiring Yi Yun. Those fans of Hu Ya and Tao Yunxiao might even turn their backs on their lover and go for Yi Yun as one of his admirers. This was the power of the Kingdom Knight title.

Tao Yunxiao was so green with envy that his intestines turned green.

He originally thought that defeating Yi Yun to become a Jin Long Wei elite was such a great honor.

But in a turn of an eye, Zhang Tan’s promise to Yi Yun mercilessly shattered his pride.

Even if Yi Yun lost, he would still be a Jin Long Wei elite. If he won, he would be a Kingdom Knight!

Tao Yunxiao’s ambitions were similar to Lian Chengyu’s. He too wanted riches and concubines, great power and glory. Tao Yunxiao just had a greater ambition than Lian Chengyu.

Currently, his ambition had not even been realized one bit, but Yi Yun had already taken his first step. This made him jealous.

“Kingdom Knight? How could I allow you to become a Kingdom Knight? Stop dreaming, no matter what, I’ll defeat you.” While thinking this, Tao Yunxiao gritted his teeth and clenched his fists.

He wanted to be a Jin Long Wei elite, and absolutely did not want to see Yi Yun become a Kingdom Knight. He had to win this final battle.