True Martial World Chapter 1168

Chapter 1168: Under Mt. Kunhua
Chapter 1168: Under Mt. Kunhua

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Although Myriad City was large, the group of people walked as if they had the wind under their feet. They very quickly traversed through entire city regions.

The streets were filled with people, who stopped in their tracks when the procession went by. Seeing Myriad City's number one genius alchemist being escorted by Myriad City's number one person in the younger generation, together with City Lord Qin, Fairy Youqin, Fairy Wuxia, and the elites of various large factions, almost half the city folk were alarmed by this gathering.

People began asking about the situation, and were astounded when they learned the truth.

People praised Yi Yun for his guts and lamented how the heavens were jealous of the talented.

Others reveled in schadenfreude and anticipated the good show that was about to start.

Along the path from City Lord Manor to the city gates, the number of people in the procession increased. It numbered in the thousands as they approached Myriad Immortal Palace's teleportation array, which was situated about five kilometers past the city gates.

Myriad Immortal Palace's teleportation array was constructed at the top of Mt. Kunhua. One simply needed to enter the teleportation array to reach Myriad Immortal Palace.

"Yi Yun, take the teleportation array but don't be in a hurry. Once we reach the other side of the array, I'll 'entertain' you." Si Yusheng laughed with a teasing tone. At that moment, Yi Yun was like a fish on a chopping block, completely at his mercy.

This was the outcome of being arrogant while lacking any backing. After Yi Yun was forced to sign himself into indentured servitude, Si Yusheng had dreamed up all sorts of ways to seek revenge on him.

"You have to really be grateful your alchemical abilities, without them you would have been chopped up and fed to Fey beasts as soon as we reached Myriad Immortal Palace." Si Yusheng said with a sneer.

Once they reached Myriad Immortal Palace, even City Lord Qin would not be able to protect Yi Yun.

At that moment, Zuoqiu Bo had already passed through the teleportation array and activated it. Si Yusheng turned around, preparing to step through. At the same time, the two people holding onto Yi Yun pulled him toward the array.

But Yi Yun suddenly came to a halt before turning his head over.

"What are you waiting for! Hurry up and walk forward!" Si Yusheng's two subordinates rebuked him.

Yi Yun looked at the two subordinates, a teasing look flashed in his eyes. "When did I say that I would go to Myriad Immortal Palace with you?"


The two subordinates were stunned. Si Yusheng was also taken aback. He did not know why Yi Yun was speaking such nonsense at this point in time. What power did he have to decide on where he would go?

"I only wanted City Lord Qin to stay out of this matter and he has done so. In exchange, you promised to release Qin Wufeng. I came with you out of City Lord Manor and Myriad City. All of this has nothing to do with City Lord Qin. City Lord Qin might be refraining from action, but I never said I would be at your mercy. Now that we are out of Myriad City, any action I take will not be subject to Myriad City's laws." Yi Yun said leisurely.

Everyone present was stupefied after hearing that. What did Yi Yun mean? Was he still planning to act under these circumstances?

Now that he was at the teleportation array with his Yuan Qi sealed by the Black Iron chains, what could he do?

Furthermore, standing in front of him was the number one person of Myriad City's younger generation, Si Yusheng.

Si Yusheng had been cultivating for more than seven hundred years and was an eight-floor Dao Palace warrior. A century ago, he had been deemed as invincible among anyone below the Supremacy level!

Also, Si Yusheng had brought four subordinates who were guardians of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. In the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, one needed to have a cultivation level above six-floor Dao palace to be able to take on the role of guardian. Furthermore, their strength was heads and shoulders above warriors at the same cultivation level.

Was Yi Yun mad, proclaiming that he could attack them under such circumstances? Was he asking for a beating?

"Hahaha!" A purple-clothed guardian who was escorting Yi Yun laughed out boisterously. "How dare you remain arrogant in such a situation? You are only a worthless wretch. If you really want to suffer some physical pain, I can grant your wish!"

As the purple-clothed guardian spoke, he made his way over to Yi Yun with a sinister grin.

However, the moment he took a step forward, he came to a sudden halt. He could only watch helplessly as the Black Iron chains on Yi Yun were enveloped by gray light. Following that, the nomological runes on them dissipated into layers of black dust like a weathered sand sculpture.

It was as if they were being dispelled by an invisible force!

In seconds, the nomological runes on the Black Iron chains completely vanished. They turned into ordinary chains which, despite their excellent quality, were unable to withstand Yi Yun's strength.

Yi Yun clenched his fists and, with a sudden jolt, discharged all of his Yuan Qi!


The accompanying explosion shattered all the Black Iron chains into countless fragments of metal that shot in every direction.

Yi Yun loosened his joints and looked at the four guardians in front of him. A smile crept onto his lips as a row of white teeth was revealed.


The purple-clothed guardian's face was drained of its color. How did the Deepsea Black Iron chains suddenly lose their nomological patterns, allowing Yi Yun to escape?

"You want to inflict physical pain on me? First, let me teach you what 'physical pain' is."

Killing intent appeared in Yi Yun's eyes as he suddenly took a step forward and punched straight at the purple-clothed guardian!


The guardian exclaimed in fright as he retreated quickly. At the same time, he crossed his arms in front of him to block the wind that came from Yi Yun's fist.

But at that instant, 999 flying sabers appeared around Yi Yun. The saber beams were like flashes that shot straight at him.

Cha! Cha! Cha!

The saber beams proceeded forward like a surging snowstorm, with razor-sharp ice that could slaughter anything. The purple-clothed guardian's clothes were shredded as his flesh was lacerated by the saber beams, causing a bloody mist to spray out.

The purple-clothed guardian cried out in pain, and was nearly dismembered in an instant!


The purple-clothed guardian slammed heavily to the ground as he groaned incessantly. He was still breathing, but his body was covered in deep cuts. His blood was mixing with the mud as pain reached straight to his heart. From how he was breathing out more than in, he was basically already dead.

Yi Yun called back the Thousand Snow flying sabers and looked at Si Yusheng as intense killing intent flashed in his eyes.

"What happened? Wasn't he being restrained by the Black Iron chains!?"

"What is going on!?"

Many of the onlookers were astonished. Yi Yun had escaped from the chains and faced a six-floor Dao Palace warrior, who was also a guardian of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. How was it possible that he was instantly defeated by Yi Yun the moment they clashed?

Si Yusheng looked at the fragments of the Black Iron chains around Yi Yun. The arrogant and impudent look on his face was finally wiped away.

"The Dao patterns were wiped away. How did he do that…?" Si Yusheng frowned. In a split second, the Black Iron chains had been enveloped by a gray mist. What was that gray mist?

Indeed, even Zuoqiu Bo would not have identified the gray mist, let alone Si Yusheng. The Major Destruction laws had already exceeded the extent of their comprehension.

Fifteen minutes ago, before the Black Iron chains were placed on Yi Yun, he had already circulated the Major Destruction powers and injected Destruction marks—infused with the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence—into the Black Iron chains.

These Destruction marks contained the destructive power of the Universe. Wiping away the nomological Dao patterns on the Black Iron chains was no problem at all.

From the beginning, Yi Yun had planned on resisting through violence. As Qin Wufeng was part of the equation, he did not want City Lord Qin to have a hand in this matter.

"I will not attack unless attacked. Si Yusheng, you wanted to send me to my death today, so why would I peacefully return with you to the Myriad Immortal Palace?"