True Martial World Chapter 1171

Chapter 1171: Mountain Valley Lakeside
Chapter 1171: Mountain Valley Lakeside

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As the God Advent Tower flew, Yi Yun felt complete relief when he sensed that he was getting further away from Mt. Kunhua.

Crippling Si Yusheng put Yi Yun in a position where he would have no choice but to temporarily leave Myriad City. He had seriously jeopardized the Myriad Immortal Pavilion's future. Since the Myriad Immortal Pavilion was such a mighty and proud entity, they would not offer him a compromise. Yi Yun did not wish to compromise, anyway.

"Young Master, what are your future plans?" Ru'er asked.

"Find a quiet place and take up residence there," replied Yi Yun.

If that was impossible, the God Advent Tower was also habitable.

"Young Master, if you want a quiet place, I do have somewhere in mind." Dong Xiaowan suggested.

Yi Yun said, "Don't tell me it's the Jadewave Sect? Although you have been with me, you haven’t done a thing to Si Yusheng, so even if the Myriad Immortal Pavilion wants to take their fury out on the Jadewave Sect, they would be dispatching troops without just cause. However, if I were to stay in the Jadewave Sect, it would be a different story."

"Young Master, thank you for showing such concern to the Jadewave Sect." Dong Xiaowan smiled gently as she said, "However, the place I have in mind isn't the Jadewave Sect. It's just a private residence of mine. When I'm out traveling, I occasionally stay there when I want to be alone."

Upon saying this, Dong Xiaowan did not realize that her face had suffused a blush.

She was an unwed girl, and her private residence was equivalent to her boudoir. No one else had stepped into it, much less a young man.

Yi Yun thought about it and said, "Alright then. Let's go to this private residence of yours."

The three years until the exchange meet was nothing but a blink of an eye to a warrior.

On Mt. Kunhua, Zuoqiu Bo watched helplessly as Yi Yun retreated unscathed. His blood was in chaos as his eyes were filled with bloodlust.

Si Yusheng was still on the ground like a dead wretch. The purple-clothed guardian was on his last breath. Worst of all, there were many renowned factions from Myriad City that saw the whole thing, as well as a large number of warriors.

Him, a Supremacy, had let Yi Yun escape in front of everyone!

The Myriad Immortal Pavilion's face had been ruthlessly smacked by a junior.

"Qin Zhengyang." Zuoqiu Bo glared coldly at City Lord Qin. "I will report what happened today to the Pavilion Lord. Regardless of where Yi Yun runs to, my Myriad Immortal Pavilion will stop at nothing to destroy him! If you still wish to protect him, it means you are openly at odds with the Myriad Immortal Pavilion!"

City Lord Qin revealed a look of mockery as he said, "As an alchemist that just barely reached the stage of Supremacy, you dare threaten me? Just report the facts. While you’re at it, quickly take that cripple along with you and scram. And if that useless son of mine doesn't return today perfectly fine, I will personally visit to get him."

Although the Myriad Immortal Pavilion was a massive entity, why would City Lord Qin be afraid of it?

Furthermore, Si Yusheng had made an agreement with Yi Yun. Everyone present had heard it. As long as City Lord Qin did not obstruct Si Yusheng from taking Yi Yun away, the Myriad Immortal Pavilion would have to release Qin Wufeng. Even if Si Yusheng was now half-dead, the agreement could not be violated.

Zuoqiu Bo's expression was ugly as he waved his hand. He said to the Myriad Immortal Pavilion subordinates, "Bring the Young Master and guardian along. We are leaving!"

Staying any longer would only incur more ridicule from the present crowd. It was obvious to Zuoqiu Bo that what happened today would quickly spread throughout Myriad City, or even the entire Empyrean Heaven, making the Myriad Immortal Pavilion into a laughing stock.

Seeing Zuoqiu Bo and company leave hurriedly like wretches, City Lord Qin turned his head and smiled at Princess White Fox, saying, "Wuxia, Yi Yun handles matters in a resolute and careful manner. He will surely avoid the pursuit of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. Also, with his strength, he can escape unharmed even against a Supremacy. Although the Myriad Immortal Pavilion has quite a number of Supremacies, its estate is massive and has many enemies. It cannot divert its best experts to pursue him."

Princess White Fox nodded slightly. She felt relieved when she heard City Lord Qin say that.

"Speaking of which, this friend of yours has really surprised me greatly every time. Haha," said City Lord Qin with a laugh.

Under the soft veil, Princess White Fox's beautiful face revealed a faint smile. "Same here. He always surprises me every time."

This time, Yi Yun's strength had increased by leaps and bounds, reaching heights that Princess White Fox had not expected. It appears that ever since he left the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, Yi Yun's cultivation speed had only become faster…

"Let's go." Fairy Youqin said to her female attendant. She dazzled in a white dress and had peerless beauty. However, having witnessed Yi Yun's terrifying talent, the aloof Fairy Youqin suddenly felt dispirited. She had always been placed on a pedestal, but when compared to Yi Yun, she was nothing.

Even Si Yusheng had succumbed to Yi Yun. Back in the day, he had been high-spirited and enjoyed success, but now he was faced with a life worse than death.

After that day, Yi Yun would definitely become famous throughout Myriad City. Everyone would know that Yi Yun was not as they first imagined. He was not only a genius alchemist, but also a monstrous expert with excellent martial talent.

The factions that thought Yi Yun to be a succulent piece of meat for the grabbing were in for quite a shock.

The God Advent Tower flew for hundreds of thousands of miles in one go before landing in a remote mountain valley.

The mountain valley had rolling mists outside it, but clear skies within. From the sky, they could make out a broad and calm lake that looked like a jade disc amid the green forest. There were lotus flowers blooming, making for an amazing scene.

In the middle of the lake, there was a tiny island with an exquisite bamboo house. There was a pavilion by the lakeside and paths laid out using gravel.

"This place of yours is indeed remote and quiet." Yi Yun sized up the place and said in a satisfied tone.

Dong Xiaowan smiled gently. This was a place even people from the Jadewave Sect did not know of. It was extremely hidden.

"Young Master, it's great that you are satisfied with it. You saved my life and I have no way to repay you. Being able to help you a little delights me," said Dong Xiaowan.

"Alright." Yi Yun nodded as he spread out his perception through the entire mountain valley. "However, we now have to be on the alert for the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. Your concealment array is overly simple. I'll need to strengthen it a little."

Yi Yun had learned quite a bit about arrays from the divine alchemist's notes. He could now put that knowledge to use here, and also make use of his spatial abilities. He enveloped the entire mountain valley, distorting the space around the region. He made it into an independent small world that was completely isolated from the outside world.

As such, even if a Supremacy came to this mountain valley, they would not necessarily detect anything strange about the area without any prior knowledge.

Dong Xiaowan was astonished by Yi Yun's methods. She was rather knowledgeable and realized what Yi Yun was doing.

"Young Master, you opened up an independent small world?" Opening an independent space was not something many Supremacies were even capable of.

"It's not necessarily stable, but it will have no problem lasting for a few decades." Yi Yun had been cultivating in spatial dimension laws all these years. Unknowingly, he had cultivated it to such a level. He wasn't far from being able to truly open a small world by himself.

Following that, Yi Yun carried Ling Xie'er out from the God Advent Tower and placed her within the bamboo house. It had three rooms. Ling Xie'er was given one while Yi Yun took another. Dong Xiaowan and Ru'er shared the last room.

The mountain valley naturally grew many spiritual plants and fruits. Dong Xiaowan and Ru'er went to gather some and at night, smoke billowed out from the bamboo house.

Yi Yun sat inside the pavilion by the lakeside while basking in the cool breeze. He watched the two girls busying themselves in front and behind the house. They were lighting a fire to prepare the meals and, gradually, his mood calmed down.

He had offended the Myriad Immortal Pavilion greatly but to save Ling Xie'er, he still needed to return to Myriad City. He was not the kind of person that would suffer in silence when being oppressed by others. He would settle the score with Myriad Immortal Pavilion slowly.

And during this period of time, Yi Yun planned on cultivating more. By raising his strength, he could face the Myriad Immortal Pavilion earlier.

The mountain valley lakeside enjoyed a silent environment. The spiritual energy wasn't sparse either. It was indeed a good place for seclusive cultivation. And living in such a peaceful place was very beneficial to Yi Yun's training of his soul.

However, before that, Yi Yun had other plans. He wanted to visit the Jadewave Sect's World Stone mine. He wanted to take a look at the strange land that had caused Dong Xiaowan harm.

"Xiaowan, prepare to go with me to the Jadewave Sect's World Stone mine. I want to see what mysteries lie behind the abandoned ruin that caused your sickness."

"What? Young Master…"

Dong Xiaowan was alarmed. The abandoned ruin had been sealed off by the Jadewave Sect. The sect had forbidden anyone from approaching it or even speak of it outside the sect.

Now, rumors had spread that it was a cursed land. One would be cursed upon entry and Dong Xiaowan was the perfect example.

"Young Master, there are no treasures in that abandoned ruin. There's only bad luck and a curse. Young Master, you might have extraordinary strength but it's best you do not go to such a strange place. What if you end up tainted by some evil entities, then I…"

When Dong Xiaowan said this, she stopped. She did not how she should continue. She had no right to undermine what Yi Yun wanted to do but, unknowingly, Dong Xiaowan realized that she had a baffling sense of concern for him. Perhaps, she had these feelings in her when she woke up from that dark world of despair and realized that it was this youth who had saved her…

"It's fine. I will be careful." Yi Yun smiled at Dong Xiaowan. He had a nagging feeling that the abandoned ancient ruin held some perplexing mysteries.