True Martial World Chapter 1172

Chapter 1172: Giant City
Chapter 1172: Giant City

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News of Yi Yun crippling Si Yusheng and equaling Zuoqiu Bo quickly spread overnight.

The Myriad Immortal Pavilion was enraged by the news and posted wanted notices for Yi Yun with stunning rewards. Many warriors could not help but be tempted when they saw the price for Yi Yun's head.

However, even if they were tempted, they valued their lives more…

Yi Yun's strength had been clearly demonstrated in front of everyone. Through the description from warriors present at the battle, it was determined that only warriors at cultivation levels at or above Supremacies had the right to battle Yi Yun.

While the outside world buzzed with activity, Yi Yun led peaceful days in the mountain valley lakeside.

"Young Master, have some tea." Dong Xiaowan served a cup of refreshing tea to Yi Yun, who was reading and meditating in a pavilion.

The tea’s refreshing aroma lingered, and it had a green jade hue. After drinking a mouthful of tea, he praised, "Great tea. The spirit tea from this mountain valley is really not bad."

"Thank you, Young Master." Dong Xiaowan smiled slightly, but inside she was like a bed of blooming flowers. It made the surrounding scenery lose its color.

Yi Yun placed the teacup down and said, "I'll be going to the ancient ruin today to take a look."

Over the past few days, Dong Xiaowan had described to Yi Yun the internals of the ancient ruin in great detail. And after a few days of recuperation, Yi Yun was back at peak condition.

The ancient ruin was fraught with danger at every turn. Everything had to be done carefully. In his present state, he was the best equipped to head for the ruin.

"Young Master, do you really not need me to go with you?" Dong Xiaowan asked worriedly.

Beside her, Ru'er bit her lip and did not say a word. Her strength was mediocre, so she would be useless in the ruin. She was better off staying behind to take care of Ling Xie'er.

"There's no need. You have yet to fully recover. You might actually relapse if you go." Yi Yun said as he stood up. "I'll leave Xie'er in your hands. I will come back as soon as possible."

The moment his voice faded, Yi Yun's body transformed into a stream of light. In a blink of an eye, he vanished from the array barrier around the mountain valley.

He had strengthened the array over the past few days. Only with that could he be at ease leaving Ling Xie'er and the two girls behind.

The ancient ruin was more than fifty thousand kilometers from the mountain valley, but ever since Yi Yun gained comprehension of profound spatial dimension laws, his speed had increased tremendously.

A typical Dao Palace realm warrior would spend two days traversing the distance, but Yi Yun could do it in half a day.

"Sigh, guarding this area is truly scary."

In a black mountain range that stretched for thousands of kilometers but was void of any vegetation, a few warriors guarded the area around a teleportation array.

These warriors were dressed in Jadewave Sect uniforms. After the Jadewave Sect ordered the place to be sealed, they were the only ones left to guard the teleportation array and prevent others from entering.

However, the place effused a cadaveric air and carried terrifying curses within, so these warriors stood guard with trepidatious hearts.

"There probably isn't anyone stupid enough to trespass this area. There are evil entities inside…" Another warrior responded.

However, before he could finish his sentence, he felt a sudden change in the surrounding Yuan Qi. It was as if an icy gale was blowing past them, leaving him chattering from the cold.

"Oh? Did you feel that?"

"I… I felt it…"

The pale-faced warriors exchanged looks.

"Let's not talk about this."

"Cut it out. Cut it out…"

Yi Yun wasn't aware that the Yuan Qi fluctuations he stirred when he passed the warriors had generated odd thoughts in them. He landed somewhere along the mountainside.

The Jadewave Sect's World Stone mine was located in the mountain range, but the valley in it was as broad as an empty plain. The mountain peaks on both sides of the valley resembled tall black towers that seemed to envelop the area.

The mine had already been sealed off by the Jadewave Sect, but with Dong Xiaowan's instructions, Yi Yun knew how to gain entry.

He conjured a few hand seals and immediately, the mine that had been calm stirred and revealed an entrance. Yi Yun looked at the entrance before entering it without any hesitation.

After Yi Yun entered, the entrance quaked before vanishing.

And all of this was not detected by the warriors on guard.

After searching around the mine for a while, Yi Yun finally found the spot where the ancient ruin was according to Dong Xiaowan's descriptions. Upon entering the ancient ruin, Yi Yun immediately felt chaotic Yuan Qi as well as an intense chill.

The temperature was so low that saying water droplets would immediately freeze was not enough. However, there was no ice on the ground. There was only gray gravel. There was also not a single hint of vegetation as far as the eyes could see.

It was bleakly cold, silent, and dark. It was like an abandoned world, isolated from the sunlight. There was no life in this place, only ice-cold silence.

Yi Yun kept a close eye on his surroundings. At the same time, he circulated his Yuan Qi to withstand the cold. When Yi Yun proceeded a distance forward, he saw a scene that awed him.

In front of him was a gigantic city built on a plain.

Everything was extremely massive, there were towering buildings and wide paths.

Yi Yun stood in front of an abandoned house and felt that he was only a minute fraction of the height of the main door. This ordinary house door looked like a towering city door.

In this city, Yi Yun felt like he had shrunk to the size of an ant.

Compared to such a city, the black mountain peaks on the side really resembled city walls. Yi Yun even had a feeling that they weren’t actually part of the mountain range, but of weathered city walls.

Weathered city walls that turned into a mountain range… Such a magnificent city was truly unheard of. If that was the case, the mountain range that stretched for thousands of kilometers would be the circumference of the ancient ruin.

Human history repeats itself, but the world changes all the time. Countless cities had been destroyed or abandoned through the passage of endless time. It was common to chance across such ancient ruins, but these extremely massive buildings did not seem like they were built for humans.

Who could they be for?

Yi Yun recalled the records he had seen in canon. In ancient legends, there were races with gargantuan bodies. Could the city have been constructed by them?

Ignoring everything else, Yi Yun had encountered a bronze giant before. It could flatten mountains with a footstep. Although the city in front of him was humongous, it would only be a toy in front of the bronze giant that towered into the heavens.

The puzzled Yi Yun continued walking through the city.

There was no indication how long the city had been left desolate. The entire city was empty as the sound of Yi Yun's footsteps echoed. It felt like he had transmigrated through space and time.

He had the Purple Crystal's energy vision activated constantly as he observed everything around him. After walking for nearly an hour, Yi Yun's heart suddenly shook, and he turned extremely vigilant!

He saw something that made him shudder. In the energy vision, everything had turned into monotonous lines. However, hidden beneath these lines, Yi Yun saw rows of bright dots. But on closer inspection, Yi Yun realized that these bright dots were eyes.

Every pair of eyes belonged to a distorted human face. The eyes were densely packed and were all lurking beneath the ground!