True Martial World Chapter 1173

Chapter 1173: Beautiful Figure of the Ancient Tomb
Chapter 1173: Beautiful Figure of the Ancient Tomb

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This is…

Yi Yun instantly drew his pure Yang broken sword. The distorted human faces were identical to the one Yi Yun had seen in Dong Xiaowan's body!

Without a doubt, Dong Xiaowan had been possessed by one of these.

Although Yi Yun had the Purple Crystal which could suppress these evil entities, there were thousands, if not tens of thousands, of these evil entities lurking underground. If they all chose to rush him at once, wouldn't he be doomed no matter how strong he was?

He reluctantly retreated, but only made it a few steps before he stopped. He realized that the faces hidden beneath the ground did not move. Some of the human faces had hideous expressions, but others were in a state of deep sleep. Their faces were grayish-white and their eyes were tightly shut. Some even had faces covered in wrinkles like a dried corpse.

Yi Yun pondered for a moment, then held his breath as he tried to close the distance. He approached from the sky gradually.

He circled a gigantic building and finally saw the area where these evil entities lurked.

It was a cemetery that stretched out to the horizon!

There were gray rocks that were the remains of crumbled tombstones. There were shattered slabs scattered everywhere, with some half buried. The text on the tombstones had been worn away, making them impossible to date.

The giant, dilapidated city had an abandoned cemetery with evil entities lurking within the ancient graves…

Yi Yun found the whole situation suspicious.

What had happened here?

At that moment, Yi Yun was flying a thousand meters above the cemetery. Although he wanted to fully probe the area, he did not dare descend. It was too great a risk. If the evil entities were to collectively awaken and charge at him together, he might be swallowed whole, not even leaving a drop of blood.

But if he were to leave, then what was the point of coming to the ruin?

Yi Yun was in a dilemma.

He knew very clearly that the smart choice was to leave. At that point in time, there was nothing to gain from being here, just as Dong Xiaowan said. There was only strangeness and curses. However, Yi Yun had a nagging feeling that he would miss out on something big if he left now.

Yi Yun hovered in mid-air for a very long period of time before he began to slowly descend. Yi Yun descended a foot at a time in an extremely careful manner. He took a total of fifteen minutes to make it halfway to the ground.

However, at that moment, Yi Yun witnessed something that alarmed him.

He saw a white-dressed female standing calmly in front of a rundown tomb in the endless gray-colored cemetery.

She looked like she was in her twenties and did not exude the aura of an expert. In that respect, she was like an ordinary mortal girl, but her disposition was like that of an empyrean from the ninth heaven. She was like an orchid blooming on an iceberg, aloof and noble. It prevented anyone from having any thoughts of desecrating her.

Who is she!?

Yi Yun felt an upheaval of emotions. He had been carefully observing the entire cemetery to prevent the evil entities from sneaking up on him. However, he had not seen this woman.

The woman seemed to appear out of nowhere, but her calm and peaceful demeanor made it seem like she had been standing there all along, experiencing great periods of time.

Was she a ghost?

Yi Yun stopped descending and watched the woman intently. He circulated every bit of his Yuan Qi. For a white-dressed female to suddenly appear in the middle of a cemetery filled with evil entities, it would make anyone have trouble remaining calm.

However, the woman's disposition was otherworldly, like a divine goddess from heaven. It made it seem like she had nothing to do with the abnormality of the land.

"You can come down. The evil entities here will not harm you. I will not harm you either."

The woman spoke softly. Her voice was ethereal and pleasant. It was like an immortal tune coming from the heavens, but she was using an ancient language that Yi Yun had never heard. More strangely, he was able to understand everything she said. It was as though the meaning was communicated to him instantly when her voice reached his mind.

Yi Yun hesitated for a moment. Having encountered such a strange situation, any rational person would not easily believe the woman's words. However, Yi Yun's instincts told him that the woman wasn't an evil entity. It was indicated both by her aura and the projection seen through the Purple Crystal's energy vision.

Yi Yun took a deep breath as he clenched his pure Yang broken sword and landed about hundred feet away from the white-dressed female.

The woman had a faint luster exuding from her body. It seemed like she had condensed the essence of the starlight and moonlight. Her dress was as white as snow, and it contrasted heavily with the gray world around her. Thus, although she was standing in the middle of an abandoned cemetery, Yi Yun felt that she stood independent from the world, as if she was in an alternate space-time dimension.

The woman glanced at Yi Yun with eyes that beamed with infinite divine light. The instant she saw Yi Yun, she revealed a puzzled look. At the same time, a clear and cold voice entered Yi Yun's ears. "Your aura… seems familiar."


Yi Yun was certain that he did not know the mysterious woman.

The woman quickly calmed once more as she lightly said, "It's just a hint of something familiar. But you shouldn't know her so do not worry about it."

The woman's words left Yi Yun befuddled from beginning to end.

However, he believed that the cultivation level of the woman in front of him was unfathomable. There was no way her sense of familiarity with him was a mistake. Where could that sense of familiarity stem from?

"Senior, I wonder who…" Yi Yun cupped his hands and asked. The woman seemed like she could return to wherever she came from with the wind at any time. She did not seem like she belonged to this world. Yi Yun didn't even know if she was human.

"There is no need for you to know my name…" The white-dressed female shook her head. "You are around sixty years of age, yet you can sense the secrets hidden beneath this cemetery. I'm curious as to how."

The moment the white-dressed female spoke, Yi Yun's heart clammed up. The woman had managed to accurately determine his age with one look and asked a question about something he kept secret. Yi Yun felt like this woman could see right through him.

"There is no need for you to feel nervous. I have no ill intentions toward you. It's just that you seem to have had some unique experiences. As a product of them, and your hard work, your strength seems to far exceed other warriors at your level. You remind me of someone…"

"Senior, who do you speak of?" Yi Yun held his breath. The woman's sharp intuition left him uneasy, as if she could see through everything.

How strong was such a person?

Yi Yun suddenly realized that there were too many experts that he did not know of in this world. Their realms far exceeded his imagination.

Upon hearing Yi Yun's inquiry, the white-dressed female sighed slightly. Her eyes seemed to be looking very far away as if she was lost in a long thought. "Someone I know. You resemble him a lot…"


Yi Yun frowned slightly. The white-dressed female's words were filled with mystery. At first, she referred to a 'her' and now it was 'him'. Yi Yun was completely at a loss as to who the white-dressed female might be referring to.

"My name is Divine Dream."

The white-dressed female suddenly gave her name before nonchalantly turning around.

Yi Yun was taken aback momentarily. He originally thought that she would not tell him her name, but she had so suddenly given it to him.

Divine Dream?

In the canonical books that he had read, he did not recall such a name.