True Martial World Chapter 118

Chapter 118: The insight gained from battle
Chapter 118: The insight gained from battle

Seeing this scene, Yi Yun’s expression changed.

Initially, it was easy for him to beat Tao Yunxiao. But after Tao Yunxiao used the blood ritual on the sinister sword, some changes occurred.

Yi Yun even felt that the surrounding Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was being pulled by that sword into a tiny black swirl.

“Master, that sword…” Up in the air, Lin Xintong frowned when she saw the sword in Tao Yunxiao’s hand.

“Oh.. that’s strange… This sword of the Tao tribal clan isn’t high in quality, and wouldn’t be considered a treasure, but… the way this sword was forged and the mystic runes inscribed on it, don’t look like they were made by humans!”

“If this was a place close to the boundaries of human civilization, then it wouldn’t be odd to have something forged from an alien race… but… this is the Cloud Wilderness and has always been the land of humans. It’s infinitely far away from those alien races. How did such a low quality weapon reach the Cloud Wilderness?” Old man Su did not know but at this time, Tao Yunxiao’s aura was beginning to rapidly grow!

Tao Yunxiao’s lips were painted with fresh blood, under the sword beam of the female sword, he looked ferocious.

“Yi Yun, take an attack from me!”

Tao Yunxiao’s body rose and having activated the ancestral artifact’s energy, Tao Yunxiao was no longer the same as before!

The female sword’s speed was at its limits

“Huh!?” Yi Yun constricted his pupils and in a moment, Tao Yunxiao’s sword was before his eyes!

Although Tao Yunxiao’s swordplay had flaws, but as the saying goes that there was no way of beating a fast move, Tao Yunxiao’s speed was at its maximum, so even if he had flaws, Yi Yun could not use them against him!

Because in terms of speed, Yi Yun was worse than Tao Yunxiao!

Yi Yun felt like Tao Yunxiao with his ancestral artifact had turned into a demon. This sword was giving him energy! What Tao Yunxiao was using wasn’t his own body’s energy, but the energy of the demonic sword.


Yi Yun dodged Tao Yunxiao’s sword, but the sharp wind that accompanied the sword cut open Yi Yun’s linen shirt!


A light song rang. The crowd could hear it clearly.

“He got struck!”

The crowd yelled. They could see a foot long hole appear on Yi Yun’s arm. His left sleeve had been cut off.

“No, it’s just the sword’s wind. Yi Yun isn’t injured.”

Although Yi Yun had not been cut, Tao Yunxiao’s sword having accomplished this made the people of the Tao tribal clan extremely excited.

“Young master Yunxiao is sure to win!”

“Kill that kid!”

The people of the vast wilderness were crude. As for the people of the Tao tribal clan, especially the hot-blooded youths, they did not want the tribe to be overshadowed by Yi Yun, and also, they were extremely jealous of Yi Yun.

On this point, they were different from the young girls of the Tao tribal clan.

In a savage world where strength determined a man’s position, wealth and women, it was no different than the law of the jungle. Males who feel a threat to their territory from an outsider would treat the outsider with hostility.

And Tao Yunxiao was the alpha-wolf among those beasts.

Seeing his left sleeve cut, Yi Yun’s eyes became heavy.

Tao Yunxiao really became a lot stronger.

“He dodged it? Hmph! The next time, I’ll cut off your arm!” Tao Yunxiao sneered. Suddenly his right arm moved with a shrill ringing sound.


The air was compressed by the female sword and with an explosion, blue air waves flew towards Yi Yun!

“Sword Qi!” Someone screamed outside the arena. Tao Yunxiao had released sword Qi the day before while demonstrating his swordplay, hence leaving a deep impression of sword Qi in the people’s minds.

And today, Tao Yunxiao released sword Qi again to the point of it being visible. This power and speed far exceeded the previous day’s!

Yi Yun’s pupils constricted and dodged!


Yi Yun dodged the sword Qi just in time, but at this moment, Tao Yunxiao had already appeared in front of Yi Yun!

With his extreme speed, he had seemed to teleport in front of Yi Yun. His ferocious expression was reflected in Yi Yun’s pupils!

At this time, Yi Yun had just avoided the sword Qi, and was in midair. He had no way of avoiding anymore!

By using the sword Qi to force Yi Yun into revealing a weak point, appearing before Yi Yun in a blink of an eye and sending out a killing blow was a fantastic chain of events! This was too much for the audience’s eyes to feast on!

How could anyone avoid this kind of attack?

Young master Yunxiao was about to win! The people opened up their eyes, afraid to miss the next exciting scene.

The Tao tribal clan’s grand elder tightened up. This battle was of utmost importance. Tao Yunxiao was just about to defeat Yi Yun making him excited and nervous!

Even on the airship, Lin Xintong who was full of confidence for Yi Yun jumped in fright! She consciously touched her interspatial wrist band, prepared to take out elixirs from within to save Yi Yun!

With nowhere to step on, Yi Yun had no way of dodging!


Tao Yunxiao striked! The sword travelled towards Yi Yun’s chest. The female sword was only two feet long and its blade was as red as blood!

At that moment, time seemed to stop. In Yi Yun’s eyes, the blood red female sword was like a venomous snake approaching him!

Yi Yun had unprecedented focus. He seemed to have returned to the previous night when he had sparred with Lin Xintong. Lin Xintong had attacked him again and again. Although her suppressed attacks were not as fast as Tao Yunxiao, but it had greater charm than Tao Yunxiao. Lin Xintong’s attacks on Yi Yun was not only physical attacks, but were forceful attacks!


Yi Yun’s mind flashed the words Lin Xintong had said the previous night.

“This Minute Subtlety technique is the introductory stage…after the introductory stage is known as the small success stage, which can borrow the opponent’s ‘force’ to aid in avoiding. Even if I said more, it will be hard for you to comprehend. Everything will depend on your own enlightenment…”

In that instant, Yi Yun suddenly understood something. Facing Tao Yunxiao’s attack, Yi Yun forcefully twisted his body and the red blood sword grazed Yi Yun’s nose. With a distance less than a inch, Yi Yun had dodged it!

The airborne Yi Yun had nowhere to land, but yet he managed to dodge it. It gave people the feeling like he was a leaf that was blown by Tao Yunxiao’s sword Qi.

“Huh!?”The whole Tao tribal clan was stunned. On the Tao tribal clan’s platform, the Tao tribal clan’s Patriarch, grand elder and others were shocked. How did Yi Yun manage to avoid in midair?

“Impossible!” Tao Yunxiao did not believe in heresy and attacked once again!

Flowers of the Storm!

Tao Yunxiao, who had stimulated the female sword’s energy, could nearly force out a hundred swords when he used Flowers of the Storm!

This swordplay speed made the female sword’s body melt into the desert wind; only the wind of the sword could be felt, but the sword unseen!

But something strange happened. Yi Yun’s body was like a feather without weight. Tao Yunxiao’s sword would slice, but Yi Yun’s body would move backwards as a result. It felt like Tao Yunxiao was not moving a sword but a fan and the wind blown from the fan blew Yi Yun away.

Tao Yunxiao’s sword Qi was extremely sharp that it could cut through black ironstone, so how could the sword wind blow someone away? But that was what happened in front of the crowd!

Yi Yun’s movements were too strange. Tao Yunxiao’s swordplay was extremely fast, but in front of Yi Yun, it looked slow and heavy!

It was as if Tao Yunxiao was using a fan to attack a feather. No matter how he fanned, it would not hit the feather, because the stronger he fanned, the greater the wind, making the feather fly faster!

After continuously attacking with a few hundred strikes, he could not even touch Yi Yun’s sleeve. Tao Yunxiao began to sweat profusely.

How could this be possible!?

On the Tao tribal clan’s platform, the Tao tribal clan’s Patriarch, grand elder and others were frightened and distraught, with sweat appearing on their foreheads.

They had lived for a long time and read many books. They had much greater knowledge than Tao Yunxiao. They knew what Yi Yun’s movement was.

“Minute Subtlety…This is the movement skill Minute Subtlety!” The voice of the Tao tribal clan’s Patriarch trembled.

First it was Purple Air Comes From The East, next it was the Minute Subtlety realm!

How could all of this appear in a twelve year old!?