True Martial World Chapter 1181

Chapter 1181: Guiyuan family
Chapter 1181: Guiyuan family

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In the northwestern corner of Myriad City, a broad granite road extended out. At the end of the granite road stood a magnificent manor. The manor covered an area of five kilometers. Erected by the door were two thirty-foot-tall bronze lions that looked extremely mighty.

On a cursory glance, it looked like a king's residence in the mortal world. But in fact, this manor was where the second biggest faction in Myriad City, the Guiyuan family, resided.

A dexterous horse carriage stopped in front of the Guiyuan family's door. As the curtain was pulled open, a maidservant walked out and said, "Miss, we are here."


A faint female voice rang out as a girl in purple walked out of the carriage. She was none other than Fairy Purple Rain of the Guiyuan family, who lived a charmed life.

"Miss, is your body feeling better?" The maidservant asked with concern. Fairy Purple Rain had been infected by the mysterious illness for several months.

Fairy Purple Rain shook her head. "I'm fine."

Fairy Purple Rain supported herself by holding onto a railing while she descended from the carriage. Although she claimed to be fine, her face was drained of its color. She exuded an extremely frail feeling.

The plague was widespread but only geniuses contracted it. As the top genius of the Guiyuan family, she naturally did not escape it.

After Fairy Purple Rain contracted the illness, her body began to weaken within a few months. It was discovered that more talented people succumbed to the illness faster. Their bodies would also weaken even faster. As for those that weren’t so talented, the illness only made cultivation ineffective. It did not affect their vitality or lifeblood.

There was no need to elaborate on Fairy Purple Rain's talent. The illness caused her to rapidly lose her vibrancy. The Guiyuan family sought many doctors to examine Fairy Purple Rain, but no one found a cure.

It even advanced to the point where the Patriarch of the Guiyuan family personally examined Fairy Purple Rain's dantian. He determined that the strange illness was the result of infiltration by an evil spirit.

Many people were astounded by the cause of the illness. Typically, the cure for the infiltration of an evil spirit was to vanquish the evil spirit.

However, despite realizing the presence of the evil spirit, the Guiyuan family's Patriarch was helpless, for he also learned that the evil spirit had entrenched itself in Fairy Purple Rain's dantian, fusing with it. Simply destroying the evil spirit wouldn’t be difficult. What would be difficult was vanquishing the evil spirit without causing harm to Fairy Purple Rain's dantian.

If vanquishing the spirit resulted in the dantian being destroyed, it was better not to save her. As such, the illness continued dragging on as they sought for a more medical solution.

Despite claiming to be fine, Fairy Purple Rain watched herself get weaker by the day. Inwardly, she suffered from an ever-growing anxiety. For a blessed daughter of the heavens to suddenly be inflicted by a calamity, it was not only a waste of valuable cultivation time, but it was even possible that she would die young. How could the proud Fairy Purple Rain be willing to accept such a tragic outcome?

Fairy Purple Rain had already sent people to search for Yi Yun. In all of Myriad City, only Yi Yun had managed to awaken the ill Dong Xiaowan. Even though Yi Yun was unable to cure the problem at its root, he was at least able to relieve the symptoms. That was pretty much her only wish at present.

However, it had been months and Yi Yun seemed to have evaporated into thin air. There was no sight of him.

Fairy Purple Rain knew that the Myriad Immortal Pavilion was about to hold a Grand Alchemical-cum-Medical Meet, but none could say for certain if the gathered alchemists and doctors would be able to find a cure. The only one who surely knew how to lessen the effects of the illness was Yi Yun, but he could not be found.

"Miss, Fourth Elder has found a doctor who wants to examine you. He invites you over." At that moment, an old steward from Guiyuan Manor walked forward and said this.

"A doctor…?"

Fairy Purple Rain sighed. Fourth Elder was her grandfather. He was naturally worried over her condition. In fact, she was not the only one that had fallen ill in the Guiyuan family. Many of the juniors in the family with passable talent had also fallen ill.

Over the past few months, even if Fairy Purple Rain had not seen a hundred doctors, she had definitely seen dozens of them. They came in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some had thick bushy beards, but not one of them had a solution.

"I don't feel like meeting them." Fairy Purple Rain said with flagging interest. She no longer held any hope. Some of these doctors had cultivation levels that were barely at the Dao Palace realm and were inferior to her. How could such doctors figure out anything?

"Fourth Elder made it a point to say that this doctor's skills are extraordinary. Miss, he strongly requests your attendance."

With the steward being so insistent, Fairy Purple Rain reluctantly nodded. She knew that her grandfather was feeling anxious, which was a product of his good intentions. She could only cooperate and hope that it would be of some use…

Fairy Purple Rain followed the steward out the main door and, after crossing a winding bridge across the lake, she came to a side hall in the back garden.

Few people came to the side garden, and it was extremely well hidden. Fairy Purple Rain was somewhat puzzled. She never expected the meeting to occur in such a place.


Fairy Purple Rain gave Fourth Elder a bow when she saw him.

"Purple Rain, you have come. Have a seat." Fourth Elder pointed to a chair beside him. On his other side was a youth in azure-colored clothes. He looked entirely ordinary and indistinguishable. Even in front of her important grandfather, he sat on the chair in a composed manner.

Fairy Purple Rain was startled. Looking at the positions of the three chairs, she finally realized the youth's identity, "Don't tell me that you are the doctor?"

Fairy Purple Rain was rendered speechless. The youth did not look much older than she was. Even if he had taken Youth Retention Pills, he would not look that young. Typically, Youth Retention Pills only allowed one to maintain the looks of a young adult to a middle-aged adult. The youth in front of her looked more like a sixteen-year-old mortal.

The youth glanced at her. At that moment, Fourth Elder said excitedly, "This youth happened to encounter a junior that was ill. He could tell the cause of the illness at a glance. It was identical to what Patriarch said."

When their Patriarch figured out the cause of the illness, they naturally did not advertise his findings. The other factions, such as the Zhou family or the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, had probably figured out the cause as well, but they too chose to keep it under wraps.

For this youth to figure it out himself, and furthermore, with a glance, left Fourth Elder somewhat filled with excitement.

"He figured out the cause of the illness?" Fairy Purple Rain was somewhat surprised but she was hardly enlivened.

Simply figuring out the cause of the illness without being able to resolve it was completely useless. She already knew of the cause but her body remained ill.

"Fairy Purple Rain, we meet again." The youth smiled gently and spoke. His voice sounded familiar to Fairy Purple Rain.

Fairy Purple Rain was taken aback as she looked suspiciously at the youth. "You…"

At that moment, Fairy Purple Rain saw the youth's deep but bright eyes. She found his disposition even more familiar as she suddenly stood up and said, "You are Yi Yun!?"

"Fairy Purple Rain does have great discernment." Yi Yun did not deny it. He had used the 'Star Transference Heaven Changing Book' to change his appearance before coming to Myriad City. At the city entrance, he had seen a notice posted by the Guiyuan family that stated they were hiring a doctor. He had taken the request.

Yi Yun had no intention of hiding his identity in front of the Guiyuan family. Although he had used the Star Transference Heaven Changing Book, his voice remained the same. He did not deliberately conceal himself or Fairy Purple Rain would have never identified him.

"What? You are Yi Yun?" Fourth Elder was taken aback as well. Although the Guiyuan family had been searching for Yi Yun constantly and secretly, he never expected that Yi Yun would willingly come to Myriad City while the Myriad Immortal Pavilion was going to great trouble to capture him. Furthermore, he had fooled everyone with a disguise technique. Despite being at the beginning stages of a Supremacy, he had failed to see through the technique.

Such a disguise technique was overtly powerful. However, upon careful reflection, Yi Yun himself had the strength of a Supremacy. Having a disguise technique that fooled other Supremacies was not too surprising. Perhaps only figures like City Lord Qin or the Myriad Immortal Pavilion's Grand Elder would be able to see the flaws in Yi Yun's disguise. However, the number of people in Myriad Divine Territory that were at that level could be counted on one hand. How could they be sent by the Myriad Immortal Pavilion to hunt down Yi Yun?

Fourth Elder suddenly understood that the Myriad Immortal Pavilion had probably provoked an enemy it should never have provoked.

"Young Master Yi, why did you come to our Guiyuan Manor today?"