True Martial World Chapter 1184

Chapter 1184: Heart of the Zither
Chapter 1184: Heart of the Zither

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Fairy Purple Rain sat up and got off the bed. She then bowed slightly at Yi Yun and with a voice that sounded like a gentle wind with a flowery fragrance, she said, "Thank you, Young Master Yi. I will never forget your act of saving my life."

Yi Yun had cured her of the strange illness, which was no different than saving her life. If a warrior could not cultivate and instead deteriorated daily, it was a feeling worse than death.

"It's all part of the contract. Fairy Purple Rain, there is no need to be so polite." Yi Yun said lightly.

He remembered that Fairy Purple Rain had attempted to win him over as a distinguished guest of the Guiyuan family in the past. However, Yi Yun did not place too much thought on such a minor matter.

"With Young Master's medical skills, he will definitely win the hearts of everyone in Myriad City."

"There's no need for the hearts of people. Myriad Runes are more pragmatic."

Yi Yun said it nonchalantly but it took Fairy Purple Rain aback. She knew very well that if Yi Yun used the plague to earn Myriad Runes and exchanged them for treasures, it would be worth an unimaginable amount of wealth.

Of course, one needed sufficient strength to ensure that they could hold on to wealth. Yi Yun lacked the strength, and so had chosen to cooperate with the Guiyuan family and the Paradise Chapter. Having those two factions backing him was sufficient. He did not need the rest.

As Fairy Purple Rain thought this, she looked Yi Yun deeply in the eye. Although the Guiyuan family had reaped benefits from this deal, it was still being used as a vanguard by Yi Yun. However, the Guiyuan family was happy to do so.

"Young Master, I wonder how much mental strength you expended to cure me of my illness? The other geniuses in my family… a total of eleven have contracted the illness. I wonder if they can be treated?" asked Fairy Purple Rain.

"Oh? Are they seriously ill?"

Fairy Purple Rain said, "My illness was the worst in the family. The rest are just temporarily unable to cultivate and are not feeling weak…"

"Then, let them wait a little longer. I did expend quite a lot of mental strength to treat you. At the moment, I can only treat one person." Yi Yun said nonchalantly.

It rendered Fairy Purple Rain somewhat speechless. She could tell that Yi Yun looked extremely vibrant. And the way he cured her of the illness was so extremely casual and simple. Did he really 'expend quite a lot of mental strength?’

However, Yi Yun had made the claim, so she did not want to probe any further. She was extremely thankful to Yi Yun, so how could she openly doubt him? Furthermore, the plague was very tricky. Many doctors were helpless to treat it. Yi Yun might have treated the illness easily on the surface, but there was no way to be certain how much mental strength he had truly expended…

With this thought in mind, Fairy Purple Rain said, "Then, I must trouble Young Master Yi on this matter. After all, if they are unable to cultivate, it's a lost of precious time…"

"Alright, I will try my best." Yi Yun said lightly.

The demonic servants were energy for the Azure Wood Divine Tree's absorption. They nourished him, so how could he find dealing with them a chore? However, if he were to cure every genius of the Guiyuan family in one go, his 'medical skills' would appear worthless. It would also loosen the grip he had on the Guiyuan family.

"Fairy Purple Rain, I'll be leaving for now."

With that said, Yi Yun turned and left. He pushed the door open and walked out. The Guiyuan family's four Elders were waiting outside, including Fourth Elder. Fairy Purple Rain's personal maidservant and company were also staring intently.

"How is my mistress?" asked the worried maidservant.

As for the Elders, they had already probed with their perceptions the moment the door opened.

They expected that Fairy Purple Rain would be lying in bed resting. However, they were surprised to find that Fairy Purple Rain was already walking behind Yi Yun.

From the way Fairy Purple Rain looked flushed and radiant, with a powerful vibrancy within her, they were immediately stunned when they went on to probe her dantian.

She had been cured just like that?

"Elders, I will take my leave. I will uphold my side of the contract, and I hope that all of you will too." After Yi Yun said that, his figure flashed as he instantly vanished.

He left the Elders behind to do all sorts of checks on Fairy Purple Rain. Finally, they confirmed that Fairy Purple Rain had completely recovered. She just needed to rest for a few days and she would reach her peak before the illness. Yi Yun's methods were astonishing.

They began to feel that they had made the right move in cooperating with Yi Yun.

"Fourth Brother, convene a secret family meeting to discuss this matter. If it's possible, our Guiyuan family might truly reign supreme in the Myriad Divine Territory!"

An elder's eyes twinkled. After millions of years of endurance, the Guiyuan family had finally accumulated enough to strike back.

At that moment, in City Lord Manor's back garden, cherry blossoms were blooming, their pinkness forming a contiguous spectacle that was like the dawn of spring.

Two young girls were sitting facing each other in the cherry blossom garden. They were each playing the zither with their slender fingers. Their dresses were flaring up as the zither tunes seemed to speak of lofty goals. It was mentally refreshing.

"Miss, you have already played the zither an entire day. Why haven't you eaten the pills sent to you by the city lord?"

A maidservant walked over and spoke with a bow. She was Princess White Fox's maidservant.

It was as though Princess White Fox did not hear her as she continued playing her zither.

As one of the most outstanding elites of Myriad City, Princess White Fox had also been infected by the plague. Due to her immense talent, the effects of the plague were swift.

City Lord Qin had checked Princess White Fox's body and detected the evil entity. However, he was no doctor and, even though he was powerful, he was helpless to save her.

He could only find several treasures to strengthen Princess White Fox’s lifeblood. However, Princess White Fox began rejecting them after they failed to have any effect.

During the days of not being able to cultivate, she chose to sit in a carriage and let her maidservants and guards accompany her to various places as she took in the sights and played her zither.

These were things that rich daughters from mortal families enjoyed. Warriors had no interest in them, but Princess White Fox had indulged in them.

Soon, Princess White Fox found a confidant in Fairy Youqin.

Fairy Youqin and Princess White Fox had sparred with each other in the zither several times. Every time, there was no victor determined, or they were disturbed by other matters. Now, that the both of them were gradually feeling weaker, it gave them peace of mind to continue sparring in the zither.

During this period of enjoying the sights and playing the zither, Princess White Fox felt a baffling sense of calm. She did not worry over gradually losing her strength and instead immersed herself in her zither tunes. She began appreciating the way of the zither with a mortal's mindset.

It was rather miraculous that, although she could not circulate her Yuan Qi with her dantian, her zither skills did not decrease at all. Instead, they stably improved.

She felt that she was close to the reaching the Heart of the Zither but unfortunately, due to the lack of her cultivation level, she could not make the breakthrough.

She vaguely felt that the illness was a test for her. She did not know if she could survive it but, regardless of the outcome, her Heart of the Zither did not permit her to shrink back.

As Princess White Fox and Fairy Youqin plucked the last zither string, the piece came to an end but its tune lingered without end.


Princess White Fox and Fairy Youqin suddenly felt something as they looked up. They saw an azure-clothed youth walk over from one corner of the garden with a smile.

"Both Fairies truly have impeccable talent in the zither. I enjoyed it greatly."