True Martial World Chapter 1187

Chapter 1187: Skyfire Sacred Hands
Chapter 1187: Skyfire Sacred Hands

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With the passage of time, more and more renowned doctors and alchemists began congregating in Myriad City.

The rewards that Myriad Immortal Pavilion had offered were especially tempting. As the number of people constantly increased in anticipation of the upcoming Grand Alchemical-cum-Medical Meet, it also became an opportunity for many doctors and alchemists to make a name for themselves.

It was not only the Myriad Immortal Pavilion that needed this event. Many factions in Myriad City anticipated the meet, hoping that a cure would be found for their infected geniuses.

"Nearly ten thousand doctors and alchemists have come to Myriad City. Aside from the few who enjoy an unwarranted reputation, there are quite a number of true experts. In particular, the most impressive arrivals are from the alchemical and medical immortal sects that have tens of millions of years worth of heritage. Those that come from these sects are much better than Myriad City's local doctors and alchemists."

On a mirror-like lake in City Lord Manor, Princess White Fox played the zither while she informed Yi Yun of the latest news in the city.

These days, when he wasn’t refining pills, Yi Yun would accompany Princess White Fox, as well as Fairy Youqin, who frequently visited. The trio would sail over the lake, drinking tea and immersing themselves in zither music. It was the cultivation of both mind and body. As time went on, Yi Yun sensed that the after-effects of forcefully breaking through to the Dao Palace realm were nearly remedied.

In a few more days, he could attempt to advance towards the second-floor Dao Palace realm.

"It doesn't matter who comes," said Yi Yun.

If he had not obtained the divine alchemist's heritage, he might be somewhat interested in the alchemical methods the alchemical-medical immortal sects with deep heritage had. However, he did not think too much of them at present.

The Grand Alchemical-cum-Medical Meet was only a few days away. As for whether Yi Yun was prepared, he had raised his condition to its peak over the past three months.

"Is that so? I heard that people from the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect are coming today. They hail from the Candle Cauldron Divine Territory. I thought we could go if you were interested." Princess White Fox said with a smile.

"Oh? Candle Cauldron Divine Territory?"

Yi Yun had memorized the divine alchemist's notes so he obviously knew of the Candle Cauldron Divine Territory.

If the Myriad Divine Territory was said to be the trading center of the Yang God Empyrean Heaven, then the Candle Cauldron Divine Territory would be the alchemist’s mecca of the Yang God Empyrean Heaven!

Although the Myriad Divine Territory was filled with great riches due to its unique environment, it did not have anything worth flaunting when it came to ancient heritage.

The Myriad Divine Territory's major factions were, in essence, mega-conglomerates. However, the Candle Cauldron Divine Territory was different. It produced all sorts of mystic artifacts and natural treasures. In addition to an alchemical and medical tradition that went back hundreds of millions of years, it had given rise to many alchemist sages and alchemist doctors.

Years ago, the divine alchemist had a rival from the Candle Cauldron Divine Territory. Clearly, to be considered a rival of the divine alchemist, his ability was extraordinary.

However, something transpired hundreds of millions of years ago. The divine alchemist mentioned in his notes that his rival had also gone to the Sinkhole. Perhaps he had long turned to dust and returned to the soil.

"The Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect actually comes from the Candle Cauldron Divine Territory? How well-regarded are they in the Candle Cauldron Divine Territory?"

"They are a first-tier faction. There are a few alchemical and medical powerhouses in the Candle Cauldron Divine Territory, and the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect is one of them."

"Is that so…" Yi Yun nodded. He knew that the Candle Cauldron Divine Territory had many reclusive sects. Many of them bested the Immortal Rain Sect.

However, in the long rivers of time, there were some alchemical and medical sects that suddenly disappeared, their whereabouts unknown.

"The sects of Candle Cauldron Divine Territory have a long heritage and must think highly of themselves. They actually accepted the Myriad Immortal Pavilion's invitation?"

"I'm not sure about that either."

By this point in time, Myriad City's gates were constantly bustling. Many people from the various divine territories flocked to Myriad City for the Grand Alchemical-cum-Medical Meet.

The group of people that appeared at this moment were especially unique.

The moment these people appeared, they attracted the attention of countless warriors.

A large, jade-like lotus leaf descended from the sky. Standing atop it were a few figures that seemed transcendent. Behind them were a few extremely talented children with red lips and white teeth.

"It's the people from the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect!"

"They really came."

News of people from the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect coming to Myriad City had already spread.

Upon hearing the murmurs, a man dressed in blue looked down. His gaze was like a torch, as if his eyes contained two dazzling flames. He could stifle someone with a glance. They would feel their bodies prickle in heat as though the tongues of a flame had swept past them.

"I heard that an alchemist from the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect has cultivated for three thousand years. His name is Skyfire Sacred Hands, and he has refined two wisps of Skyfire into his eyes. It has to be him."

Skyfire Sacred Hands was renowned even among the warriors faraway in Myriad Divine Territory. His alchemical skills were extremely brilliant, and he had high influence in the Candle Cauldron Divine Territory. Countless numbers of people came to him for his services.

Now that they could see Skyfire Sacred Hands in person, they felt that simply catching sight of his eyes made them feel torched by his gaze. It was excruciatingly painful.

Indeed, he lived up to his name.

The lotus leaf landed and immediately, a group of people came forward from the city gates.

The person leading the group was Zuoqiu Bo. As an alchemical Elder of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, he naturally was the one to receive the distinguished figure.

And behind him was Si Shaoyu.

If Si Yusheng had not been crippled, Si Shaoyu would not have had a chance to welcome and receive Skyfire Sacred Hands.

"I never expected Skyfire Sacred Hands to come personally. What an honor!" Zuoqiu Bo said passionately.

Skyfire Sacred Hands said nonchalantly, "I found the symptoms of your city’s illness very unique, something that I have never heard of before. I came because of the interest it stirred in me."

"Is that so?" Zuoqiu Bo secretly nodded. If not for that, why would Skyfire Sacred Hands come personally?

"Welcome Skyfire Sacred Hands." Si Shaoyu said with a bow.

He took a glance at Skyfire Sacred Hands and seemed to get an inkling of hope from him.

Whenever he thought of his illness, Si Shaoyu felt extremely downtrodden. For the past three months, his illness had turned for the worse. Furthermore, Yi Yun had not appeared. It was possible that he had shirked away in fear.

However, the main goal of the Grand Alchemical-cum-Medical Meet was to find a capable doctor that could treat the plague. As for capturing Yi Yun, that was only a bonus to Si Shaoyu.

Now, with Skyfire Sacred Hands from the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect here, Si Shaoyu only wished to be given a diagnosis immediately.

"Oh? You are infected too?" Skyfire Sacred Hands could tell at a glance that Si Shaoyu was lacking in Yuan Qi. His breathing was also shallow, as though he was seriously ill.

Si Shaoyu beamed as he immediately said, "Yes. I'm Si Shaoyu from the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. I have been infected for more than half a year. I wonder if it's possible for Sacred Hands…"

"There's no rush." Skyfire Sacred Hands cut him off. "Since the Grand Alchemical-cum-Medical Meet is close, I will naturally give a diagnosis at the meet."

"About that…" Si Shaoyu's eyes flashed a look of disappointment. "Sacred Hands, that is so? You did come from afar, after all, and do not understand the details of the plague. I can explain it to you in more detail."

He yearned for the Grand Alchemical-cum-Medical Meet to be held immediately, for he did not wish for his illness to last even a second longer.