True Martial World Chapter 1188

Chapter 1188: Grand Meet Begins
Chapter 1188: Grand Meet Begins

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In the following days, Yi Yun continued to spend his time at the lake that resembled a mirror, listening to zither music and drinking tea. It was a carefree and leisurely life.

One day, Princess White Fox, who was beside Yi Yun, suddenly stopped playing her zither. Her fingers froze as she looked to the edge of the lake.

"Uncle Qin."

City Lord Qin gave a loud laugh before he appeared in front of the boat. "Both of you sure are carefree. Have you forgotten that today's the Grand Alchemical-cum-Medical Meet?"

"Not really." Yi Yun stood up and asked, "City Lord Qin, is everything prepared?"

City Lord Qin's eyes flashed acutely. His jovial smile held a tinge of killing intent.

"I have finished my discussions with the Guiyuan family and the Paradise Chapter. This Grand Alchemical-cum-Medical Meet will definitely be a truly grand meet." City Lord Qin said as he looked at Yi Yun. "Are you going as well?"

"Of course." Yi Yun nodded.

"Hmm… Aren't you afraid of being recognized? The Myriad Immortal Pavilion might capture you right then and there."

"City Lord Qin, rest assured. I have long made the necessary preparations." As Yi Yun spoke, his appearance and height instantly started to shift. At first, it was subtle, but in a blink of an eye, he had transformed into a nondescript middle-aged man.

City Lord Qin was marveled by this sight. "If not for me seeing it with my own eyes, I would not be able to recognize you, even if you were in front of me. This disguise technique is truly all-encompassing."

"It’s not just the effects of my disguise. Over the past few days, I have refined a Reborn Pill. I accomplished this effective disguise by using the pill in conjunction with my disguise technique," Yi Yun said with a smile.

Azure Yang Lord's Star Transference Heaven Changing Book was extremely thorough, to begin with. Even people a lot stronger than him would not be able to notice anything amiss.

Then there was the Reborn Pill that Yi Yun found in the divine alchemist's notes. Consuming it not only allowed him to change his looks and voice, it even altered his soul and aura. The two combined made for a flawless disguise.

"City Lord Qin, I'm curious how the people participating in the meet compare to you when it comes to discernment?"

"Hahaha, don't worry. If I can't see through your disguise, then the others will definitely not be able to see through it. The Myriad Immortal Pavilion's Pavilion Lord only has a cultivation level similar to mine. As for the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect's Sect Master, he is unfathomably strong, but there is no way that he will be there. Therefore, there's no need to be worried about attending the meet."

Yi Yun nodded. He had transformed in front of City Lord Qin to verify the effectiveness of his disguise.

"Young Master Yi, with your new looks, you can accompany me as a foreign doctor. We can describe you as someone my master sent over." Princess White Fox said with a smile.

Yi Yun nodded. "Alright!"

"In that case, let's set off. We shouldn't keep the others waiting too long." City Lord Qin remarked with deep undertones.

The Grand Alchemical-cum-Medical Meet, a product of half a year’s preparations, finally began!

The meet was hosted by the Myriad Immortal Pavilion.

The Myriad Immortal Pavilion covered a huge area in the core districts of Myriad City. It was a tall, opulent building with a vast square in front of it.

On the day of the meet, Myriad City became empty for nearly everyone went to the square.

The square alone could hardly accommodate so many people. However, the Myriad Immortal Pavilion had thought ahead and prepared an artifact that contained a small world within it. It was an otherwise useless artifact, with only the sole ability of accommodating a pocket world. However, the meet was the perfect opportunity for it to be used.

Those that walked into the square would pass through a light screen that surrounded the square, which would automatically send them into a tiny world.

At the center of the tiny world was a stage. Like a garden, there were many pavilions provided for the guests from the various major factions. Ordinary warriors could only stand far away.

On one side of the stage, a middle-aged man with a somewhat heavy gaze and deep, abyss-like aura was seated on a tall structure.

He looked up slightly and watched City Lord Qin and Princess White Fox arrive on a chariot. He smiled and commented, "City Lord Qin, you have come too."

"This grand meet involves so many of Myriad City's geniuses. As Myriad City's City Lord, how can I miss it?" City Lord Qin said with a loud and clear voice. His voice barely faded before he and Princess White Fox were atop the tall structure.

"Don’t you agree, Pavilion Lord Si?" City Lord Qin said as he faced the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man was none other than Myriad Immortal Pavilion's Pavilion Lord!

Yi Yun took a deep breath as his eyes briefly met the middle-aged man's. He had a lanky figure and somewhat darkened skin. He had a genial smile hanging from his face but his eyes seemed to hide a sharp blade!

"Naturally." Pavilion Lord Si nodded. He did not hover his gaze on Yi Yun for too long before he cast it on Princess White Fox off to City Lord Qin's side. He had a sharp perception and could instantly sense the weakness within her. Clearly, the evil spirit was still in her body.

"Who knew that City Lord Qin would also be helpless against these evil spirits. Then, today's Grand Alchemical-cum-Medical Meet might find a cure for Fairy Wuxia. If that time comes, City Lord Qin might even need to thank me."

He believed that City Lord Qin had come to seek a cure for Princess White Fox.

"Is that so? In fact, I brought an alchemist with me here today," replied City Lord Qin.

Pavilion Lord Si gave a cursory glance at the middle-aged man standing beside Princess White Fox. He looked completely unextraordinary, so Pavilion Lord Si thought nothing of him. From the looks of it, he was just some random alchemist that City Lord Qin brought along.

"This alchemist…? I thought you would bring Yi Yun here." As Pavilion Lord Si spoke, his eyes flashed with a cold glimmer.

The moment he said that, the mood turned slightly colder.

Yi Yun was an extremely prominent name.

Everyone knew that the Myriad Immortal Pavilion's vendetta with Yi Yun could not be resolved. Yet, Pavilion Lord Si had suddenly mentioned him under such circumstances. It left the people present somewhat dazed.

It was common knowledge that City Lord Qin had previously sided with and protected Yi Yun. For that, City Lord Qin and the Myriad Immortal Pavilion's relationship had suffered. However, that was something that could be put aside. On the surface, everyone acted amiably.

However, Pavilion Lord Si had suddenly mentioned Yi Yun, clearly meaning to take City Lord Qin down a notch.

The atmosphere turned somewhat awkward; however, City Lord Qin only pricked up his eyebrows but remained silent.

"Hahahaha!" Pavilion Lord Si suddenly laughed loudly, "I was only joking. Why the face? Did you take it seriously, City Lord Qin? I know that you have once been fooled by that punk. And no matter how much guts that punk has, there is no way he would dare to come to this meet. He’d be seeking his death."

"City Lord Qin, don't worry. I won’t dwell on the tiny quarrels of the past. Come, City Lord Qin, let's toast and put this matter behind us!"

As Pavilion Lord Si spoke, he raised his wine cup.

Anyone who saw this gesture knew that Pavilion Lord Si was giving City Lord Qin a warning. He was warning him not to meddle in affairs involving Yi Yun and, at the same time, reminding him that the Myriad Immortal Pavilion was the true overseer of Myriad City. City Lord Qin, on the other hand, was just a name.

"We shall see." Qin Zhengyang revealed a smile that had deep underlying tones as he raised his cup and downed the wine.

Those witnessing the scene had different interpretations of what it meant. From the looks of it, City Lord Qin had compromised.

Indeed, the Myriad Immortal Pavilion was now of great importance. It had organized the Grand Alchemical-cum-Medical Meet, pushing its reputation to the limit. Furthermore, every faction in Myriad City needed the Myriad Immortal Pavilion's help. They hoped that the meet would save their juniors. City Lord Qin was no exception.

City Lord Qin had no choice but to compromise to treat Princess White Fox.

As the people pondered over the matter, they had bittersweet feelings. If the Grand Alchemical-cum-Medical Meet were to succeed in finding a cure for the plague, the Myriad Immortal Pavilion would end up in the spotlight. It would become the absolute number one faction in Myriad City.

After the toast, the Zhou family, the Guiyuan family, and the Paradise Chapter arrived.

Fairy Purple Rain did not make a public appearance, instead staying inside her carriage. As for Fairy Youqin, she had come together with Perfected Qianhua. They sat across from City Lord Qin and Princess White Fox.

One after another, people from the various major factions arrived.

At that moment, Pavilion Lord Si raised his wine cup again and said, "From the way I see it, not only has City Lord Qin brought an alchemist, but everyone has sought out numerous alchemists and renowned doctors, inviting them here. It's good that everyone has a chance to try and produce a cure. Our collective efforts will lead to benefits for everyone. However, the ones we shall look most forward to at this Grand Alchemical-cum-Medical Meet are the experts from Candle Cauldron Divine Territory's various large alchemical sacred sects."

As Pavilion Lord Si spoke, the people from the alchemical sacred sects appeared. One of them stood on a lotus leaf. It was running parallel to the ground and appeared inside a pavilion.

"Oh!? That's the lotus leaf of the Dustless Lotus?"

There were many alchemists present, so there were quite a few people who recognized the lotus leaf under the feet of the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect entourage.

"What's Dustless Lotus?" Some people asked blankly. Not every alchemist was extremely knowledgeable.

"Dustless Lotuses are incredibly rare. I even thought it went extinct. The Dustless Lotus is a natural treasure grown through all sorts of lucky coincidences at the brink of a world's destruction. Typically, a world that faces destruction would be in complete chaos, with lava and earthquakes everywhere. There would be poisonous miasma and, deep in the cracks of the land, Apocalyptic Fumes would spew. However, that exact environment is where Dustless Lotus can grow and remain unspeckled. The lotus leaves are a luxuriant green and the lotus flowers are filled with moisture. That is how the Dustless Lotus gets its name!" An aged alchemist explained.

The origins sounded miraculous.

Above the Dustless Lotus leaf, a red-dressed girl heard the discussion. The corner of her mouth curved. "I never expected these hillbillies to be so knowledgeable and recognize a Dustless Lotus. So, they aren't just good at doing business!"

"Yue'er, why do you speak like that? Although our Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect has a long heritage, do not belittle the able minds of the outside world or you will only suffer." Standing in front of the red-dressed girl, a man rebuked her with a frown. His eyes were flickering red. He was none other than Skyfire Sacred Hands!

"Yes, Martial Uncle. I spoke without thinking." The red-dressed girl stuck her tongue out. Although she verbally agreed, the lesson clearly did not get into her head.

Skyfire Sacred Hands shook his head. He knew the young disciples of Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect were all extremely arrogant. However, they were indeed the top geniuses in the sect, especially in the field of alchemy. With the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect's long lineage and heritage techniques, no one impressed them.