True Martial World Chapter 1194

Chapter 1194: Soul Returning Root in Hand
Chapter 1194: Soul Returning Root in Hand

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"Oh? Brother Lin Yun, what…"

Zhang Xiaotian suddenly saw Yi Yun stand up and was momentarily baffled. But soon, he saw Yi Yun walk towards Pavilion Lord Si and Skyfire Sacred Hands.

Pavilion Lord Si was still delivering his orders at that moment, so when he saw Yi Yun come forward, he was somewhat surprised. He recalled Yi Yun's status and said, "You are the doctor invited here by the City Lord administration?"

Pavilion Lord Si and Qin Zhengyang did not have a harmonious relationship, so he naturally had a bad impression of a doctor invited by the City Lord. In his mind, the entire meet was held for the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect. The rest were just there to make up the numbers.

"Why did you come forward? Time had been allotted for all of you to make a diagnosis. Now that Skyfire Sacred Hands has found a solution to cure the plague at its roots, there's no longer any need for you," Pavilion Lord Si said patiently; however, he really wanted to slap such an improper person to death.

Yi Yun completely ignored Pavilion Lord Si. He looked directly at Skyfire Sacred Hands and asked, "I'm very curious, how did you make the judgment that the Myriad City plague stemmed from Dong Xiaowan?"

Skyfire Sacred Hands frowned. He had no interest in conversing with this stranger. If any pedestrian person could just come forward and question his conclusions, what was the point of his prestige?

"Pavilion Lord Si, please chase away anyone that is here to cause trouble."

"Men!" Pavilion Lord Si shouted coldly. A few guardians of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion rushed to the square, ready to take down Yi Yun.

Suddenly, a cold bellow resounded through the crowd—

"Mr. Lin is a guest of mine. I dare anyone to touch him!"

Qin Zhengyang stepped forward as he spoke. He came in front of Yi Yun and instantly, there was a surge of contained, immense nomological aurae. It stifled everyone's breathing slightly. Qin Zhengyang's strength was not to be doubted.

The Myriad Immortal Pavilion's guardians were stunned in their places. They did not dare take action.

Pavilion Lord Si's expression sunk. "Qin Zhengyang, what are you doing? Today, I have used riches that my Myriad Immortal Pavilion has been amassing to gather renowned doctors from around the world, all in order to cure the young elites of Myriad City. Why then, do you want to cause trouble, preventing the elites of Myriad City from being treated?"

With a single statement, Pavilion Lord Si forced Qin Zhengyang into a position of opposing the interests of Myriad City. In response, Qin Zhengyang laughed out loudly, "Si Shanhe, don't speak in such a pompous manner. We all know what your plans are. I'm just stating that if someone dares touch Mr. Lin, I, Qin Zhengyang, will immediately lose all decorum with that party. No amount of past relations will help!"

Qin Zhengyang's words, and their bold undertones, spread throughout the area. Even the Myriad Immortal Pavilion that had the absolute advantage did not dare act freely. Once Qin Zhengyang attacked without restraint, the enchanted artifact that powered the pocket world would be destroyed. It would be difficult to handle the mess that would ensue, and the Grand Alchemical-cum-Medical Meet would be completely wrecked.

At that moment, Skyfire Sacred Hands said, "Pavilion Lord Si, it seems I am not welcomed in Myriad City. In that case, fine. I'll be leaving."

Skyfire Sacred Hands believed that he had gone through enough of the niceties during his time in Myriad City. He had already tried his best to respect the Myriad City alchemists through his words and actions. He had even restrained his disciples, but the Myriad City alchemists continued with their arrogance. In that case, he decided to leave. After all, the plague was extremely tricky. Skyfire Sacred Hands was not absolutely confident that he could treat it. However, Skyfire Sacred Hands was aware that Myriad City would definitely not let him go easily.

Indeed, Pavilion Lord Si became nervous the moment he heard Skyfire Sacred Hands's words. He had placed all his hopes on Skyfire Sacred Hands.

"Please wait, I'll resolve this matter immediately."

Pavilion Lord Si's heart sank. He was ready to use force, but at that moment, Yi Yun laughed. "You can leave immediately if you want. Are you just threatening to leave to get them to keep you? Your acting is truly fake and laughable. From my point of view, you are nothing but a quack. After failing to find a cure, you came up with a ridiculous conclusion, saying that the source of the plague is Dong Xiaowan. As long as the principal herb is refined, the plague would be cured. What nonsense."

"What did you say!?" Skyfire Sacred Hands was completely infuriated. He never expected to encounter someone in Myriad City who was so arrogant as to rebuke him straight to his face.

Wasn’t he a lofty figure? How could he be rebuked by a mere alchemist from Myriad City!?

This was not only limited to Skyfire Sacred Hands. Even the local alchemists from Myriad City were astounded. It was already astonishing enough that Qin Zhengyang had come forward to meddle in the situation. They never expected the far-from-handsome, middle-aged alchemist would act even more incredulously. He had shot down Skyfire Sacred Hands with his words!

Although everyone had felt repressed and aggravated by the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect mere moments ago, they never expected the man to be so harsh with his words. Zhang Xiaotian was even more astonished. He had grumbled incessantly, but the middle-aged man beside him remained silent. He thought him to be an honest and sincere man. One truly could not judge a book by its cover.

Skyfire Sacred Hands squinted at Yi Yun. There was a glint in his eyes. However, his red-dressed female disciple was not having any of this.

She suddenly came forward and shouted, "You hillbilly, how dare you insult my Martial Uncle? What a laughable toad stuck in the bottom of the well. How would you know how vast the world is?"

Upon hearing the red-dressed girl's words, Yi Yun slanted his eyes at her. "A witless lass that can't even tell the cause of the illness has the right to speak to me?"

"You!" The red-dressed girl's face flushed red. She had always been placed on a pedestal by her fellow disciples in Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect. Even outside the sect, she could hold her head high. When had she ever been mocked so publicly?

"You old fool, aren't you ashamed to compare yourself with me? I have cultivated for less than a hundred years and am a genius disciple of the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect. I have a limitless future ahead of me. Yet, you compare the meager talent you gained from an unknown number of cultivation years with mine? Are you so proud of so little?"

The red-dressed girl was also eloquent and witty. After a short period of anger, she immediately retorted.

After she said that, Fairy Youqin and Princess White Fox, who were beneath the stage, could not help but suffuse a faint smile. She could have said that to anyone else, but to Yi Yun, it became a joke.

"Enough! Yue'er!" Skyfire Sacred Hands cut the red-dressed girl off. He looked at Yi Yun and remarked, "Since you called me a quack, surely you must have some solution to this plague. Fine, let me see how you intend to cure this plague. But let me make one thing clear. Since you so boldly questioned me, I will make you pay the price if you cannot provide a reasonable solution!"

Skyfire Sacred Hands' voice had an overbearing tone but Yi Yun did not mind. He turned to look at Pavilion Lord Si and said, "Pavilion Lord Si, I heard that all the treasures prepared for the Grand Alchemical-cum-Medical Meet are to be rewarded to the person that cures the plague. Is that so?"

Pavilion Lord Si pricked up his brow when he heard Yi Yun’s question. This punk must be mad, he thought. Does he really think he has found a solution to the plague? "Since you already know that, why the act? You can always try. If you can cure the illness, all these treasures will be yours. But if you can't cure it, don't blame me if I become ruthless!"

Yi Yun casually scanned the treasures on the long table, pausing momentarily at the Soul Returning Root.

Following that, he looked at all the infected geniuses and said, "Does anyone want to volunteer?"

Many of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion’s disciples were among the infected. Si Shaoyu's dantian had experienced the flames of Skyfire moments ago and was heavily damaged. He was extremely weak and was now slumped in a chair. When he heard Yi Yun's question, he sneered. Without restraint, he said, "Give him a chance. However, it's just a way to justify punishing him. Does he really think he's some big shot? The way he’s shouting like a madman, who would let him treat them?"

"That's right, a quack can cause death. Even Skyfire Sacred Hands's treatment caused Brother Shaoyu to suffer such heavy injuries. If this fool were to administer treatment, who knows what the outcome would be!"

Myriad Immortal Pavilion's infected geniuses looked at Yi Yun, but no one was willing to come forward. Who would gamble with their own dantians?

Seeing as there was a unanimous decision to not volunteer, Si Shaoyu sneered. The impetuous man was faced with awkward silence.

However, what Si Shaoyu did not know was that Yi Yun was thankful for such a situation to play out. If a Myriad Immortal Pavilion genius were to come forward, he wouldn’t even want to treat them. How could he treat his enemy?

Yi Yun looked at the Guiyuan family and Paradise Chapter. These two sects were his allies. Of course, their alliance was still a secret. Only the upper echelons of the two sects knew of it.

At that moment, a young disciple of the Guiyuan family turned to look at Fairy Purple Rain's carriage. He nodded and stood up.

"I'll do it." The disciple went to the stage. He stood together with the Myriad Immortal Pavilion infected. He wasn't tall and his face was pale. He looked extremely thin and frail.

"Skyfire Sacred Hands." Yi Yun looked at Skyfire Sacred Hands and said, "Please examine him first."

Skyfire Sacred Hands grunted coldly. There was no need for him to make any detailed examinations. He could tell at a glance that an evil spirit possessed the disciple.

"You just focus on the treatment. This person is indeed infected by the plague. There is no need for you to engage in such pretense."

Yi Yun ignored Skyfire Sacred Hands' derision. He came in front of the Guiyan disciple and, with a gentle wave of his hand, the disciple floated up and was laid horizontally.

Following that, Yi Yun pressed one hand on the Guiyuan family disciple's abdomen. The Azure Wood Divine Tree's energy began circulating through Yi Yun's body. Before he even began exerting his powers, the evil spirit within the young disciple's dantian sensed it and was awakened.


Before Yi Yun even took action, Skyfire Sacred Hands had sensed the sudden movement of the evil spirit. What was going on? The evil spirit was clearly fused with the infected disciple. As long as his dantian was not destroyed, it would remain extremely safe. Why did it suddenly become anxious?

Skyfire Sacred Hands did not have the luxury of time to analyze the strange behavior at that moment, for the evil spirit suddenly let out a scream of terror. It rushed out of the dantian and desperately attempted to escape.


Skyfire Sacred Hands was alarmed. The evil spirit's energy had been split into countless strands that filled the young man's dantian. With it leaving so suddenly, the evil energy contained within the strands could not even be retracted. They directly broke!

What sort of horror did the evil spirit encounter for it to be this afraid?

Skyfire Sacred Hands was astounded. And at that moment, Yi Yun had extended his hand. The Azure Wood Divine Tree's energy blasted out from his palm, as two thin veins flew out. The lush green veins had leaves of different shapes. Some were cauldrons, swords or trigrams. There was a divine charm contained in every leaf, infused with immense Yuan Qi essence.

The phantom image of the divine tree was seen by many, but they did not know what it was. The Azure Wood Divine Tree had existed a long time ago, and even if someone had seen it before, it was impossible that they would connect the divine tree phantom to the matured version of a seed produced by the Azure Wood Divine Tree. They only believed that it was a product of Yi Yun's nomological powers.

"Whew! Whew!"

Two veins flew out and, like two orderly chains, they instantly imprisoned the evil spirit.


With an explosion, the evil spirit was pulverized. All its energy was absorbed by the Azure Wood Divine Tree's veins.

Yi Yun rubbed his palms and retracted his veins. He looked at the Guiyuan family disciple and said, "It's over. You can get up."

"What… what did you say?"

The Guiyuan family disciple was not even given time to react and yet, it was over?

He attempted circulating energy from his dantian and indeed, he sensed his strength returning. His withered dantian suddenly felt enriched by the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, making his abdomen feel a little pain. However, this pain made him euphoric.

"I'm really fine! Really!"

The thin man shouted in joy.

At that moment, the thousands of people present fell silent. This scene was too bizarre. There were even many who suspected that it wasn't real.

"Who are you fooling!? How can it be that simple? Did the both of you conspire to put on an act!?" The red-dressed girl said mockingly. She refused to believe that the plague that confounded her martial uncle would be so easily resolved by someone else.

"Martial Uncle, such clumsy acting is truly…"

Just as the red-dressed girl was smiling and speaking to Skyfire Sacred Hands, her words came to a sudden halt. She saw Skyfire Sacred Hands' face as gloomy as raven-black clouds. In her memory that spanned decades, she had never seen her martial uncle with such a terrible expression.

"Martial… Martial Uncle?"

"Shut up!" Skyfire Sacred Hands shouted coldly. His voice resounded, causing the red-dressed girl's eardrums to buzz.

What was happening? Was the treatment real?

It wasn't only Skyfire Sacred Hands. Si Shanhai had also clearly seen the evil spirit's actions. How could something he saw with his own eyes be faked?

What had this unknown middle-aged man done?

"Pavilion Lord Si, Skyfire Sacred Hands, I have just taken action. Is my proof sufficient?"

Yi Yun returned with a question. Skyfire Sacred Hands and Pavilion Lord Si were at a complete loss for words. A ridiculous situation had unfolded just like that.

"In that case, I will gladly take these treasures!"

Without another word, he swept up all the treasures on the long table, sending them flying into his interspatial ring.

These treasures had protections guarding them, but Yi Yun easily destroyed the protective arrays, obtaining the treasures!

Yi Yun knew that there would be conflict today. He was planning on losing all decorum with the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, so once the conflict began, he might not be able to obtain the treasures.

Before things got chaotic, it was best to collect the items first.