True Martial World Chapter 1197

Chapter 1197: Flame Grass
Chapter 1197: Flame Grass

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Yi Yun looked at Skyfire Sacred Hands with a glint in his eyes. In fact, Skyfire Sacred Hands's reasoning was not entirely unfounded. At least, he was right on two points. Yi Yun had been to the ancient ruin before, and he could technically control the evil spirits. The evil spirits had no choice but to listen because of how terrified they were of him.

"You are trying to force me to hand over the mystic technique that rears evil spirits so that the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect can use the spirits to commit atrocities, aren't you? To think you speak in such a high and righteous manner. It's disgusting. Unfortunately, your petty idea for a scheme has failed. These evil spirits are not reared by me. Nor do I have any mystic techniques that rear evil spirits."

Yi Yun had clashed with Skyfire Sacred Hands at the Grand Alchemical-cum-Medical Meet, and him being able to withstand the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect was a miracle in itself.

"Stop engaging in sophistry! You old vile spawn! No wonder you were able to so easily subdue the evil spirit. It's because an old demon like you reared them." At that moment, the red-dressed girl suddenly came forward to curse Yi Yun.

Previously, she had been repressed by Yi Yun's stance and felt a little lost. Now, seeing Skyfire Sacred Hands regain control of the situation, she regained her confidence.

"What insolence!" At that moment, a cold shout was heard. It contained immense energy fluctuations, for the speaker was none other than City Lord Qin. Ever since Yi Yun began quibbling with the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, City Lord Qin had stood forward and was on the square.

"People that come from afar are guests. My Myriad City will naturally treat them with respect, but if they insist on going too far and speaking nonsense, don't blame me for being ruthless!"

City Lord Qin's voice was sharp and penetrating. How could the red-dressed girl hope to withstand his aura?

However, in an instant, Skyfire Sacred Hands stood in front of the red-dressed girl. He warded off the aura suppression from Qin Zhengyang.

Instantly, the red-dressed girl's temper burned once again. She did not fear Qin Zhengyang, the Myriad City's City Lord, in any way.

"Hmph! You are the City Lord, right? That's pretty impressive. You say that I'm speaking nonsense, so let me ask you something. My Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect's alchemical arts are peerless, with a heritage that has been handed down for tens of millions of years. We have produced two alchemical sages. How can the mediocre alchemists of the Myriad Divine Territory be able to match my Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect? How can it even be possible to casually cure a plague that even my Martial Uncle cannot deal with? If there is nothing amiss with this situation, I'll eat my cauldron!" The red-dressed girl said loudly.

Instantly, all the alchemists of the Myriad Divine Territory were incensed. The red-dressed girl was too arrogant!

However, despite their anger, they knew deep down that the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect's alchemical heritage was much better than their Myriad Divine Territory's, even if they could not stand the way the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect acted so high and mighty.

Upon hearing the red-dressed girl's words, Yi Yun revealed a teasing smile. "Eating a cauldron? That's an interesting thought. Since you are so confident in your Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect's alchemical skills, I'll like to put them to the test. You seem to be able to extract the medical essence of the Jadeflame Immortal Orchid. I happen to have a herb here. Do you want to try? Will you be able to extract the medical essence from this herb? If you can't extract it, why don't you eat that cauldron of yours?"

"Hmph! Do you think I'm a fool? I've cultivated for less than a hundred years. To think that an old vile spawn like you that has lived for an unknown number of years even has the nerve to provoke me? If you take out some odd herb that grows in heretic lands, one that I have never seen in my life, how would I be able to extract its medical essence?"

Yi Yun said with a smile, "What’s that? Are you already afraid? This herb of mine isn't some heretic herb. Here in Myriad City, there are many alchemists that can extract its medical essence. Yet, you don't dare to take up the challenge?"

"What?" The red-dressed girl furrowed her brows. She refused to believe that she could not deal with a herb that many alchemists in Myriad City could deal with.

"Hmph! If it's as you say, why should I have any fear? I accept your challenge! However, let's make the terms of our bet clear. What happens if I manage to extract it?" The red-dressed girl retorted.

"If you can extract it, I'll admit to anything any one of you has said."

"I'll mark your words." The red-dressed girl was filled with fighting spirit. She was not good at curing plagues but in terms of alchemy, she was filled with confidence.

Instantly, it felt like both parties were ready to jump at each other's throats. Everyone looked at Yi Yun and waited for him to produce the herb.

They were curious. How could an herb be extractable by many people in Myriad City, but not by a genius of the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect?

"This is it."

As Yi Yun said, he took out a pale-red herb. When everyone saw it, their eyes widened immediately.

Isn't… isn't that Flame Grass?

Flame Grass was an extremely common spirit herb. It might not even be considered an actual spirit herb, but a plain herb that had some heat. The medical essence in it could be extracted by a beginner student of medicine, much less any proper alchemist. Compared to the Jadeflame Immortal Orchid, it was like day and night.

"Haha, this is what you are using as a challenge? What a joke. Is that all the alchemists of the Myriad Divine Territory know? Yet you dare compete with me in alchemy?" The red-dressed girl said contemptuously. However, she heard Skyfire Sacred Hands's Yuan Qi transmission boom—

"Yue'er, do not underestimate your opponent. He is extremely conniving. This Flame Grass might be some sort of trap. It's imperative that you do your best."

Skyfire Sacred Hands narrowed his eyes at Yi Yun. If this person was able to subdue the evil spirit, there was definitely something strange about him. Underestimating him would only lead to suffering.

"I have to do my best for a Flame Grass?" The red-dressed girl pouted her mouth. She felt a little puzzled, but since her Martial Uncle had exhorted her to do so, she was determined to listen to him.

She casually waved her hand and a cauldron appeared above her palm. It was spinning round and round. At the same time, a wisp of ice-blue flame was produced and entered the cauldron.

Flame Grass had a hot nature. Therefore, it was extremely appropriate to use the Extreme Frost-ice Flame to extract its essence. However, it was like using a sledgehammer to kill ants. It was such a waste.

"I'll do my best. No matter what tricks you have, I'll take it on."

The red-dressed girl's mouth suffused a sneer. The Extreme Frost-ice Flame immediately enveloped the herb and the impurities within were rapidly burned away.

Skyfire Sacred Hands was watching coldly by the side. Although he claimed that Yi Yun could control the evil spirits, he did so without any evidence. If he could prove that Yi Yun's alchemical or medical skills were mediocre, then there would be no way for Yi Yun to justify himself.

However, he believed that the Flame Grass Yi Yun had produced was problematic. Yet he was unable to determine the problem. He had scanned the Flame Grass more than ten times but failed to find anything amiss.

It seemed to really be ordinary Flame Grass. Then, given Yue'er's talent in alchemy and her Extreme Frost-ice Flame, wouldn't it take a few seconds for her to complete the extraction of the medicinal essence?

As Skyfire Sacred Hands was thinking, a few seconds had already passed. The Extreme Frost-ice Flame could extract the ordinary herb's medicinal essence at an astonishing speed. Just as the red-dressed girl saw that she was almost done with extracting the last bit, she revealed a smile.