True Martial World Chapter 1199

Chapter 1199: Soaring Serpent Skyfire
Chapter 1199: Soaring Serpent Skyfire

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The atmosphere turned tense. The red-dressed girl was isolated. The loss of the sect's Extreme Frost-ice Flame was a grave crime, so all she could do was pin her hopes on Skyfire Sacred Hands.

Skyfire Sacred Hands looked at Yi Yun and said coldly, "Yue'er lost to you because she's inferior. However, don't you think you are bullying her with your age? Isn't that shameless? Also, you devoured my Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect's Extreme Frost-ice Flame. That flame is the sole property of my Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect. It's best you hand it over now. If you don’t, my Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect will hunt you down!"

Skyfire Sacred Hands's voice was filled with killing intent, but Yi Yun did not think too much of it. "Shameless? All I did was give a silly woman that was asking to be slapped exactly what she asked for. I showed her mercy simply by not crippling her dantian."

Although the Extreme Frost-ice Flame wasn’t that valuable to Yi Yun, it had already been devoured and became part of the Heretical God Fire Seed, so how could he return it?

"You are courting death!" Skyfire Sacred Hands was infuriated as he suddenly took a step forward. The fire in his eyes burned brightly as two dazzling flames transformed into two fire serpents that shot at Yi Yun!

The flames that were intrinsic to him were named Soaring Serpent Skyfire, materialized from a fire spirit over millions of years in a scorching land. It had been caught by Skyfire Sacred Hands's master and refined into his eyes. His name was Skyfire Sacred Hands because of the fire spirits that were fused with his eyes.

Most impressive of all was that Skyfire Sacred Hands had fused with a pair of Soaring Serpents. The scorching land had nurtured two Soaring Serpents that came from the same source. They supplemented each other, causing them to be a lot stronger!

Skyfire Sacred Hands could sense the strangeness of Yi Yun's flame when he saw it. However, what he had was Skyfire, a supreme-grade flame. He had always experienced success when he used it, so why would he have anything to fear?

"To think you’d refuse my offer, and have it come to this! Since you refuse to return our flame, I'll take it back myself," said Skyfire Sacred Hands angrily.

Two Soaring Serpents flew at Yi Yun with aggressive aurae as though they were about to burn Yi Yun alive.

Everyone held their breaths when they saw the two Soaring Serpents. Skyfire Sacred Hands was famous because of the Soaring Serpent Skyfire in his eyes. Now he was using them against an enemy, a clear indication that he was serious.

"Yi Yun!" City Lord Qin's Yuan Qi transmission sounded in Yi Yun's ears. He was worried for Yi Yun and was about to jump in to assist, but Yi Yun had already thrown out the black flame in his hand.


The Heretical God Fire Seed was connected to Yi Yun's soul, making it a part of him. He was able to control it as he wished.

After Yi Yun sent out the Heretical God Fire Seed, it transformed into billowing blackish-gray flames. Though it was a heatwave that came rushing at others, it made their hearts chill. It was as though the flame came from the deepest abyss.

The gray flame seemed to clash evenly with the two Soaring Serpents, but Skyfire Sacred Hands sneered upon seeing this. He had refined the Soaring Serpents for two millennia. Their strength had increased with his. Over the years, Skyfire Sacred Hands had sought out numerous fire spirits and spirit flames to feed the Soaring Serpent Skyfire. Although Yi Yun's flame was strange, he was confident that his years of experience in controlling fire would definitely allow him to subdue and consume the opponent's flame. When he did, his Soaring Serpent Skyfire would have a huge surge in strength! In fact, his fire spirit might even increase in grade.

With this thought in mind, the Soaring Serpents enlarged immediately. They widened their jaws and attempted to devour the black flame.

The Heretical God Fire Seed ended up in the two Soaring Serpent's bodies as they constantly chomped at it. The roar of flames was so vigorous that the people beside the stage involuntarily stepped back.

Upon seeing this scene, a cold, teasing glint appeared in Yi Yun's eyes.

"To dare consume my fire with two tiny snakes. Aren't you afraid your bellies will rupture?"

Back when the divine alchemist first received the Heretical God Fire Seed, he had attempted to fuse the Empyrean Cleansing Flame, ranked third in the 12 Empyrean Heavens, with the Heretical God Fire Seed. But ultimately, the Empyrean Cleansing Flame had been consumed by the Heretical God Fire Seed.

It was practically a joke for the puny Soaring Serpent Skyfire to attempt devouring the Heretical God Fire Seed.

At this moment, the Soaring Serpents had already consumed a large amount of the black flames. Skyfire Sacred Hands was controlling his Soaring Serpents with full concentration, but he was surprised to feel that Yi Yun had given up on resisting. He didn’t seem to be exercising much control over the black flames, as though he was letting the Soaring Serpents devour his flame.

Once the flame was devoured, it would naturally become a part of the Soaring Serpents.

But suddenly, the Soaring Serpents stopped. Then, they began twisting about.

Skyfire Sacred Hands was taken aback before his expression changed drastically.

He sensed that the Soaring Serpents had not only failed to absorb the grey flames, but instead the grey flames were gathering within the Soaring Serpents and began devouring them from the inside!

"What, what's going on?" Skyfire Sacred Hands hurriedly attempted to retract his flame and expel the gray flame. However, the gray flames that had been devoured were like maggots. They were easy to invite but difficult to expunge.

As he saw his Soaring Serpents being rapidly consumed, Skyfire Sacred Hands's eyes turned red. The two Soaring Serpents were his everything. How could he fail to devour a tiny fire wisp in front of so many people? Not only that, why were his flames being devoured instead!?

However, no matter how much he tried to control his Soaring Serpents, they rapidly weakened.

As the Soaring Serpents were almost completely replaced by the gray flame, Skyfire Sacred Hands's eyes had an obvious pained look.

His connection had been severed!

The Skyfire that he had nurtured for two millennia had been devoured by the strange flame!

At that moment, the gray flame transformed back into a tiny fire wisp before flying back to Yi Yun's palm. As for the Soaring Serpents that once bared their fangs, they had vanished.

Everyone had different expressions when they looked at the flame. Despite devouring two Soaring Serpents, the flame did not seem to undergo any changes. They never expected that Skyfire Sacred Hands's actions would lead to such an outcome.

The red-dressed girl was stunned as well. Her Extreme Frost-ice Flame had been devoured but it was, after all, a child flame. Her Martial Uncle had attempted to snatch back her Extreme Frost-ice Flame but ended up losing his Soaring Serpent Skyfire.

"Is the incompetent trying to save the weak?" Yi Yun found it amusing. If Skyfire Sacred Hands had clashed with him head-on, he could only ward him off. He never expected Skyfire Sacred Hands to attempt to use his Soaring Serpent Skyfire to devour the Heretical God Fire Seed. That was truly sending his serpent flames to their deaths.

"Skyfire Sacred Hands— Oh, that's not right. You no longer have any Skyfire. And your medical skills clearly aren't much to speak off, so you can't be called Sacred Hands. So, what should we call you now?" Yi Yun said happily. The Soaring Serpents were not comparable to the wisp of the Extreme Frost-ice Flame child flame. After devouring the Soaring Serpent, it was as if the Heretical God Fire Seed had consumed powerful supplements.

This was greatly beneficial to the slumbering Ling Xie'er.

So far, at this Grand Alchemical-cum-Medical Meet, Yi Yun had started by collecting all the treasures prepared by the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. Then, he obtained the Soaring Serpent Skyfire. The meet had certainly given him a rich harvest.

As he thought of this, Yi Yun wanted to thank the Myriad Immortal Pavilion and Si Shanhe for organizing the Grand Alchemical-cum-Medical Meet for him.