True Martial World Chapter 1200

Chapter 1200: A Sword Strike that Looks Familiar
Chapter 1200: A Sword Strike that Looks Familiar

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The loss of the Extreme Frost-ice Flame could have been written off as a casualty of the grand meet, but to lose a pair of Soaring Serpent Skyfire was absolutely unacceptable to Skyfire Sacred Hands. His alchemical skills, and even his very strength, stemmed mainly from the Soaring Serpent Skyfire.

Therefore, when Yi Yun gave his sarcastic comments, he was already fully prepared to withstand Skyfire Sacred Hands's immense killing intent.

His original thought was that Skyfire Sacred Hands would burst into a rage, but Skyfire Sacred Hands ended up laughing out loud. "Well done! Very well done! Since your flame is better than mine, I'll kill you and take your flame. Then, I'll use your flame to further myself on the path of becoming an alchemist sage!"

"Die!" Skyfire Sacred Hands had attacked before his voice even faded!

Previously, Skyfire Sacred Hands only wanted to teach Yi Yun a lesson, but now he fully intended to kill him.

He raised his long sleeves and his hands transformed into two gigantic palms. He slammed them down at Yi Yun and the immense Yuan Qi resembled two mountains. Even the surrounding crowd felt stifled.

"You want to obtain my flame? That depends on you having the ability!" Yi Yun's eyes were deadly serious. There was a flash in his hand as a sword appeared.

With sword in hand, Yi Yun slashed out. Instantly, the world seemed to change colors. A massive black vortex that seemed like the infinite Chaos appeared in midair, enveloping Skyfire Sacred Hands's two gigantic palms.


A powerful Yuan Qi shockwave blasted outwards as the two palms that seemed capable of crushing mountain ranges clashed with the black vortex, causing quakes throughout the spatial continuum.

The relatively weaker warriors in the crowd had their Yuan Qi barriers automatically triggered. Just the remnant shockwaves were enough to severely injure them!

There was silence after the tumultuous clash. Skyfire Sacred Hands's massive palms began to shatter amid the black vortex before being completely devoured.

At the same time, the black vortex seemed to be drained of its energy, vanishing into the void.

It was blocked!

Skyfire Sacred Hands's expression was extremely ugly. The darn Lin Yun had managed to block his attack!

However, he noticed that despite being able to withstand his strike, Lin Yun was definitely not in the best of conditions. His lifeblood was in chaos and he might have even been lightly injured. Such strength was not his match.

A sinister curve suffused the corners of Skyfire Sacred Hands's lips. He said sarcastically, "It looks like you aren't that strong. Rearing those evil entities must have used a lot of your mental strength, right? Today is the day you die!"

Skyfire Sacred Hands guffawed as he spoke. Even so, many people under the stage were astounded by Yi Yun's strength. Not only were this arrogant person's medical skills impressive, his strength was also formidable.

After all, the opponent was Skyfire Sacred Hands. Even if he was not his match, he could retreat unharmed at the very least.

However, at that moment, someone made an incredulous comment, "Wait… The cultivation level of this Lin Yun seems to be… not at the Supremacy level but at the… Dao Palace realm?"

The person who spoke was an aged man with a discerning eye. When Yi Yun first appeared, his age and aura gave the undoubtable impression that he was a senior. But at this moment, when he was facing Skyfire Sacred Hands with all his might, his aura could no longer be concealed. The elder in the crowd had noticed something was amiss. It was a cultivation level of the Dao Palace realm!

A man who looked like he had cultivated for an unknown number of years and was proficient in alchemy and medicine was only at the Dao Palace realm?

It was impossible for him to be repressing his cultivation level. Skyfire Sacred Hands had cultivated for three thousand years and had already broken through to the Supremacy level. His attack was terrifying, so how could someone who was repressing their strength to the Dao Palace realm be able to withstand the strike?

But it was precisely what the person before their eyes had just done. He had used a cultivation level at the Dao Palace realm to showcase combat strength at the Supremacy level. Who could have such capabilities?

"This… is impossible, right?" Zhang Xiaotian subconsciously remarked.

Zhang Xiaotian could not tell, but there were many experts present. After Yi Yun made his move, he could no longer converge his aura to hide it. These experts could clearly sense that he was only a Dao Palace realm warrior!

Upon hearing everyone's discussion, Zhang Xiaotian could not help but believe.

As such, it was unlikely that Lin Yun had deliberately repressed his cultivation level. The truth had to be that he was actually only at the Dao Palace realm.

He had used a particular mystic technique to converge his aura, preventing others from gauging his strength!

If that was the case, could he have also faked his looks?

A warrior at the Dao Palace realm with a strength that matched a Supremacy, who hid his looks, and had formidable medical and alchemical skills…

Upon piecing this together, in the seats of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion's upper echelons, Zuoqiu Bo suddenly stood up. He looked at the onstage Yi Yun with astonishment.

"You aren't Lin Yun. You are Yi Yun!"

Back at Mt. Kunhua, Zuoqiu Bo had witnessed Si Yusheng’s dantian being shattered by Yi Yun in one strike. Zuoqiu Bo's memory of the sword strike from that day was still fresh on his mind.

And the sword attack that 'Lin Yun' just used resembled Yi Yun's!

Coupling that with Yi Yun's cultivation level and his strength that let him match a Supremacy, who else could he be?

Upon hearing Zuoqiu Bo's words, everyone was astounded. Yi Yun? Wasn't he being hunted by the Myriad Immortal Pavilion? How could he dare to come here so blatantly? He was even standing on the high stage!

It's him! He's here for the Soul Returning Root!

Si Shanhe tightened his grip on his chair's armrest. His eyes immediately suffused a cold glint as he stared intently at the onstage Yi Yun.

"You are Yi Yun?" Si Shanhe's voice contained rich killing intent. It struck the hearts of the inferior warriors present like the eye of a drum.

Despite facing the massive juggernaut of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, Yi Yun had made a public appearance at the Grand Alchemical-cum-Medical Meet that Si Shanhe painstakingly organized. He became the highlight of the meet and had even taken away the treasures that Si Shanhe had prepared.

Si Shanhe originally believed the Soul Returning Root had been prepared for nothing. There was no chance that Yi Yun would appear to claim it. He never expected that Yi Yun had been right there. He was right in front of his eyes and had taken away the Soul Returning Root!

Everyone's gaze was concentrated on the sword-wielding figure on the stage.

They were eager to know if the person was Yi Yun or not!

As for Yi Yun, he already expected this outcome the moment he took action.

In fact, he had already obtained everything he wanted on this stage. There was no need to continue the guise.

With a slight reverberation of Yi Yun's Yuan Qi, his appearance changed in a blink of an eye. Instantly, Yi Yun went from a far-from-handsome middle-aged man to a spirited youth with eyes as deep as the night and with two flames burning in them!

And this youth was recognized by nearly everyone, even if they had never seen him in person before. Yi Yun's portraits had been posted everywhere in Myriad City for the past half year.

However, no one expected that they would see Yi Yun on the high stage on this particular day and time!

Upon seeing Yi Yun reveal his true looks, Si Shanhe's pupils constricted. The armrest he was gripping instantly turned to dust.