True Martial World Chapter 1202

Chapter 1202: Reappearance of the God Confining Lock
Chapter 1202: Reappearance of the God Confining Lock

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"Well done! Well done! It looks like this has been in the works for a long time. All of you were planning to use today's Grand Alchemical-cum-Medical Meet to end me!"

Si Shanhe was like a trapped beast, his voice sounding maniacal.

In the entirety of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, there were only two mighty experts. One of them was Si Shanhe, and the other was a Grand Elder that was permanently in seclusion.

The Grand Elder was nearing the end of his lifespan. In terms of strength, he had already begun waning. He was not much stronger than Si Shanhe, so if Si Shanhe was killed, one of the two main pillars of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion would collapse!

"Zhou Shikang! Where are you going!?" Si Shanhe suddenly bellowed coldly. He could see the Zhou family's Patriarch, Zhou Shikang retreating in fear upon seeing the scene.

The Zhou family was considered a loyal lackey of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. But faced with the present circumstances, he was filled with trepidation.

At that moment, Yi Yun said, "Everyone! All of you from Myriad City have had to endure the Myriad Immortal Pavilion acting like an overlord for millions of years. Today, I, Yi Yun, hereby promise to remove your juniors' plagues so long as you don't meddle in today's battle! I have a grudge with the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, and have come today to seek revenge. I have no desire to control Myriad City. I will not intervene with any future power struggles in Myriad City."

The moment Yi Yun said that, the people that had shrunk back were even more unwilling to intervene. Si Shanhe could no longer fend for himself, and Yi Yun would become a terrifying enemy in the future. Not to mention, Yi Yun had the ability to cure the plague.

Weighing the two sides against one another, it was already obvious what these people would choose.

Zhou Shikang glanced at Si Shanhe guiltily before suddenly turning to Yi Yun and cupping his hands. He said, "This matter has nothing to do with my Zhou family!"

"Nothing? Hmph! Some amount of nothing. The idea to lure Yi Yun out with the Soul Returning Root was suggested by Zhou Baifeng!" Si Shaoyu was huddled on the ground. No one had been paying him any attention. At that moment, he roared and made everyone realize that an unlucky fool like him still existed.

Instantly, Zhou Baifeng, who was standing not far behind his patriarch, as well as his distinguished guest, Zhang Zhiyuan, had pale faces. Their entire bodies were trembling.

The situation unfolding before their very eyes was that of everyone kicking the Myriad Immortal Pavilion while it was down. Many factions had no plans to intervene in the battle, and even actively hoped for the Myriad Immortal Pavilion to collapse. Then, they could carve up the Myriad Immortal Pavilion's territory and each have their share.

But under these circumstances, the relatively weaker Zhou family would likely be lumped in with the Myriad Immortal Pavilion if it was caught in the maelstrom.

Zhou Shikang's eyes sank. He glanced at Yi Yun, but Yi Yun wore an uncaring expression. He did not say a word.

In that moment, Zhou Shikang was filled with mixed feelings. Yi Yun had already said that he was a person that settled his grudges. And Yi Yun's future rising was no longer preventable. It was no longer a challenge for Yi Yun to become a Divine Lord. It was even very possible for him to go beyond that.

The Myriad Immortal Pavilion had already suffered as a result of this person, so what could the Zhou family do?

Zhou Shikang steeled his heart and suddenly turned around. He aimed his palms at Zhou Baifeng and Zhang Zhiyuan and struck down.

"Ah!" Zhou Baifeng cried out tragically. His abdomen sank in the shape of a palm print as blood spewed from his mouth.

He collapsed to the ground and struggled to get up. After a moment, he made a shrill cry, "My dantian!"

As for Zhang Zhiyuan, he was in a similar situation. His face showed the great pain he was in. As Zhang Zhiyuan pressed down on his abdomen, he looked at Yi Yun as though as he was watching a demon king.

"Young Master Yi, I have maimed Baifeng and his servant of their cultivations. Is this sufficient to appease your anger?" Zhou Shikang said to Yi Yun as the corners of his mouth trembled.

The Zhou family's successor was not Zhou Baifeng, but Zhou Shenyu. He was the number one genius of the Zhou family and the hope of revitalizing it. However, he was already suffering from the plague and bedridden. He was in need of treatment. Furthermore, Zhou Baifeng was also infected with the plague. He was bound to lose his cultivation, anyway. How could Yi Yun save him?

Therefore, Zhou Shikang might as well steel his heart and do the inevitable as a clear indication of his stance. In doing so, he could ensure that the Zhou family would remain safe in this treacherous storm, as well as ensure Yi Yun's treatment of the genius juniors of the Zhou family.

"Zhou Shikang, you are really a coward!" Si Shanhe spat contemptibly. Then, he looked at Yi Yun and company. His gaze was as sharp as a blade as his aura increased exponentially. "Then, let's see if you can kill me today!"

"Si Shanhe, you can only fight desperately like a cornered beast!" Qin Zhengyang said coldly.

At that moment, there was a resonating chanting that rang throughout the pocket world. It sounded sacred. Instantly, Si Shanhe's aura and soul seemed to be sealed within Si Shanhe's body.

The feeling was obvious. Everyone in the pocket world was astonished. What array formation was this?

Even Qin Zhengyang and the other five were astonished by the array formation. Although they had tried the array formation in secret, this was the first time they were using it in a real battle.

"It's really a wonder where Yi Yun obtained the God Confining Lock array!" Qin Zhengyang sighed inwardly.

The God Confining Lock array was provided by Yi Yun. It was the thing that made the group confident that they could deal with Si Shanhe.

The other large factions had array formations but in terms of strength, they were far from comparable to the God Confining Lock.

The array formation was extremely ancient, and many large factions did not even know of its origin.

In fact, this array had been borrowed by Yi Yun years ago from the Pure Yang Sword Palace. He used it to deal with the Black-armored Demon God, but later, the Pure Yang Sword Palace Sword Spirit left the God Confining Lock in Yi Yun's hands and did not ask for it to be returned. It was unexpected that it could be of use again today.

As an array formation that was hidden by Pure Yang Sword Palace owner, the God Confining Lock's strength was not to be doubted. After all, the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner had a cultivation level above a Divine Lord's. He had once slashed open a world and damaged a bronze giant in its prime!

In the lower realm, Yi Yun's allies were only able to draw forth a tiny portion of its strength. Now, Qin Zhengyang and company were jointly powering the array, making it completely different from the past.

"Si Shanhe, it is your good fortune to die under this array!" said Yi Yun.

Si Shanhe sensed that the terrifying nomological powers had confined his surroundings. It made his expression change drastically.

He was not foolish enough to battle six people alone. As long as he tried his best to find a flaw in the array, he still had a trump card that allowed him to escape. When the time came, he would be able to escape at the cost of some cultivation and lifespan. Still, it was much better than dying here.

However, the array formation was a lot more terrifying than he imagined!

At that moment, between the Heavens and Earth, shimmering golden chains that looked like they sprouted from the Heavens and Earth, chained up Si Shanhe's four limbs!

The six chains were controlled by City Lord Qin and company. The six experts' strengths were simultaneously exerted on Si Shanhe's body.

Ka Ka Ka!

The immense energy caused Si Shanhe's knees to buckle. He forcefully held up his body but even his spine produced sounds that depicted how unbearable it was for his bones.

"Yi Yun! I want you dead!" Si Shanhe's eyes were bloodshot. He suddenly burst out with all his strength as he slammed the Shanhe Seal above him at Yi Yun! At the same time, he struck out with his two palms and sent overwhelming force at the stage.

Yi Yun did not even move. At that moment, the six chains tightened simultaneously. They vibrated, causing tumultuous sounds as the chains' luster grew brighter. It formed a gigantic web that held back the Shanhe Seal!

At the same time, City Lord Qin and company attacked!

With a rustling sound, Perfected Qianhua struck out with her zither, and Princess White Fox's master waved her whisk. Immediately, it was as though millions of stars in the cosmos came surging at Si Shanhe with Perfected Qianhua's zither tunes.

At that moment, Si Shanhe's eyes turned turbid. He seemed to fall into a momentary trance.

From the start, Qin Zhengyang, or any of the other five, were on par with Si Shanhe. With the array's help, their strength was dominating.

"Attack!" City Lord Qin took a large step forward as he cleaved down with his Blackcloud Broadsword!

Across him, Guiyuan Potian and company began attacking.

Six terrifying Yuan Qi beams struck Si Shanhe from different directions. The tiny space immediately had a rush of air, as a squall stirred. Even the entire pocket world began quaking. It was as though the enchanted artifact that contained the pocket world could crack at any time.

Every one of Si Shanhe's attacks was held back by the God Confining Lock. He was unable to move and, after failing to escape the array, he had less than ten percent of his strength left. Yi Yun could easily dodge the aftershocks.

Si Shanhe watched helplessly as Yi Yun stood in front of him, but he lacked the strength to kill him.

And his strength was reduced with every wave. Even if tried to burn his blood essence in a desperate attempt, it was already too late.

To escape the God Confining Lock array, he would have had to do it when it first befell him. Now, it was impossible. Si Shanhe's resistance only turned weaker.

Hatred, indignation, and anger overwhelmed Si Shanhe. He never imagined that an overlord like him, that controlled the fates of countless weaklings, trampling over them as he pleased, would meet his end being besieged by others. And this siege was orchestrated by a junior!

"Ah!" An angry bellow, made up of countless mixed emotions resounded through the pocket world. At the same time, six Yuan Qi beams penetrated Si Shanhe's body. With an explosion, light illuminated the world and Si Shanhe, an overlord of Myriad City, turned to ash!

"It's over." Yi Yun heaved a sigh of relief. As long as Si Shanhe was dead, the Myriad Immortal Pavilion's strength would decrease drastically. In addition, the Myriad Immortal Pavilion's prestige had been dealt a severe blow. There was no way it could withstand the annexation of the combined forces of the Guiyuan family, the Paradise Chapter, and City Lord Qin. There would be numerous factions that would profit from the situation. It was even possible that large numbers of traitors would appear in the Myriad Immortal Pavilion itself. They would take riches away and pledge allegiance to the enemy. Then, the juggernaut would completely collapse!

But although Yi Yun had orchestrated the destruction of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, he had only accomplished it by using the conflicts between the major factions in Myriad City. He had borrowed the strength of City Lord Qin and Princess White Fox's master. He himself was no match for Si Shanhe.

This was not what Yi Yun wanted. He wanted to be in complete control of his own fate. He would kill anyone who threatened him!