True Martial World Chapter 1203

Chapter 1203: The Die is Cast
Chapter 1203: The Die is Cast

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Seeing Si Shanhe die so easily, the factions that had once been wavering were secretly delighted. They never expected the God Confining Lock to be so formidable. Thankfully, they had not stepped forward to help Si Shanhe or they would have shared his fate.

With Si Shanhe dead, the storm that had been brewing in the Myriad Divine Territory could no longer be prevented. In this storm, new factions would arise and become stronger. There would also be older factions that would weaken or even be destroyed. Mishandling the situation could result in dire consequences.

Now, there was no doubt that the Guiyuan family and the Paradise Chapter would rise up with unassailable force. City Lord Qin's status would also increase greatly, becoming a force that held great weight in Myriad City.

Then, of course, there was Yi Yun. At the Grand Alchemical-cum-Medical Meet, he had become immensely influential. No one in the Myriad Divine Territory would dare to provoke Yi Yun. If he desired, he could even become the absolute hegemon of Myriad City in the next few centuries.

Despite not being the strongest person, he had instantly become the number one figure in Myriad City!

"Yi Yun, this is Si Shanhe's interspatial ring."

Qin Zhengyang waved his hand and obtained Si Shanhe's interspatial ring from where he died.

It was of extremely high quality. It had remained undamaged despite the potent explosion, showing how incredible it was.

As the Pavilion Lord of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, Si Shanhe's interspatial ring would obviously contain immense wealth.

However, Yi Yun shook his head and said, "I do not need the items in the ring. The assault on Si Shanhe succeeded thanks to you and the other five seniors. All I did was preside over the array, and that did not take much effort."

Aside from the Guiyuan family and the Paradise Chapter, Princess White Fox's master had deliberately cut short her travels and rushed to Myriad City to aid him, so how could he not show his thanks?

"Hahaha! Young Master Yi, you are too generous. If we decide to split the loot, then I, Guiyuan Potian will offer my share to Young Master Yi. I do not want anything!"

After obliterating Si Shanhe, Guiyuan Potian was in high spirits. From this day forth, his Guiyuan family would be able to take over most of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion's massive estate. That was the foundation of a family clan. Although he was tempted by the ring, it was better to use the items in the ring to express his good intentions to Yi Yun. After all, Yi Yun had limitless potential.

"I do not want my share either." At that moment, Perfected Qianhua spoke out. The Paradise Chapter similarly did not mind losing a single ring.

"In that case, I'll take all the natural treasures and a small number of pills and elixirs from the ring. As for the cultivation manuals, enchanted artifacts, talisman charms, array formations, and Myriad Runes, I do not want them."

Since the Paradise Chapter and Guiyuan family were relinquishing their shares, Yi Yun did not stand on ceremony. He was only at the first floor of the Dao Palace realm. In terms of strength, he was naturally invincible against his peers, but compared to the older generation he was still vastly inferior.

"Young Master Yi, I'm Zhou Shikang and I am humbled before you. Since Young Master Yi is interested in refinement herbs, I happen to have some I can offer. I can deliver them to you as early as tomorrow, Young Master Yi. I wonder when you might be free to pay a visit to my Zhou family's residence, and in passing, take a look at the useless juniors of my Zhou family…"

Upon seeing the situation turn increasingly clear, Zhou Shikang immediately spoke up.

Although Yi Yun had mentioned that he would treat the juniors of the various large factions for free, it was only a verbal agreement. If a treatment was to happen, shouldn't he prepare some substantial gifts? Yi Yun was now the absolute hottest thing in town! Average factions would not even have a chance of currying favor with him. So, how could he miss this opportunity to shower him with gifts?


Yi Yun nodded in agreement. There was no reason to reject the treasures he offered him. They could be used to refine pills.

Instantly, various factions began expressing themselves. However, Qin Zhengyang's Yuan Qi voice transmission rang in Yi Yun's ears—

"Skyfire Sacred Hands has left."

"Yea…" Yi Yun sighed slightly. He had noticed it earlier. Skyfire Sacred Hands had left the pocket world with the downtrodden red-dressed girl and the ashen-faced six-fingered youth after Si Shanhe's death.

Yi Yun did not stop them because he could not stop them.

Yi Yun was slightly weaker than Skyfire Sacred Hands in terms of strength. There was no way he could retain the trio.

And he had no right to ask Qin Zhengyang and company to take action. The assault on Si Shanhe happened with the promise of benefits for everyone, so there was no problem in that.

However, killing Skyfire Sacred Hands meant openly declaring war with the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect!

Now, Myriad City was about to undergo a major upheaval. No faction would wish to offend the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect. Nor could they afford to!

"Yi Yun, I know what you are worried about. You robbed Skyfire Sacred Hands of his Soaring Serpent flame, which means your relationship is irreconcilable. If you can't handle him, I'll help you. But, that can’t occur now. There are too many people watching. If I were to kill Skyfire Sacred Hands, I wouldn't be able to withstand the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect's assault either. After Skyfire Sacred Hands is a certain distance away and in the wild, I can assassinate him. When that time comes, the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect might not know that it was done by me!"

Yi Yun was rather grateful when he heard Qin Zhengyang offer his help. This risk was not something most people would be willing to take.

However, Yi Yun shook his head. "City Lord Qin, I'm grateful for your kind intentions. However, if you were to assassinate Skyfire Sacred Hands, even if it were in the wild, it will be very easy for the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect to investigate the matter. After all, I'm unable to match Skyfire Sacred Hands and you have such a close relationship with me. It will be easy to guess who the assassin is. Furthermore, the subsequent sacking of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion requires your presence."

When he said that, Yi Yun looked into the direction where Skyfire Sacred Hands had headed. Skyfire Sacred Hands was long gone.

In fact, Yi Yun had seen Skyfire Sacred Hands crush a voice transmission charm when they began attacking Si Shanhe. It was possibly the hailing of reinforcements or the providing of Yi Yun's details to the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect.

If Skyfire Sacred Hands was killed, the blame would be on Yi Yun and he would be pursued by the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect.

And as Skyfire Sacred Hands said, Yi Yun would only be hunted by Skyfire Sacred Hands alone in the beginning. He was not afraid of him. Furthermore, he was planning on dedicating himself to cultivation, experiencing the longest seclusion he had ever had since he began practicing martial arts. He wanted to experience a leap in strength.

Now, with the overturning of the Myriad Divine Territory, and the substantial gifts from the various major factions, Yi Yun would receive large amounts of natural treasures. With the divine alchemist's heritage, Yi Yun could use these resources to the greatest extent, allowing his strength to greatly increase.

"Young Master Yi, my Guiyuan family and Perfected Qianhua have already sent men to surround the Myriad Immortal Palace. Perfected Qianhua and I will hereby bid you farewell. We will be heading to Myriad Immortal Palace to preside over the situation."

As Guiyuan Potian said this, he cupped his fists and departed with the wind. Perfected Qianhua and company followed closely behind. After City Lord Qin advised Yi Yun on a few matters, he followed the rest.

In fact, the main battleground was the Myriad Immortal Palace. Although victory was at hand, they could not be careless.

Yi Yun nodded. He had no interest in participating in the subsequent battles.