True Martial World Chapter 1206

Chapter 1206: Ling Xie'er Awakens
Chapter 1206: Ling Xie'er Awakens

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In the tiny underground world, there was a cozily-decorated bedroom. The floor was covered with flowers that gathered around a soft bed. On that bed lay Ling Xie'er. Her tiny face was pale and her incorporeal body appeared weak.

She had been in slumber for a very long time. Despite having consumed half the Soul Returning Root, and had it nourishing her, her incorporeal body remained weak. It was as though just a tiny disturbance could scatter her into nothingness.

The way she looked only left one feeling sympathetic for her.

Yi Yun came to her side but did not take action. The Heretical God Fire Seed in his body gradually spread out, turning into wisps of azure smoke before lingering about Ling Xie'er.

After the long period of preparations, it was finally time to awaken Ling Xie'er. The Heretical God Fire Seed lingered in the form of azure smoke and seemed to be awaiting her awakening. The wisps of smoke gently caressed Ling Xie'er as though they were trying to awaken her.

Yi Yun opened a jade bottle, and immediately a medicinal aroma emanated the bedroom. Yi Yun poured out one of Hollow Soul Pills and gently opened Ling Xie'er's mouth, letting the pill roll in.

Ling Xie'er had an incorporeal body so ordinary pills were ineffective on her. However, the moment the Hollow Soul Pill entered her body, it immediately transformed into countless light dots that dispersed throughout her body, nourishing her ethereal form.

Soon, Ling Xie'er's body suffused a thin halo. Her body turned somewhat translucent because of the halo, as though she were an ice sculpture.

Upon seeing this scene, Yi Yun did not hesitate further. He took out another Hollow Soul Pill and fed it to Ling Xie'er.

After the second pill, the halo surrounding Ling Xie'er's body turned richer. Her pale face finally took on a reddish glow after so long.

With that, Yi Yun extended his hand and a small water blob flew out from the spiritual aqua. He placed the third Hollow Soul Pill into Ling Xie'er's mouth and downed it with a mouthful of spiritual aqua. At this moment, Yi Yun felt that the soul force in Ling Xie'er's body was constantly surging forth like water from a spring. This amount of soul force was not much different from when Yi Yun first met Ling Xie'er.

Yi Yun was delighted as he immediately fed her the fourth Hollow Soul Pill.

Not only could Hollow Soul Pills awaken Ling Xie'er, they were also soul medicine that could invigorate her. They were very beneficial to Ling Xie'er's body, so Yi Yun was not stingy in using them.

With that, in the hazy white light, Ling Xie'er's body slowly floated up. Following that, she gradually opened up her eyes… as though she was coming to after a long dream. She had finally awoken.

She looked at Yi Yun, her eyes showing a look of loss.

Looking around her, she found a pleasant scene. It stood in stark contrast to the fiery lands she remembered from before she lost consciousness.

"This is…"

Ling Xie'er was taken aback. She sensed her surroundings and found that the worldly array that once trapped her no longer existed. All the scorching heat, lava, and red molten liquid had vanished. This was an independent world that seemed to be a welcoming spring. It was cozy and beautiful.

The enemies that had tortured her were no longer around. Beside her, there was only a smiling Yi Yun.

"Xie'er, you have finally awoken."

Yi Yun sighed. His years of hard work were not in vain.

"Wasn't I already…"

Ling Xie'er remembered what had happened before she lost consciousness. She knew that she was like a candle in the wind and, in that state, it was only natural that her soul would weaken till she slowly died. However, she could sense the surging soul force running through her body. It was stronger than when she was in the Sun Burial Sandsea.

"Brother Yi, did you save me?" Ling Xie'er blinked and looked at him. She noticed the remaining Hollow Soul Pills in Yi Yun's hand. A simple glance was enough for her to tell that these miraculous pills contained soul force.

"Yes, and from now on, you will not be trapped by that massive array. I have someone I intend to search for and, at the same time, I want to become stronger. Xie'er, you can accompany me if you are willing."

Yi Yun held Ling Xie'er's hands. Although she had lived for such a long period of time, she did not seem like she could grow. She still looked like a prepubescent young girl. Her hand was much smaller than Yi Yun's, but after having consumed a few Hollow Soul Pills her body was more corporeal. Her hands even had a hint of warmth.

Although the Heretical God Fire Seed had fused with Yi Yun, he did not want to force Ling Xie'er to follow him because of that. He would absolutely not stop her if she wanted to leave.

Ling Xie'er had fallen into the prolonged slumber because she was trying to save him.

"Yes." Ling Xie'er nodded heavily and could not help but pounce into Yi Yun's embrace.

She hugged him and suddenly felt a sense of unprecedented safety. She had been on the verge of death but now she was revived. Furthermore, she had finally departed the hellish Sun Burial Sandsea, abandoning the everlasting loneliness. It made Ling Xie'er feel like she was in a dream.

She could finally see what the outside world was like.

While Yi Yun began his seclusion, other events transpired a million miles away, on the original grounds of the Jadewave Sect.

Ever since the Jadewave Sect moved, this place had become desolate. Especially, the World Stone mine of the Jadewave Sect, it had been sealed and destroyed. It looked no different from a ruin.

However, there were many things that could not be sealed.

At that moment deep underground, in the cold ancient ruin, a figure appeared.

It had appeared suddenly, and did not seem like it was part of the existing world.

The figure was a red-haired man in black clothes. He looked extremely young.

He studied the primordial ruin and the densely arranged tombs, finding thousands of holes. The tombs looked like they had been plowed. All the coffins were open and empty.

"What exactly happened?" The red-haired man's voice resounded in the ruin independently.

"I sensed something happening to the demonic servants, but by the time I got here I was already too late…"

The red-haired man stretched his hand out as a cold and horrifying aura emanated out immediately, covering the entire region.

However, no matter how far his aura emanated, the red-haired man did not sense an inkling of the demonic servants' auras.

It was not yet time for these demonic servants to awaken, and even if some of them had awoken prematurely, they would be in the minority. It was impossible for them all to awaken so suddenly.

"To think that in this world, there is someone who can detect traces of the demonic servants and do such a thing… No matter who it is, this person has to die or plans will be ruined."

Even if a typical warrior were to chance upon this ruin, there was no way they could discover the demonic servants. The cemetery had been sealed by a massive array and besides, the demonic servants were hard to discover.

"It looks like the plan has to be pushed forward."

The red-haired man muttered to himself and took a step forward. Beneath his feet, strange distortions happen around space. In one step, he had crossed vast distances and soon, he left the primordial ruin.

And this whole scene was not witnessed by anyone.

The original lands of the Jadewave Sect remained silent and dead. It was as though it was a desolate land that no being had ever stepped into before.