True Martial World Chapter 121

Chapter 121: The Selection is Finalized
Chapter 121: The Selection is Finalized

The crowd fell into a long silence. The fight that just happened was too unreal.

It went beyond the limits of their understanding of Mortal Blood warriors.

Mortal Blood warriors could uproot willow trees and smash rocks. But when they fought, it would be using their flesh and muscles. Occasionally there would be sword Qi and fist wind colliding, but that would be the limit.

They had never seen a battle between Mortal Blood warriors reach such a stage.

That red sword beam and that dragon-tiger phantom image that reflected the setting sun was too shocking! It was unbelievable!

But the huge hole in the stone stage set up by the Tao tribal clan proved that it really happened.

A five feet wide deep hole was surrounded with cracked rocks. These rocks had spider-web like cracks; it made it hard to believe this was a battle between Mortal Blood warriors.

Tao Yunxiao had used the forbidden energy of the ancestral artifact, so to achieve such a destructive power was understandable.

But how did Yi Yun achieve it?

He actually defeated Tao Yunxiao, who used the ancestral artifact’s energy, with his bare hands?

The people of the Tao tribal clan could not believe it. Even the girls who were secretly supporting Yi Yun had their mouths agape. Their minds blank. Among them, there were some who harassed Yi Yun the previous day. This Yi Yun, who looked like a little brother from next door, actually had such terrifying strength.

They felt that they were like a bunch of mice yesterday, harassing a dinosaur. Thankfully the dinosaur didn’t go into a rage, or the outcome would have been unthinkable.

“Manifestation of Yuan Qi, it is indeed manifestation of Yuan Qi. Only by invoking the power of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi could he have such destructive power.” The Tao tribal clan’s Patriarch looked dejected as he slumped back into his seat.

“Manifestation of Yuan Qi… How could it be!?”

Actually there was no need for the Patriarch to confirm this because many people could tell that Yi Yun’s attack was a manifestation of Yuan Qi.

After all, the image of the snarling Divine Tiger and the soaring purple Gold Dragon were still imprinted on their eyes.

What else could it be but manifestation of Yuan Qi?

The people of the Tao tribal clan neither knew about the ‘Purple Air Comes From The East’, nor Minute Subtlety, but for manifestation of Yuan Qi, they knew it very well.

There was only one reason, because in the entire Tao tribal clan, only one person among the younger generation was capable of manifesting Yuan Qi, and that was Hu Ya.

Hu Ya had reached the middle stage of Purple Blood and was just a step from reaching the “Tempered Body, Dragon Pulse” state.

As such, he could use the manifestation of Yuan Qi. Yesterday, Hu Ya had displayed manifestation of Yuan Qi on stage to great applause.

They had been overjoyed over it, and had discussed excitedly over their meals. Hu Ya was the pride of the Tao tribal clan. Previously, Yi Yun had risen to prominence in the preliminary and semi-final, causing the elites of the Tao tribal clan to shy away with shame. But Hu Ya had given them back their pride.

But now…

Yi Yun had also reached the stage of using manifestation of Yuan Qi!

How could this be possible!?

Isn’t manifestation of Yuan Qi something only the best Purple Blood warriors could use? Hu Ya only managed to do so at the mid-stages of the Purple Blood realm; Yi Yun was at the peak-Qi Gatherer realm. Yet, he managed to understand it!?

“Ignoring talent, could Yi Yun also be much better than Hu Ya in terms of strength?” Someone in the Tao tribal clan said. They could not accept it.

“Yi Yun’s strength can’t be greater than Hu Ya. But manifestation of Yuan Qi isn’t something a strong person can control. Even some peak-Purple Blood warriors can’t control the manifestation of Yuan Qi! This manifestation of Yuan Qi depends on a person’s perceptivity. It’s a gauge of a warrior’s ability to control energy. Besides, if a Mortal Blood warrior managed to achieve ‘Tempered Body, Dragon Pulse’, then he would be able to obtain the ability to manifest Yuan Qi before the Purple Blood realm.” A warrior from the Tao tribal clan explained.

This did not resolve their doubts, but made they even more shocked.

They were stunned!

Tempered Body, Dragon Pulse!?

Yi Yun has reached such a state?

They had long since heard from the Patriarch that Hu Ya was a rare genius, not seen in the Tao tribal clan for hundreds of years. The key was that he was eighteen years old, and just a step away from the “Tempered Body, Dragon Pulse” realm. Before this, in the past several hundred years of history, no one in the Tao tribal clan had reached this state.

Because of that, they felt pride. They were waiting for Hu Ya to enter this stage, bringing them out of the vast wilderness and establish a family clan in the heartlands.

But now, Hu Ya was still a step away from that state; as for Yi Yun, he had already reached that stage at twelve years of age!?

How could this be possible!?

The people of the Tao tribal clan stared at Yi Yun. Their expression was as if they had seen a ghost!

They could not believe it; but seeing the warriors of the Tao tribal clan not have any objections and the Patriarch silently agreeing, they had no choice but to believe.

Yi Yun had really reached such a stage at the age of twelve!

Tempered Body, Manifestation of Yuan Qi, and he had previously spit out purple clouds, and he had the strongest Spirit…

They did not dare think any further.

It was a torture to compare; trash thrown out upon comparison!

They finally understood why Yi Yun had been graded Mystic rank grade five, but Hu Ya had been given a gradeless Mystic rank. It wasn’t because the Jin Long Wei were being unfair, but because it was the truth!

Yi Yun was much stronger than Hu Ya!

As for Tao Yunxiao, he was not even worth mentioning. He was the trash that had to be thrown out immediately upon comparison!

If they took a step back, Lian Chengyu…

Lian Chengyu was not worth mentioning. He was incomparable to Tao Yunxiao, so when he was compared against Yi Yun, it was like cow dung compared with a pearl!

The warriors of the Lian tribal clan were petrified. Their brains lost the ability to think. Yi Yun’s last battle had caused tremendous damage to their minds. It would take them a long while before they would come to.

As for Lian Chengyu who had been crippled by Yi Yun. He had not said a word since yesterday. But his eyes showed a deep sense of despair!

This despair was ten thousand times worse than the despair he felt when he failed to breakthrough to the Purple Blood realm after swallowing the desolate bone essence.

Yes, Yi Yun was not only strong, ruthless and crushed Lian Chengyu without any further thought, he had also declared a fact to Lian Chengyu. Lian Chengyu, who had been crippled and lost all his martial arts ability, had no chance of revenge against Yi Yun in the future.

Lian Chengyu’s heart died. He had used the thoughts of revenge to sustain himself. But now, there was no chance of revenge. Lian Chengyu lost the will to live. His body may still be alive, but he was no more than a living zombie.

“Yi Yun wins!” Zhang Tan took a deep glance at Yi Yun. Although he had given Yi Yun excellent reviews, he had still underestimated Yi Yun.

If he were to evaluate Yi Yun’s rank again, he would have given him a Mystic rank grade six!

The Kingdom’s selection’s final Mortal Blood battle had ended. The outcome could be seen from a glance. Yi Yun was still standing within the arena. But his right fist was seriously injured. After all, in the final attack, he had used Yuan Qi to wrap his fist that went against Tao Yunxiao’s fighting technique, Blood Red Hell.

Although he had used the manifestation of Yuan Qi, his fist was still made of flesh. That impact had wounded Yi Yun’s fist to the point where the bone could be seen! If not for his Tempered Body, his right fist might have split into two.

Of course, Tao Yunxiao was even more injured. Not only from Yi Yun’s punch, just from the blood he wasted on feeding the female sword would prevent him from recovering in a year.

“Doctor… call the doctor…” The Tao tribal clan’s Patriarch waved his hand. He closed his eyes for he could no longer bear to watch anymore.

But no matter what, Tao Yunxiao was a young elite that the tribe had spent great amounts of resources on. He was one of the few who could bring the Tao tribal clan out of the vast wilderness.

Even if he was hurt, they still needed to use their best medicines to treat him.

The Patriarch was worried. After this foray, it would become a huge blow to Tao Yunxiao. Together with the loss in blood and cultivation, would a proud person like him survive this ordeal? Would he ever rise back up because of this?

The best doctor in the Tao tribal clan came with a heavy box. Within the box were several herbs produced from the Tao tribe’s herb mountain. There was plenty of ginseng, knotweed and lucidus that were all more than a hundred years old. They were not stingy with it and took it all out to be used.

These were expensive herbs. This was the only aspect in which they could still be condescending against Yi Yun. Their Tao tribal clan was rich in resources!

Yi Yun was also hurt, but he was not treated with such good herbs. His right fist was seriously injured. His bone and tendons had been cut by the ancestral artifact. If it was a normal person, their fist would have been crippled. For warriors, it wouldn’t be a problem but it would still be troublesome to heal.

The old doctor placed the box down while panting. He did not know martial arts and, compounded by his old age, he was like a candle guttering in the wind.

The old doctor grabbed Tao Yunxiao’s arm. He began to feel Tao Yunxiao’s pulse and soon, his face full of wrinkles frowned.

Tao Yunxiao’s pulse was terrible. The old doctor felt that the possibility for him to heal Tao Yunxiao was nearly zero…

Zhang Tan waved his hand, indicating the doctors from the Jin Long Wei to help.

The Jin Long Wei had several life-saving drugs. But it could only prevent death. It could not replenish the shortfall of blood. In fact, drugs that could replenish blood were priceless. It was more expensive than several desolate bone relics. Even if the Jin Long Wei had such a drug, they would not use it on a contestant at the Kingdom’s selection.

So what the Jin Long Wei doctor took out were just normal medicines. Whether it was Yi Yun or Tao Yunxiao, they were just injured with no threat to their lives, hence the Jin Long Wei doctors were not in a hurry.

Suddenly, people heard the sound of soft clothes fluttering in the wind. When they raised their heads, they saw a girl in white floating down from the airship!