True Martial World Chapter 1210

Chapter 1210: Uninvited Guest
Chapter 1210: Uninvited Guest

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Myriad City, Yun Xin Loft—

During Yi Yun's twenty-plus years of seclusion, Yun Xin Loft gradually grew until it became the biggest medicinal clinic in Myriad City.

Most of the growth was obviously thanks to the Paradise Chapter, the Guiyuan family, and City Lord Qin’s guidance, but it was also partially thanks to Dong Xiaowan's aptitude towards management.

Yi Yun had left Yun Xin Loft to the two girls—Nangong Ru'er and Dong Xiaowan. Ru'er was indifferent to fame or profit and wasn't great at management, but Dong Xiaowan was rather talented in this aspect. Over the years, Yun Xin Loft had even opened up two branch stores, one selling weapons and another talisman charms.

Without Yi Yun, Yun Xin Loft was naturally lacking in amazing pills and medicine. But in the sale of ordinary pills, they were able to ensure quality for a reasonable price. They also had a very good reputation among customers.

This was especially true a number of years ago, when many major factions in Myriad City had jointly organized a Treasure Appraisal Meet in which the Yun Xin Loft dazzled and played a huge role. As a result, the two female bosses of Yun Xin Loft, Dong Xiaowan and Ru'er, became highly respected.

At this moment, on the second floor of Yun Xin Loft, there was a middle-aged man who wore a hat. He was guarding a door.

His name was Li Zhong, a six-floor Dao Palace realm expert. Although Dao Palace realm experts were numerous in Myriad City, high-floor Dao Palace realm experts were relatively uncommon. After all, upon becoming a Supremacy, one could become an Elder of a major faction.

However, Li Zhong was only head of the guardians in Yun Xin Loft. It was a good job, the pay was good and it gave some status. Li Zhong owed Dong Xiaowan for the position. In his youth, he had been Dong Shaoqing's personal guard and had watched her grow up.

Now, Yun Xin Loft was about to close for the day. The noisy hall on the first floor also finally fell silent. Li Zhong was standing guard outside a suite. For a head guardian to guard a door naturally meant that the guest inside was extraordinary.

Li Zhong already knew that Paradise Chapter's Fairy Youqin had come. She was discussing various matters with Dong Xiaowan.

There was no need to elaborate on Dong Xiaowan's status in Yun Xin Loft. Everyone treated her with respect. As for Fairy Youqin, she was designated as the successor of the Paradise Chapter. Now, Fairy Youqin enjoyed an extremely high status which could only be matched by Fairy Wuxia.

"Xiaowan, I heard that a plague similar to the one that happened two decades ago has broken out in the neighboring North Mystic Divine Territory. Many geniuses are unable to cultivate and many of their lives are at stake."

Fairy Youqin looked like she had many worries on her mind. She was in no mood to drink the excellent Five-colored Iceheart tea despite holding a cup of it in her hand.

"Isn't that news from a year or two ago? Why are you mentioning it again now?" Dong Xiaowan looked up and asked.

"It is old news, but recently there is talk that the evil spirits within the possessed geniuses have finally matured. Those geniuses have died and turned into sinister beings. Not only has their strength increased severalfold, they also became cold-blooded and ruthless. They are no different from monsters."

Fairy Youqin's words chilled Dong Xiaowan's heart. The thought of a genius being a vessel for the breeding of an evil spirit before turning into a monster sounded terrifying and sinister. It sent a chill down her back.

"Will this plague break out again in our Myriad Divine Territory?" Dong Xiaowan asked with a frown.

The North Mystic Divine Territory was also a large Divine Territory and had forces no weaker than the Myriad Divine Territory. However, against the strange plague, all the mighty figures of the North Mystic Divine Territory were helpless.

"I heard that people from the North Mystic Divine Territory have already learned of Young Master Yi's capabilities from our side. They are now in search of him. Furthermore, the city lord has clearly become more nervous in the recent days. City Lord Qin has also been secretly searching for Young Master Yi but to no avail."

When Fairy Youqin said that, Dong Xiaowan shook her head gently. "Miss Youqin, I know your intentions. I mentioned before that if Young Master were to pass me even the slightest bit of information, I will inform you immediately. However, he is in seclusion and it will be a very long one. He said as much before he left. When he comes out of seclusion he will easily cure the plague, even if it has spread to us."

Ever since the Grand Alchemical-cum-Medical Meet of two decades ago, Yi Yun's prestige was rooted deep in the hearts of many, Dong Xiaowan included. She was absolutely confident when it came to Yi Yun.

However, Fairy Youqin shook her head when she heard Dong Xiaowan. Her instinct told her that the plague wasn't that simple. It seemed like a dark cloud was gradually shrouding the entire Myriad Divine Territory.

"Let's hope Young Master Yi will come out of seclusion as soon as possible and rid us of the plague…"

Just as Fairy Youqin was mentioning her wish, she heard an explosive sound. Following that, there were crunching sounds.

Fairy Youqin was alarmed as she stood up from her seat, scanning the region outside with her perception. When she sensed it, her expression immediately changed.

Outside Yun Xin Loft, there was a hooded man floating like a night owl in midair. Beneath his feet was a shattered plaque. The Yun Xin Loft plaque that had been hanging for two decades had been smashed by this hooded figure!

"Who is it!?" Dong Xiaowan was enraged. All these years, not one person dared to make trouble in Yun Xin Loft. Yet now, someone had directly destroyed Yun Xin Loft's plaque.

"Who doesn't want to live any further!?"

At that moment, the guardian Li Zhong had charged out. He brought with him a group of Yun Xin Loft guardians. Their jobs were typically rather relaxed and today was the first day they were encountering trouble.

However, just as they came into contact with the hovering man, they felt like they had struck an invisible wall of air. Their bodies not only tightened, but they were also rapidly repelled.

"Bam! Bam! Bam!"

The guardians were thrown back into Yun Xin Loft like cannons, crashing through many walls and shelves. Some even shot through the entirety of Yun Xin Loft and came out the other side. Their bodies were covered in blood!

"Uncle Li!"

Dong Xiaowan rushed to Li Zhong's side in a few steps. When she extended her hand out to test for Li Zhong's pulse, her expression turned ugly. That one strike was enough to break nearly all of Li Zhong’s bones. Even his meridians had been mostly maimed. Although Li Zhong still had breath in him, he had suffered injuries that were equivalent to maiming half his cultivation level. In the future, his strength would only drop and would never increase. Perhaps he might not have a few hundred years to live.

"Miss, quick… quick leave. Inform City Lord… City Lord Qin."

Li Zhong said those words with great difficulty as blood constantly spewed out of his mouth. He knew that he was nearly crippled, but at that moment his focus was on Dong Xiaowan. In the Jadewave Sect, Dong Xiaowan was the heir apparent.

At this moment, Fairy Youqin had also appeared beside Dong Xiaowan. She had immediately sent a voice transmission to the upper echelons of Paradise Chapter.

However, she was acutely aware that the black-cloaked man, with his strength, could absolutely cause irreparable damage before the upper echelons of the Paradise Chapter reached them. Fairy Youqin did not know if she could withstand him.

"Where's Yi Yun? Tell me where he is!"

The hovering figure issued an extremely jarring voice.