True Martial World Chapter 1218

Chapter 1218: Settling Scores
Chapter 1218: Settling Scores

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"Senior, might I ask who you are?"

Yi Yun cupped his fists and asked respectfully.

"My surname is Mo, and my first name is Shen." The elder replied with a smile.

Mo Shen…

Yi Yun naturally did not recall such a name. He said, "Thank you Senior Mo, for saving my friends. I wonder if Senior Mo has any directions for me?"

"I would not dare to claim that they are directions. It's just that my master would like to meet you. I live in a cottage on the southern facing slope of the Heaven Bestowing Mountain west of the city. After you settle things here, you can look for me whenever you have the time. When that time comes, I'll bring you to meet my master. As for the situation in the Myriad Divine Territory, those are matters for Young Master Yi to solve. I will not interfere."

After Elder Mo said that, he turned and left. Yi Yun drew a cold gasp when he heard that.


Elder Mo was only an old servant?

What sort of person could make Elder Mo their servant? What level could they be at?

Behind Yi Yun, many of the upper echelons of the Myriad Divine Territory's major factions exchanged looks. Such a figure had far exceeded their imaginations.

"Why does it feel like we are frogs in a well…" Qin Zhengyang laughed wryly as he said in a self-deprecating manner.

He had always known that the 12 Empyrean Heavens were not everything in the Universe. Far away in the Sinkhole, there were even more unfathomable existences. In addition, there were many unknown pocket worlds with mighty figures hiding in them.

However, that was only hearsay. When they truly realized that such figures were paying them attention, and even wanted to meet Yi Yun, they were astounded.

Compared to these figures, they were overly puny.

"Yi Yun, do you plan on…" Qin Zhengyang asked.

Yi Yun faltered slightly as his perception followed Elder Mo out. Only when Elder Mo exceeded Yi Yun's range did he retract his perception. He said, "Skyfire Sacred Hands and I need to settle the score. The awakening of the demonic servants is not only limited to the Myriad Divine Territory. What I can do is also extremely limited. I plan on meeting Elder Mo's master."

Yi Yun was unlike City Lord Qin and company. The strongest people City Lord Qin had seen were only Divine Lords with Royal Seals.

But Yi Yun had encountered more than a handful of super experts in the Azure Wood Great World, the Purple Crystal, and the Pure Yang Sword Palace. Furthermore, among these experts, there were great differences.

It was apparent that the true experts in this world were numerous and powerful.

As Yi Yun reflected on this, he walked straight towards Guiyuan Potian's great-grandson—Guiyuan Li. With a simple wave of his hand, he vanquished the evil spirit within Guiyuan Li's dantian. By now, Yi Yun was proficient at doing such things.

"Thank you, Young Master Yi." Guiyuan Potian looked as Guiyuan Li's Yuan Qi rapidly recovered. He felt delighted but also somewhat wry.

He had suffered because of this matter for a year. He had used all sorts of means and paid an immense price. However, for Yi Yun, it was nothing worth mentioning. It was as simple as drinking a bowl of water.

"Young Master Yi, over the years of your seclusion, I happen to have gathered some herbs. There are a few good strains and they would be wasted in my hands. I wish to hand them over to Young Master Yi as I believe they will be put to good use," the Zhou family's Patriarch Zhou said in a somewhat embarrassed manner.

Yi Yun knew immediately that the juniors of the Zhou family had been infected and that his services were being requested.

Yi Yun did not mind the Zhou family's patriarch. Even if he was a person that veered with the wind, he had decisively crippled Zhou Baifeng. The way he acted was rather refreshing.

"Bring them all here. I will treat them…"

As Yi Yun said this, his voice suddenly came to a halt. He looked up as his gaze penetrated City Lord Manor's walls and went out of Myriad City.

Hundreds of miles away, on a desolate mountain, a black-cloaked man was standing on the mountaintop. His expression was pale and his face was dotted with red patches, but his facial features were still vaguely familiar.

This person was none other than Skyfire Sacred Hands.

After having not seen him for twenty-five years, Skyfire Sacred Hands had decayed into such a state.

Furthermore, Yi Yun saw that not only was Skyfire Sacred Hands looking even more hideous, his hatred for him was even more intense. Yi Yun felt that Skyfire Sacred Hands had already lost himself to his demons.

The change in his cultivation technique and aura made him appear even more sinister. He looked as though he wanted to destroy everything.

This demonic state also magnified Skyfire Sacred Hands's hatred for Yi Yun's acquisition of his Skyfire.

At that moment, Skyfire Sacred Hands slowly lifted his hand. His fingernails were black and sharp, resembling the claws of wild beasts. The claw was pointed at Yi Yun from a great distance as though it was clenching Yi Yun's throat.

"Looks like I will not be able to tend to Senior Zhou's juniors at this moment."

"About that…" Patriarch Zhou faltered slightly before sensing something. "Skyfire Sacred Hands!?"

Patriarch Zhou immediately looked in Skyfire Sacred Hands's direction.

"It looks like he knows of Yi Yun's return. This demon actually dares to openly appear in Myriad City. I have long wanted to settle the vendetta of him harming Li'er."

Guiyuan Potian was infuriated. If not for Yi Yun's timely return, Guiyuan Li would no doubt have died.

"Brother Potian, I know you are incensed. However, we have tried this numerous times in the past. There's no way for us to capture Skyfire Sacred Hands. He comes and goes like a ghost. He doesn't stay put for long and is crafty. It's nearly impossible for us to deal with him."

Skyfire Sacred Hands's escaping arts were embedded deep in these people's memories. He could transform into countless evil demons and dissipate. Even an array formation could not hold him down.

At that moment, Yi Yun said, "He is here for me. Since he has informed me of his return, I'll go to him and settle the grudge of the past twenty odd years."

Yi Yun was the type who would never spare Skyfire Sacred Hands, unless he had no other choice.

As Yi Yun spoke, he was already on the way out of City Lord Manor.

"Yi Yun, since Skyfire Sacred Hands is so boldly coming for you, there must be something backing him. You going to him might be playing right into his hands. You might end up in his trap. Why don't you wait in City Lord Manor? With us here, Skyfire Sacred Hands will not be able to do anything to you."

Qin Zhengyang was worried that Yi Yun would suffer. He naturally knew that Yi Yun's strength must have increased greatly over the years, but Skyfire Sacred Hands was not to be trifled with either. By submitting himself to the demonic way, his cultivation became unorthodox and his strength increased at an astounding rate.

Even if Yi Yun was considered a genius, he cultivated in orthodox cultivation techniques. Orthodox cultivation techniques tended to be slower.

Yi Yun said, "City Lord Qin, rest assured. Although I’m leaving the manor, I will not leave the range of your perception. All of you will be able to sense the battlefield at all times."

"In that case… alright."

Qin Zhengyang nodded. With so many of them around, their perception was constantly locked onto Skyfire Sacred Hands. Should anything go wrong, they could provide assistance in a timely fashion.

The crowd walked out of the city with Yi Yun leading the group. With all the upper echelons of Myriad City in the procession, it naturally attracted the attention of many. People still were unaware of what was happening.

When they came to the city gates, Qin Zhengyang and company stopped. They left Yi Yun to leap into the air as his figure transformed into a long beam of light, shooting straight at Skyfire Sacred Hands.