True Martial World Chapter 1219

Chapter 1219: Taking Root
Chapter 1219: Taking Root

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Outside Myriad City were endless green mountains with lush forests. There were refreshing springs and intricate rocks, with countless critters shuttling through the woods. It looked like a thriving ecosystem.

However, amid the green mountains, Skyfire Sacred Hands stood atop a desolate mountain that had no signs of life.

An azure beam flashed as Yi Yun arrived in front of the mountain. He gradually landed, coming to a stop with the tip of his foot on the mountain peak. He faced Skyfire Sacred Hands across the void.

"Yi Yun, after twenty plus years of being a cowardly turtle, you have finally dared to appear." Skyfire Sacred Hands looked at Yi Yun as his eyes suffused mockery and killing intent.

He was forced to abandon his sect over the past twenty-five years, losing the status he once enjoyed. It was all thanks to Yi Yun.

Yi Yun looked at Skyfire Sacred Hands coldly. He could feel an extremely familiar aura from Skyfire Sacred Hands's body. Skyfire Sacred Hands was practically half demonic servant.

"When I take you down, I'll extract your flame seed and refine it for my use. I will resolve my mental demons and use your blood to forge my new path as a demonic emperor!" Skyfire Sacred Hands yelled as he pounced at Yi Yun.

Ever since his downfall, Skyfire Sacred Hands had been brewing with disgruntlement. He had waited for more than two decades for this chance. He would relish the experience of torturing Yi Yun, making him lead an insufferable life so as to ease his own hatred.

And if he crippled Yi Yun and handed him over to the Supreme Lord, he would definitely be handsomely rewarded.

Given the Supreme Lord's status, he naturally didn’t stick around in the puny Myriad Divine Territory for two decades. He had left Skyfire Sacred Hands in charge of Myriad City. Other than nurturing large numbers of demonic servants in the Myriad Divine Territory, he was given the task of helping the red-haired man search for Yi Yun.

Skyfire Sacred Hands abruptly pounced over, moving like a night owl. His black figure swooped down as terrifying power enveloped Yi Yun's surroundings from afar.

At that moment, City Lord Qin and company had arrived about five kilometers away. They happened to see Skyfire Sacred Hands turn into a black cloud that enveloped the entire mountaintop. The sky was dyed black. As for Skyfire Sacred Hands's figure, it had fused with the black clouds. There was no sight of his actual figure.

The strange aura left people shuddering from the cold as sharp shrieks seemed to strike straight into their souls.

City Lord Qin and company had seen Skyfire Sacred Hands turn into a black shadow before, but they never expected his attacks to be so diabolical.

Even Skyfire Sacred Hands's very figure became darkness, to the point where it could not be seen. As for Yi Yun, he was in the middle of the legion of black clouds.

Yi Yun slashed out a sword beam while facing the overwhelming black clouds, cleaving through the endless void.


The sword hums were thunderous like an electric snake had split apart the dark clouds.

The blue sky appeared once again as Yi Yun stood hovering in mid-air. The broken sword in his hand resonated in response.

The Yuan Qi he emanated suffused a pale golden color. It was pure and ancient.

Following that, Yi Yun's aura seemed to transform into something faintly discernible. Despite visibly standing there, it felt as though he was only a shadow.

This feeling left City Lord Qin and company astonished.

The split black clouds rapidly closed the gap as they formed a gargantuan face within them. Its facial features were that of Skyfire Sacred Hands.

"Yi Yun, you have indeed grown a lot. Everyone says that you will definitely rise to Divine Lord and above. To kill an absolute genius like you is truly a pleasant feeling!" Skyfire Sacred Hands guffawed loudly.

The black clouds were extraordinary for they were formed by an amalgamation of demonic auras. Ignoring the outcome of ordinary warriors being enveloped by the black clouds, simply touching them would drain all of one’s lifeblood. However, Yi Yun had been able to cleave them apart.

Although his first attack failed, it was only the beginning for Skyfire Sacred Hands.

"Don't you have the means to counter the demonic servants? Shall I let you know what despair is today!?"

Skyfire Sacred Hands roared loudly, causing the desolate mountain beneath him to quake violently. Following that, shrill demonic sounds were heard. Demonic servant phantoms charged out of the mountain and straight into the sky!

This scene left everyone astonished. That's no mountain!

They had thought that the desolate mountain seemed out of place. It was devoid of life and gave off an unsettling feeling. It seemed so obviously a trap, but Yi Yun had still gone forward. Qin Zhengyang and company turned anxious. They had planned on watching the battle by casting their perception outside the city, but they couldn’t shake their unease so they decided to follow.

Now, their suspicions were confirmed. This mountain had been specifically prepared by Skyfire Sacred Hands. He had amassed a large amount of demonic servants within the mountain and nurtured them over the past twenty-plus years.

Although Yi Yun was powerful, charging straight into his opponent's trap was too risky. He would only suffer.

At that moment, Yi Yun saw the demonic servants flying into Skyfire Sacred Hands's body like phoenixes flying towards the sun. Skyfire Sacred Hands's body was rapidly burgeoning.

"Let's attack!"

Qin Zhengyang originally believed that if he were too close, he would scare Skyfire Sacred Hands into retreating. He was unable to prevent his escape or capture him. It would have been a waste of effort but now, seeing Skyfire Sacred Hands release thousands of demonic servants, he no longer had the luxury of taking his time to weigh options. They would join forces to collectively scare Skyfire Sacred Hands into a retreat. Ensuring Yi Yun's safety was of utmost priority!

Instantly, Qin Zhengyang, Guiyuan Potian, and Perfected Qianhua flew towards Skyfire Sacred Hands. They instantly traversed a distance of several miles!

Qin Zhengyang held his broadsword and charged ahead. A black sword beam cleaved apart the lands in an indomitable fashion!

Guiyuan Potian followed closely behind. He produced two black fists that would crush Skyfire Sacred Hands.

But at that moment, they saw that the thousands of demonic servants had gathered together, forming a massive black ball. Outside the ball, demonic flames were burning fiercely. Such immense power was approaching Yi Yun at an unbelievable speed.

Skyfire Sacred Hands was long prepared. He had laid a trap and began with a formidable strike, leaving no opportunities for Yi Yun.

He believed that even if this strike failed to kill Yi Yun, he would at least be severely injured!

However, at the instant the black energy began converging, Yi Yun forcefully stamped his foot onto the desolate mountain beneath him.


With a loud explosion, an Azure Wood Divine Tree phantom blasted out from behind Yi Yun. The thick roots worked their way through the mountain like large azure-colored pythons. They bored straight into the soil of the desolate mountain.

Hu! Hu! Hu!

The divine tree's roots tunneled erratically through the mountain with the main root splitting into thousands of tiny root follicles. The thicker ones were as thick as a person's arm while the thin ones were thinner than a pinky finger. The roots quickly proliferated the entire desolate mountain.

Above the root network, there was a dense mist of billowing azure light. It was the natural phenomenon of condensation when the amount of Yuan Qi reached a maximum.

However, despite the roots appearing propitious, they were extremely terrifying. Wherever they passed, demonic servants would issue shrill screams that added to the rustling sounds of demonic servants dispersing into azure-colored smoke.

This scene resembled pouring molten metal onto snowflakes. The snowflakes would rapidly melt, without any hope of resisting.

Yi Yun had naturally noticed the trap within the desolate mountain. In that case, he decided to beat Skyfire Sacred Hands at his own game. He made the desolate mountain that was formed by the demonic servants into the soil for his divine tree to take root.