True Martial World Chapter 1221

Chapter 1221: Seal
Chapter 1221: Seal

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When the gray dot of light entered Yi Yun's body, the Yuan Qi within his dantian began to circulate violently. It instinctively tried to purge the gray dot of light; however, it remained like a maggot and rapidly tunneled into Yi Yun's dantian.

At that instant, Yi Yun felt a strong sense of danger.

And simultaneously, the Azure Wood Divine Tree's root network abruptly uprooted itself from the desolate mountain and rapidly swept back towards Yi Yun's body.

The Azure Wood Divine Tree seed had previously sprouted in Yi Yun's dantian, becoming one with him.

When it sensed the danger Yi Yun was facing, the Azure Wood Divine Tree automatically returned into Yi Yun's body.

In just a split second, the Azure Wood Divine Tree's leaves spread throughout Yi Yun's meridians and finally drew inwards to his dantian, wrapping it under thick layers.


Yi Yun seemed to hear a dull thud from within his body. As he looked within his dantian, he saw that the leaves had formed a cage, and the gray dot of light was slamming about within.

Yi Yun immediately circulated all his Yuan Qi to surge towards the cage. He constantly fortified it, while at the same time the Azure Wood Divine Tree's massive vibrant strength inundated the gray dot of light, trapping it completely. The light it emitted also dimmed slightly.

The cadaveric aura finally vanished.

"What the heck is this thing?" Yi Yun sensed that the gray dot of light was only sealed and restrained. It seemed to contain a light heartbeat.

Through the Azure Wood Divine Tree's leaves, Yi Yun perceived the gray dot of light. From it, he sensed a stranger's aura.

The aura was extremely diabolical.

Simultaneously, Yi Yun sensed that the gray dot of light contained immense amounts of demonic aura that was of a higher grade than that of the demonic servants.

Yi Yun thought about it and came to the conclusion that the demonic aura belonged to Skyfire Sacred Hands's master. By planting the gray dot of light within Yi Yun's body, Skyfire Sacred Hands's master was able to instantly strike and kill him.

From the beginning, Skyfire Sacred Hands's master had not trusted him at all. He only saw Skyfire Sacred Hands as a tool.

However, the gray dot of light had been completely restrained by the Azure Wood Divine Tree. Not a single amount of aura leaked out. As such, the demonic aura could no longer be tracked as well. Not only was it unable to threaten his life, it also prevented Skyfire Sacred Hands's master from sensing it.

"I'll use the Azure Wood Divine Tree to seal it before absorbing it clean." Yi Yun thought to himself. Yi Yun felt unease leaving such a thing in his body even if Skyfire Sacred Hands's master could not find him. He needed to refine and digest it.

The demonic aura would provide large amounts of nutrients to the Azure Wood Divine Tree once it was absorbed. However, absorbing the demonic aura clean was not an easy task. It would probably take a period of time.

"Yi Yun, are you alright?" City Lord Qin asked after he and company flew over.

Yi Yun shook his head. "I'm fine."

City Lord Qin and company had not seen the gray dot of light. All they saw was Yi Yun suddenly halting. He had a heavy expression and, following that, the surrounding Yuan Qi was pulled into his body. They were puzzled as to what had happened.

Now that they knew Yi Yun was fine, City Lord Qin and company heaved a sigh of relief. They chalked it up to Yi Yun being a little exhausted. After all, it had been a huge battle.

Imagining the scene of the battle that had just ended, the warriors, and even the mortals, that witnessed the scene would speak about it, remembering it deep in their hearts.

"Let's return to Myriad City. I'll purge the plague for those people," said Yi Yun.

Upon hearing Yi Yun's offer, the Zhou family's patriarch was naturally the happiest. However, City Lord Qin was taken aback. "Why the rush?"

Yi Yun had just finished a battle and needed rest. There was no need to hurry.

However, Yi Yun gave a faint smile. "It's fine."

Curing the plague for the others did not enervate him in any way. On the contrary, it replenished his Azure Wood Divine Tree with some energy.

Despite having restrained the gray dot of light, Yi Yun knew that he could not stay in Myriad City for long, or trouble would quickly come knocking.

Billions of miles away from Myriad Divine Territory, in a silent and desolate desert, a red-haired man sat quietly amid the yellow sand. Strong winds howled, blowing through his red hair as though a red flame was flickering in the sand.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes. His eyes appeared to be two patches of darkness. They effused an endless chill as though he did not have the emotions that belonged to a living being.

"Skyfire Sacred Hands is dead."

The red-haired man was somewhat surprised. It wasn’t that he particularly cared about Skyfire Sacred Hands's survival. However, the ancient demonic aura he had planted had entered deep into the person that killed Skyfire Sacred Hands. But in the blink of an eye, the demonic aura seemed to be lost in the endless oceans. It vanished without a trace.

The red-haired man pricked up his brows and extended his hand, writing down a name on the yellow sand in front of him.

"Yi Yun."


A gust of wind blew. Despite being a name written in sand, it did not get blown away by the wind. It seemed to be engraved in the sand forever.

"Interesting." The red-haired man muttered to himself as the corners of his lips suffused a faint smile. "What secret does this youth have? It looks like I have underestimated him…"

The infected geniuses of Myriad City gathered in front of City Lord Manor were filled with anticipation and excitement. And aside from the geniuses, there were warriors that rushed to Myriad City after catching wind of the news.

All of Myriad City's streets were empty. Nearly everyone in the city had come out of the stores and houses. They swarmed towards City Lord Manor.

The turnout for such a grand occasion was even better than that of the Grand Alchemical-cum-Medical Meet years ago.

When Yi Yun's figure appeared in front of City Lord Manor's entrance, a cacophonous roar sounded.

"Young Master Yi! Young Master Yi!"

These geniuses and warriors gazed excitedly at Yi Yun. All of them exuded looks of immense reverence and admiration.

Yi Yun's present status made it so that no one had even the slightest thought of comparing themselves to him. There was only idolation.

Yi Yun looked at these people and raised his hand. The Azure Wood Divine Tree phantom appeared behind him as a warm vibrant energy immediately scattered towards the crowd like rain.

Sharp screams that came from the soul cried out. Yi Yun could hear them clearly but ordinary people did not hear them at all.

The demonic servants that were hiding within the young geniuses' dantians escaped as they scattered in mid-air, attempting to escape in every direction.

"Freeze!" Yi Yun was already prepared. He extended his finger and immediately, the space above the crowd was sealed. Golden threads formed a spatial cage.

These demonic servants were imprisoned within the space as they were helplessly absorbed by the Azure Wood Divine Tree.

In an instant, Yi Yun had treated all the infected geniuses.

"Young Master Yi, this is a little token to show my respect to you." Patriarch Zhou was delighted. The few genius of the younger generation of his Zhou family had been saved. He immediately produced an interspatial ring.

He was not the only one. The factions behind the geniuses that were saved each delivered all sorts of treasures.

Today, the formidable strength that Yi Yun had demonstrated made everyone see Yi Yun's future clearly. As long as he did not perish, his future was limitless.

They did not have lavish hopes of befriending Yi Yun. Simply being slightly acquainted with him brought immense benefits.

Yi Yun did not reject the gifts of gratitude. He entrusted City Lord Qin to collect all the gifts and left. He wanted to meet Elder Mo.