True Martial World Chapter 1222

Chapter 1222: Horizon of the Sinkhole
Chapter 1222: Horizon of the Sinkhole

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Outside of Myriad City, on the southern facing slope of the Heaven Bestowing Mountain, there was an ordinary straw cottage. It sat behind a herbal field and looked like any ordinary house from a village of mortals.

At this moment, an azure-clothed elder was sitting on a bamboo chair in front of the house, leisurely sampling some tea made of coarse leaves.

When Yi Yun arrived in front of the straw cottage, he looked at the elder drinking tea. As he watched, he felt that the tea-drinking elder, the herb field, the straw cottage, and the world around it seemed to be an independent world, yet everything came together so naturally. Every single brick and tile seemed to contain laws to form such an atmosphere. People without a discerning eye would have found the place ordinary.

"Elder Mo, may I share a cup of your tea?" Yi Yun requested with a faint smile.

Elder Mo looked up and glanced at him. His purple pupils seemed to contain limitless power.

"Of course." Elder Mo extended his hand out, causing the tea to fly out of the kettle and into a coarse porcelain cup, which flew towards Yi Yun.

Yi Yun caught it and downed it with a tip of his head. After the warm tea flowed down his throat and into his stomach, he felt a comfortable and refreshing feeling emanate through his limbs.

"Great tea!" Yi Yun marveled carefreely.

Yi Yun was well-read thanks to the divine alchemist's notes. He knew spirit tea was made of herbs, but despite his knowledge he could not discern the source of the tea leaves.

"What tea is this?" asked Yi Yun.

"This is one of the local products from where I'm from. It's called Rootless Tea," said Elder Mo.

"Rootless Tea?"

Tea without roots was an interesting concept.

When Yi Yun heard Elder Mo mention where he hailed from, he asked, "Elder Mo, might I ask who your master is? Why does your master want to meet me?"

"It is not my place to question my master's intentions. However, rest assured that my master has no intentions of harming you in any way. You will be informed as to why my master wants to meet you when the both of you meet." Elder Mo said with a smile.

Yi Yun nodded. He did not believe that Elder Mo's master had any ulterior motives towards him. If that were the case, Elder Mo's strength was sufficient to just attack him openly. There was no need to go through such great trouble.

He was curious. Why would Elder Mo's master be interested in him?

"If I stay any longer in Myriad City, it will only invite trouble. Elder Mo, I might as well go with you to meet your master," said Yi Yun.

"Is the trouble you mention referring to the mastermind behind Skyfire Sacred Hands?" asked Elder Mo.

"Yes," Yi Yun replied immediately. "Does Elder Mo know who the person is?"

Yi Yun had already formed a grudge with the mastermind, so he naturally wanted any details on them that he could get.

"I know a little but it's best you ask my master," replied Elder Mo.

"Do you have anyone else you would like to bid farewell to?"

A few figures appeared in Yi Yun's mind.

"There are a few."

Elder Mo stood up and gently swiped his hand. As though he was swiping across the landscape on a portrait, the straw cottage, herb fields, chair, and the tea vanished, transforming into a forest that merged with the surrounding grass and trees.

"Let's go!"

Yi Yun left and returned to Myriad City with Elder Mo.

Upon seeing Yi Yun and Elder Mo's figures simultaneously appear over City Lord Manor, City Lord Qin knew that Yi Yun was leaving.

Myriad City was, after all, too small. Furthermore, Yi Yun was destined for greater heights. Myriad City could not hold him back.

Princess White Fox, Fairy Youqin, as well as Dong Xiaowan and Ru'er were in Myriad City. At that moment, Yi Yun's voice sounded in their heads.

"I am here to bid all of you farewell."

Yi Yun was leaving?

The girls rushed over. Dong Xiaowan looked at him in a longing manner. Ru'er could not help but tug at Yi Yun's sleeve. "Sir…"

She deeply wished to follow Yi Yun but she was too weak. She could not help Yi Yun in any way.

Dong Xiaowan was the same. She held Ru'er's hand and said to Yi Yun softly, "Young Master, Ru'er and I will be here. We will continue tending to Yun Xin Loft. It will forever be waiting for you."

Perhaps Yi Yun would never return but Yun Xin Loft would silently stand in the city forever, handed down in Myriad City just like Yi Yun's legend.

Princess White Fox came in front of Yi Yun gingerly. Her long hair blew in the gentle wind as a faint smile seemed to be contained within her star-like eyes. "Yi Yun, I hope we will have a chance to meet again in the future."

She had obtained a fortuitous encounter before coming to Myriad City, meeting Yi Yun again. In the future, Yi Yun would head to even more lofty worlds. Princess White Fox made those worlds her goal as well.

Although she was not as talented as Yi Yun, she would always pursue him on the martial path.

Yi Yun looked into her eyes for a moment. "Alright!"

Turning back to take a glance, Yi Yun nodded and said to everyone, "I'm leaving."

He flew into the sky where Elder Mo was waiting for him. Elder Mo extended his hand and tore through space. Immediately a gigantic spatial rift appeared. Amid the rift were starry cosmos that were constantly in flux and howling storms. It seemed to lead to another world.

People with insufficient strength would not be able to step through the spatial rift.

Elder Mo took the first step in before Yi Yun followed closely behind.


Space trembled as the rift closed. In a blink of an eye, the blue skies were restored. It was as though Yi Yun's body was never there.

"He's gone…" Fairy Youqin looked at the sky and as her expression effused melancholy.

Yi Yun and she were on completely different levels. After today's separation, perhaps, the gap would only widen…

Meanwhile, on the other end of the spatial rift.

The moment Yi Yun stepped through the spatial rift, he was embroiled in a spatial storm. A pale golden Yuan Qi suffused the surface of his body, isolating it from the terrifying powers of the storm.

Elder Mo's figure was ahead. He was strolling ahead like he was enjoying a nice breeze.

In a blink of an eye, they appeared in an empty cosmic space.

"Let's continue. It's still very far," said Elder Mo.

Elder Mo ripped with his hand, tearing open another spatial rift…

After this continued eight more times, Yi Yun's eyes suddenly lit up.

They had arrived in a space with thin mists. They were no longer in space but in a particular world.

Even Yi Yun could not stomach the experience of crossing space eight times.

However, when he entered this world, Yi Yun felt mentally refreshed. He relaxed instantly.

"This is…" Yi Yun sensed that it was an independent space. It was a huge pocket world.

From the looks of it, this was the world that Elder Mo's master resided in. There was no way to guess how many miles they had traversed to arrive in this world. They had long left the Yang God Empyrean Heaven.

"This is the Mirage Sea Realm," said Elder Mo.

"Which of the 12 Empyrean Heavens are we in?" asked Yi Yun.

Elder Mo smiled faintly and looked at the endless clouds in front of him. "This is not the 12 Empyrean Heavens, but the Horizon of the Sinkhole."