True Martial World Chapter 1223

Chapter 1223: Portrait
Chapter 1223: Portrait

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Horizon of the Sinkhole?

Yi Yun was taken aback. He knew that the 12 Empyrean Heavens were only a portion of the Universe. Yet he was still unsure as to what the Horizon of the Sinkhole was.

"In between the Sinkhole and the 12 Empyrean Heavens, there exists a chaotic region. If people from the 12 Empyrean Heavens want to venture into the Sinkhole, they must cross through this region of chaos. Therefore, that region is named the Horizon of the Sinkhole," explained Elder Mo.

So that was the reason… Yi Yun nodded. The Universe was expansive and what he knew was still too limited.

There was a sea of clouds wafting in Mirage Sea Realm. Across the clouds, there were lush green islands floating above blue and calm oceans. It was like a dream or a mirage. The Mirage Sea Realm lived up to its name.

The ocean here effused sufficient spiritual energy and the vegetation on the island was luxuriant. It was very refreshing to the body and mind.

Cultivating in such a place would certainly speed up the cultivation process.

Yi Yun was even more curious about Elder Mo's master. To possess such a world...the Mirage Sea Realm was bigger than any pocket world he had ever seen.

At that moment, figures began flying over from different islands.

These figures emanated powerful Yuan Qi fluctuations. Yi Yun realized that they were Dao Palace realm warriors when he glanced at them.

"Elder Mo."

"Elder Mo, you are back."

These people greeted Elder Mo.

They also looked curiously at Yi Yun for he was a fresh face.

"I'm bringing him to meet Master," said Elder Mo.

Everyone burst into a flurry of discussion as they watched Yi Yun and Elder Mo fly far away.

"Who is he? It has been very long since someone new came to our Mirage Sea Realm."

"He is allowed to meet our Mirage Sea Realm's owner? Who is this person?"

The warriors present were stunned. Although they lived in Mirage Sea Realm, the person that truly taught and managed them was Elder Mo.

As for Mirage Sea Realm's owner, they were an extremely mysterious figure, someone who they had never met.

As Yi Yun followed Elder Mo in flight, he could not help but turn back to take a glance.

"Those are citizens who live on the islands. Many of them were born in the Mirage Sea Realm. They have never gone to the outside world," explained Elder Mo.

Yi Yun was astonished. This appeared to be another paradise in the world of warriors.

"It's here." Elder Mo suddenly flew downwards.

Yi Yun looked at the island in front of him and knew that it was where the owner of the Mirage Sea Realm resided.

The island had a quiet mountain valley, which Elder Mo brought Yi Yun to. They followed a serene gravel path after landing.

The valley was filled with all sorts of spiritual flowers and grass but, strangely, there was a frost Qi that permeated the valley. The frost Qi was cold but it did not deprive one of their vibrancy. It seemed to stem from the same frost Qi that had been used to seal Dong Xiaowan and Fairy Youqin.

Inside the valley, there was an elegant bamboo lodge. It had a balcony covered in ice flowers that were crystalline and beautiful. They were like the most intricate pieces of art.

At that moment, the door to the bamboo lodge was pushed open. A blue-dressed woman slowly walked out.

She was tall and slender. Her skin was so fair that the blood vessels beneath her skin could be seen. Yi Yun was surprised to find that her body did not contain any Yuan Qi fluctuations. She appeared to be a mortal.

A mortal?

Yi Yun was stunned. Before he could react to the girl's identity, Elder Mo, who was beside him, went forward respectfully. He bowed at her and said, "Miss, your servant has brought Young Master Yi here."


This was the master that Elder Mo was referring to? Was she also the owner of the Mirage Sea Realm?

Yi Yun originally assumed that Elder Mo's master had used her extraordinary strength to establish a mystical world in the Horizon of the Sinkhole, forming the Mirage Sea Realm. And as Mirage Sea Realm and Elder Mo's master, she would naturally be extraordinarily powerful, perhaps even stronger than a Divine Lord.

He never expected Elder Mo's master to be a mortal.

The blue-dressed girl looked at Yi Yun. Her eyes were bright and her facial features were intricate like they were carved from beautiful jade. It made the spiritual flowers and crystalline ice around her pale in comparison.

Yi Yun had never seen a mortal girl that possessed such bearing and looks. He first suspected that she was hiding her aura, but Yi Yun had the Purple Crystal in him. It was extremely sensitive to energy so he was certain that the girl had no means of concealing her aura. She was of mortal breed through and through.

It was unknown how long the Mirage Sea Realm had existed. With Elder Mo's cultivation, it would not be a surprise if it had existed for a million years. A mortal girl that looked about sixteen was the owner of the Mirage Sea Realm?

A mortal lived for less than a hundred years. Subtracting the childhood and elderly years, one's youth lasted less than two decades. The prime of one's youth left one sighing.

If the perfect girl in front of him was a warrior, her beauty could exist for extended periods of time. But if she were mortal, her beauty was ephemeral.

At that moment, the girl looked up. Using her aqueous eyes, she looked at Yi Yun. "Are you Young Master Yi?"

"I am," Yi Yun jolted out of his daze and replied.

The girl smiled slightly and said, "My name is Huan Chenxue. It must have been tough for Young Master Yi to come from so far away. After hearing of Young Master Yi's deeds, I troubled Elder Mo to invite you here."

Huan Chenxue's smile seemed to make the surroundings immediately lose their existence. Only her smile and voice remained in the valley. It was memorable, to say the least.

Yi Yun suppressed the questions on his mind and cupped his fists. He asked, "Miss Huan, might I know why you were looking for me?"

Huan Chenxue did not directly answer Yi Yun and instead asked him, "Young Master Yi, what do you think of my Mirage Sea Realm?"

Yi Yun honestly answered, "Excellent."

The place was quiet and harmonious. There was plenty of spiritual energy and the scenery was alluring. It was naturally a very nice place.

"In that case, why don't you stay here first? The island beside mine is empty. Young Master Yi, if you do not mind, you can stay there for as long as you like," Huan Chenxue said.

Yi Yun hesitated for a moment before nodding. "I'm honored by Miss Huan's invitation. However, I cannot be at ease until you tell me why you were looking for me."

Although his intuition told him that Huan Chenxue had no ill intent towards him, Yi Yun could not completely trust her. He could not think of a reason why she had invited him there.

Huan Chenxue nodded gently and said, "There are many reasons why I sought you. It's difficult to put them all into words. I was planning on inviting you to live here and discussing everything with you in detail, slowly. However, since you can't wait, I'll show you something right now."

After Huan Chenxue said that, she took off an interspatial ring from her hand. She handed it to Elder Mo.

Elder Mo gently swiped the interspatial ring his hand, making a portrait appear. He then returned it to Huan Chenxue.

Just this scene confirmed Yi Yun's guesses. Huan Chenxue was truly a mortal girl. If not, just the cultivation of a little Yuan Qi would be able to easily open an interspatial ring. Why would she need Elder Mo's help?

Huan Chenxue gradually unfurled the portrait. It was half the height of a person and in it, a woman was drawn. She was drawn in a way remarkably true to life. It made one feel that the person in the portrait was alive.

"Young Master Yi, you should know this person, right!?"