True Martial World Chapter 1225

Chapter 1225: Ancient Godly Monarchs
Chapter 1225: Ancient Godly Monarchs

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Yi Yun was surprised when he heard Huan Chenxue's words. What was different from what he imagined? Could it be that Huan Chenxue actually wasn't interested in the sword?

Huan Chenxue could read Yi Yun's apprehensions. She said with a smile, "I did not call you here to get anything from you. Instead, it's about the owner of this broken sword."

"Are you talking about… the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner?"

Huan Chenxue nodded slightly. "That's right. Too much time has passed. Of all the people of the present, if we are ignoring the Sinkhole, just the 12 Empyrean Heavens alone, there's probably none who can remember the eight Godly Monarchs of ancient times."

Eight Godly Monarchs?

Yi Yun held his breath. Huan Chenxue's words left him in awe. He did not know what sort of figures the eight Godly Monarchs were.

"The Pure Yang Sword Palace owner you just mentioned is one of the eight Godly Monarchs. Back then, all sentient beings fought with the Ancestor Gods, and the eight Godly Monarchs fought until they were bathed in blood. Some died in battle, some were heavily injured, and there were others whose outcomes are unknown. However, that history has been wiped away due to all sorts of reasons. Now, it's unknown to most people. It's very normal for you not to know!"

Huan Chenxue reflected over the matter. Her gaze seemed to penetrate the endless rivers of time, and saw the stunning ancient war at the source of that river.

Yi Yun found it unbelievable that a mortal girl could possess such a gaze.

He remained silent for a long while before asking, "Miss Huan, you said that the history has been wiped away. Then, how does Bai Yueyin know the value of the sword? And why was she willing to harm her lover that she had been together with for centuries? Does she know the history of the eight Godly Monarchs?"

Upon hearing Yi Yun's question, Huan Chenxue sighed. Her voice sounded somewhat pained and a little wistful. "That's right. She obviously knew about it because she is one of the eight Godly Monarchs…"


Yi Yun widened his eyes. He never expected Huan Chenxue to give him such an answer!

In Azure Yang Lord's memories, Bai Yueyin was a genius girl that grew up in a small sect. Now, he was being told that Bai Yueyin was a figure equal to the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner. How was it possible?

Even if Bai Yueyin was one of the eight Godly Monarchs, she could have just killed Jian Qingyang if she wanted the pure Yang broken sword. There was no need for her to stay by his side for centuries. With the standards of a Godly Monarch, Jian Qingyang would not matter highly to her even if he was excellent.

It was hard to imagine!

Huan Chenxue said, "I know what you are perplexed about. In fact, Bai Yueyin is not the complete body of a Godly Monarch. She is only one incarnation of a Godly Monarch…"

One incarnation?

Yi Yun's heart skipped a beat.

"I previously mentioned that there were eight Godly Monarchs in ancient times. After that massive war, some perished and some were heavily injured. There were others that disappeared…"

"Bai Yueyin was one that was heavily injured. As a last resort, she sealed herself in Divine Blood Crystal and slept for a hundred million years. Although this amount of time ensured her survival, it also caused her strength to recede. In order to recover to her past state, she used a mystic technique to reincarnate. She split her soul and reincarnated again and again, so as to nurture the strength of her soul and absorb Yuan Qi. All these incarnations would slowly fuse back into her body and her strength would gradually recover.

"The girl that Jian Qingyang met was one of Bai Yueyin's incarnations. She did not have any memories as a Godly Monarch. She was herself, as plain as paper. She met Jian Qingyang and fell in love with him. She stayed by his side for centuries until one day, when she awakened. She transformed back into the true Bai Yueyin and from that moment forth, the girl of the past was dead. The person that continued living was only a soul belonging to the Godly Monarch."

"Therefore, I said that… from the moment Jian Qingyang met that girl, he was destined to lead a life of tragedy."

Yi Yun was enlightened by Huan Chenxue's explanation. It was no wonder Bai Yueyin's eyes were filled with love when she was by Jian Qingyang's side. Back then, she was truly in love with him.

They could have toured the cosmos and been together to the end of days, but their fates were destined. With Jian Qingyang's strength, how could he withstand a Godly Monarch of primordial times?

From this point of view, wasn't the reincarnated Bai Yueyin also a tragic figure?

Unfortunately, Jian Qingyang did not know why his lover had betrayed him till his death. Even with the ancient Great Empress rehabilitating him, it was still regret, indignation, and endless hatred that Jian Qingyang brought with him to his death…

Yi Yun gently touched his interspatial ring and following that a faint dark gold beam flashed. The pure Yang broken sword appeared in his hand.

The golden beam was only the effect of the pure Yang Yuan Qi in Yi Yun's body. The broken sword itself was simple and dull. It had experienced the ruthless baptism of time and was covered in rust.

It was hard to imagine that it was a sword that could stir a Godly Monarch's heart.

"If this sword is so formidable, why would it break?"

Huan Chenxue said, "The value of this sword is not in its strength but the secret contained within it."

"Secret? What is it?"

Huan Chenxue shook her head. "Too many things happened back in the primordial times. Even the most astounding matters have been buried by history. Furthermore, it was already a secret unknown during the primordial era. After hundreds of millions of years, there is no way anyone would know the truth…"

"Miss Huan, even you do not know?" Yi Yun was surprised. He previously felt that there was nothing Huan Chenxue did not know.

Yi Yun continued, "Miss Huan, I believe that whatever secret this sword entails, Bai Yueyin will find me regardless, isn’t that right…"

Back when Yi Yun first arrived in the 12 Empyrean Heavens, he had hidden all his treasures because he lacked the strength to protect them.

Later on, when he gained strength that exceeded ordinary Supremacies, and an extremely high amount of status and prestige, Yi Yun felt that treasures like the pure Yang broken sword and the God Advent Tower did not need to be hidden any longer. Furthermore, no one would recognize the pure Yang broken sword. But from the looks of it, he had made a mistake.

Huan Chenxue said with a smile, "You do not need to worry about that. From the last reincarnation of her soul, Bai Yueyin has been in seclusion for tens of thousands of years. She will not be coming out into this world any time soon. And none of her followers have ever experienced the war of the primordial times. Therefore… you are temporarily safe. However, that might not be the case when she awakens. You brought the pure Yang broken sword from the sealed Tian Yuan world into the 12 Empyrean Heavens so, in time to come, Bai Yueyin will find you because the broken sword you have is linked to the part she has. She will find you."

Huan Chenxue's words left Yi Yun appalled. He was thankful that Bai Yueyin was still in seclusion and that Huan Chenxue had found him first.

Yi Yun pondered for a moment before suddenly asking, "Miss Huan, do you understand Bai Yueyin? Is she good or bad?"

Yi Yun knew that in the primordial battle, a hundred races, including humans, had fought the bronze giants. As one of the eight Godly Monarchs who took part in that battle, Bai Yueyin must have secured great achievements for the human race.

But later, in order to obtain the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner's broken sword, she ignored the feelings she had for Jian Qingyang in that life. She stabbed him in the chest, stopping at nothing in a ruthless manner.

Huan Chenxue said, "Whether she's good or bad isn't that easily determined. In that world battle of primordial times, who can judge the goodness or badness of both parties? Those hundred races had warred against each other without end. They only united to face a stronger enemy because they had no choice. However, who can truly determine if their hearts were aligned as one when battling the Ancestor Gods?"

"Even the eight Godly Monarchs, who fought alongside each other, were not extremely close. After hundreds of millions of years passed, it became even more complicated and confusing, with no one capable of distinguishing who did what back then. You asked me who is good or bad, that is something I cannot answer because there was never good or bad, to begin with. There was only foe and friend."

Huan Chenxue's voice was fluttery as she smiled and looked at Yi Yun. She countered with a teasing tone, "Do you think you are good or bad?"

Good or bad?

If one considered the number of kills, Yi Yun had killed numerous people. He fell silent for a moment and said, "Miss Huan, you are right. My battles are not fought for good but for myself. It is all for my own conscience."

Upon saying that, Yi Yun cupped his fists. "Miss Huan, thank you for saving my life. Had you not said what you said, I might have ended up dead without even knowing why."