True Martial World Chapter 1226

Chapter 1226: Sword Bestowing
Chapter 1226: Sword Bestowing

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It was not an exaggeration to say that Huan Chenxue's reminder was saving his life.

Yi Yun knew very well that if Bai Yueyin was even willing to harm Jian Qingyang, it was absolutely impossible that she would spare him.

"I have two other matters on which I would like to consult Miss Huan."

Yi Yun came to the Mirage Sea Realm with many questions. After going through so much difficulty to meet Huan Chenxue, he naturally wanted answers for all of them.

"Young Master Yi, please ask." Huan Chenxue said calmly.

"I would like to know about the demonic servants that have infiltrated the Yang God Empyrean Heaven as evil spirits. What is going on with them? Is some ancient race, such as the sealed bronze giants, controlling all of this?"

Yi Yun was already aware of the origins of the demonic servants. They were likely remnant servants of an ancient era. They had battled with the hundred races in the past.

However, for the demonic servants to suddenly awaken after such a long slumber, there was definitely an instigator.

"Do you think it's the bronze giants…" Huan Chenxue shook her head. "It's not them. I mentioned that the human race of the time had internal conflicts. They only became stronger because a common enemy appeared and had no choice but to ally…"

"Among humans, there were always a few ambitious ones who would stop at nothing to achieve their goals. They wanted more and they lacked the strength to claim it, so they would begin taking an unorthodox path…"

"The demonic servants you mention happen to be released by humans."

"Oh!?" Yi Yun's heart palpitated. Although he had already vaguely guessed at something when he heard the first half of Huan Chenxue's answer, he was still astounded when he obtained Huan Chenxue's confirmation.

The war during ancient times had made humans suffer great losses. After so much time had passed since the war, history had been sealed under a layer of dust. People had forgotten the pain it brought to the point of awakening the slumbering demonic servants. Were they mad?

"Is no one stopping them before they can engage in such acts? Does no one consider the consequences?"

"Of course, but the people orchestrating all of this are not people of average pedigree. They work in the shadows, so how can it be easy to stop them? Furthermore, there are many complicated problems mixed into this larger problem. If we are talking about consequences, the people that released the demonic servants have definitely made more holistic considerations than you have."

"Do you think that chaos in the world, with human lives plunging into the depths of misery and suffering, is a result of negative karma? Perhaps there are some people in this world that are happy to see such a thing happen. The world has been at peace for too long. After the struggles between major powers settle down, it becomes harder to vie for newer interests. However, if the rules are broken, it's possible to gain even more. Many people look forward to destruction before establishment, and from that gain great benefits! More than twenty years ago, didn't you ally with the Guiyuan family and the Paradise Chapter to destroy the Myriad Immortal Pavilion?"

Huan Chenxue countered with a question, leaving Yi Yun speechless. Indeed, his reasons for destroying the Myriad Immortal Pavilion had nothing to do with removing the ills of society. He had done so for revenge and self-preservation. He had done it to ensure that his body and mind was at ease.

"The ancient races have been destroyed. Those that open Pandora's box naturally think they can control all the evil spirits. Taking ten thousand steps back, even if they fail to control them, the level of the calamity would not exceed that of the hundred-race war of ancient times."

"Chaos in the world leads to the suffering of all life, but it is something some people are willing to see. Heroes are born in difficult times. There were eight Godly Monarchs in ancient times, and many other influential figures throughout history. Any one of them were horrifyingly strong, but to attain that kind of cultivation level in this age of peace is exceedingly difficult. Perhaps, some people are waiting to make breakthroughs amid the chaos."

Huan Chenxue's words left Yi Yun somewhat at a loss. He originally thought that the revival of the demonic servants meant that ancient races were making a return; yet, he never imagined that humans were the ones that instigated the awakening of the demonic servants.

Humans were warlike, to begin with. It was common among humans to fight unceasingly for their interests. Furthermore, there were some perverse people who wanted revenge on the world. Such people were even more dangerous. There was no limit to what they would do.

Yi Yun knew that there was evil deeply rooted in human nature. However, he was not a person who would bemoan the state of the universe and mankind, much less the kind who would question life after seeing the ugly nature of humans and eventually decide to destroy the entire world in a crazy fit. He was only Yi Yun, an ordinary person that pursued the martial path, wanting his life to escape the cycle of samsara.

His goal was clear. He distinguished clearly between kindness and hatred and he adhered to his conscience. Regardless of how common grueling battles were in this world, as long as no one provoked him, they had nothing to do with him.

"Miss Huan, do you know the master behind Skyfire Sacred Hands? He has left behind a forbidding mark on me."

The mark that Skyfire Sacred Hands's master left might have been entrapped by the Azure Wood Divine Tree, but to completely refine it would take time.

"Young Master Yi, compared to Bai Yueyin, that red-haired man is just a trivial figure in the grand scheme of things. If you are to face Bai Yueyin, then he will only be a grinding stone for you. By the way, he has three other partners. I hope that you can kill each and every one of them within fifteen years!"

Fifteen years!

Yi Yun's eyes flashed. Up to today, he had cultivated nearly a hundred years. Anyone else would treat him as a junior, but Huan Chenxue thought so highly of him.

"During this fifteen years, I'll recommend you a place. Cultivate there." As Huan Chenxue spoke, she handed a letter to Yi Yun.

"This letter describes how you can get there. As for your pure Yang broken sword, I suggest you leave it here."

Yi Yun did not hesitate and handed over the pure Yang broken sword with both hands.

Since the two parts of the pure Yang broken sword were connected, Yi Yun would be carrying a ticking bomb if he kept it.

"Miss Huan, do you have means to hide the sword's aura, preventing Bai Yueyin from finding it?"

Yi Yun did not suspect that Huan Chenxue was deceiving him. If she wanted the sword, there was no need to go through all the hassle. He was only worried that the sword would end up harming Huan Chenxue.

"Indeed, I do have my means. This Mirage Sea Realm is a place even Bai Yueyin will have trouble finding."

Huan Chenxue extended her slender arms and took Yi Yun's sword. Following that, she returned to the bamboo lodge and brought out another sword.

The sword was about four feet long. It had an ice-blue scabbard as though it was actually formed from ice. It was crystalline and inordinately beautiful.

"Although you are leaving behind your pure Yang broken sword, you cannot be without a sword. I shall give you this, my companion sword."

As Huan Chenxue spoke, she handed the sword to Yi Yun.

Yi Yun was taken aback. Huan Chenxue's companion sword? Before he realized the meaning behind Huan Chenxue's words, he saw Elder Mo's expression change.

"Miss, you are… this…"

Before he even finished speaking, the ice-blue sword was already in his hands.

"Miss, didn't you previously say that this sword is…"

Elder Mo's voice sounded anxious as Yi Yun looked at Elder Mo oddly. His impression of him was a person with an imperturbable mind. He had never seen Elder Mo lose his composure.

What was going on with this sword?

"Elder Mo, there's no need to speak further. Since I'm doing this, I have naturally made my decision. This sword shall be given to Young Master Yi."

As he looked at the sword in front of him, Yi Yun was momentarily at a loss. He did not know if he should accept it or not. From Elder Mo's reaction, the sword seemed to mean a lot to Huan Chenxue. Did this sword also have some secret?