True Martial World Chapter 1229

Chapter 1229: Sword Discussion
Chapter 1229: Sword Discussion

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Yi Yun continuously cogitated over the sword or cultivated, but when a bottleneck appeared, it meant that his cultivation would stagnate and no longer advance.

Yi Yun pushed the door open and stepped outside. Following that, he admired the flowers and grass. Although they were mortal vegetation that did not exude spiritual energies, they still exuded a simplistic beauty.

Despite being surrounded by spiritual vegetation, these ordinary flowers and grass bloomed without restraint. They were splendid and colorful. This scene was like Huan Chenxue. Despite being a mortal, she was flawless and perfect.

Yi Yun walked slowly as he felt mixed emotions.

Unknowingly, he walked out of his compound and strolled on the island.

At that moment, Yi Yun suddenly looked up. He saw Huan Chenxue standing in front of him amid flowers. She was facing the calm blue sea and playing a jade flute.

The fine and drawn out flute tunes were sent towards the sea's surface by the winds. As Yi Yun observed the back of Huan Chenxue's spotless white clothes, he saw her ink-like hair and sleeves fluttering gently in the wind. Her slender fingers seemed to be dancing over the white jade flute.

He stood in his spot and felt that the scenery and music seemed to fuse with what he had been pondering over the past few days.

As his heart stirred, Yi Yun drew his sword and casually engaged in swordplay. His sword beams flashed without any rules or technique. They were just spontaneous sword flashes.

However, amid the unrestrained sword beams, Yi Yun felt contented.

Yi Yun only stopped when the flute tunes vanished. He looked over and saw that Huan Chenxue had turned around and was silently watching him.

"I thought you would be in seclusion for a few days. Since you are out, why don't you assist me in planting some flowers?" asked Huan Chenxue.

Only then did Yi Yun notice that she had flower seeds and a tiny spade by her feet. She had come here to plant flowers. She had only stopped for a rest after becoming a little exhausted, playing the flute in the meantime.

Unknowingly, Yi Yun had been attracted by the flute tunes and brandished his sword in high spirits. In a way, he had disturbed Huan Chenxue.

"After being graced with Miss Huan's melodious tunes, it's only natural I help you," replied Yi Yun.

Just as he walked over, Huan Chenxue handed a hoe to him. "These are ordinary flowers and grass, so there's no need to use your powers. On a similar note, since you have taken up residence, it's not appropriate for me to tend to the gardens in the house where you’re staying. Now that you’re outside, I'll tend to them today."

Upon saying this, Huan Chenxue stopped and had a thought before shaking her head. She said, "It’s not likely that I can finish today."

"No worries. Miss Huan, just come to the garden tomorrow." It was Huan Chenxue's garden, so how could Yi Yun forbid her from tending to it? In fact, he should aid her.

As she watched Yi Yun use the hoe proficiently, Huan Chenxue asked curiously, "You know how to do such things?"

Yi Yun nodded. He had done such things back in the Cloud Wilderness.

Huan Chenxue attentively listened to Yi Yun narrate his experiences in the Tian Yuan world's Cloud Wilderness. From time to time, she would nod and a faint smile would appear on her stunning face.

"I watched your swordplay just now. Have you attained the Heart of the Sword?"

Huan Chenxue asked this suddenly. Yi Yun was taken aback. Despite being a mortal, Huan Chenxue was able to tell that he had attained the Heart of the Sword?

He said, "About thirty years ago, I happened to attain it during a sparring session with a senior."

"I see…" Huan Chenxue nodded. "When I was young, there was a senior who recited to me insights on Sword Dao. Although I have never cultivated, I do understand some things."

Orally recited insights on Sword Dao?

Yi Yun was left somewhat in a daze when he heard that. Things like Sword Dao could not be orally explained. What use was there in simply talking about it? Ignoring oral recitations, even cultivating might not gain one the necessary insight. And from the looks of it, Huan Chenxue was only a child when she listened to the oral recital of the Sword Dao…

Yi Yun felt that he was sufficiently talented. When he began practicing in the way of the sword and saber, he was already in his teens. Back then, he only had a rudimentary understanding.

Yi Yun found it impossible for Huan Chenxue to have many insights, but at that moment, she began reciting them. From the Sword Intent that could be attained, to the condensing of one's Heart of the Sword, to the forging of one's Sword Soul, Huan Chenxue shared what she understood about them. What she spoke of was not the details regarding the sword, but the realms of the sword.

Yi Yun was astonished to realize that Huan Chenxue had an acute instinct for the sword, or even the way of martial arts as a whole.

"When you were engaging in your swordplay, the sword flashes were very beautiful but there were a few that I found imperfect… I do not know where the problem lies but I simply feel that when you produced those strikes, the aura you fused with the heaven and earth seemed to have something disharmonious about it. The instant I noticed that, the beauty was destroyed," Huan Chenxue said while absorbed in thought.

Yi Yun felt his heart palpitate when he heard that. As he carefully recalled the process of his swordplay, especially the particular moves that Huan Chenxue mentioned, he turned more alarmed.

Indeed, in those strikes, his Heart of the Sword was unable to perfectly fuse with the laws.

If not for Huan Chenxue pointing that out, Yi Yun would not have noticed.

He found it unbelievable. A person who did not know any swordplay was able to have such keen intuition into Sword Dao!

Perhaps it was not limited to Sword Dao. For Huan Chenxue to be capable of this, she had to possess an incomparable intuition for the Heavenly Dao. She could probably see the disharmony in laws, martial way, and aura in strikes using sabers, spears, swords, halberds, and other weapons.

This was akin to someone who did not know how to play the zither or sing but possessed an astute sense for music, who could tell the minute imperfections within a musical piece.

Upon realizing this, Yi Yun drew a deep gasp. Huan Chenxue was no ordinary mortal. It was impossible for a mortal to have such an intuitive feel for the Heavenly Dao. It was no longer something explainable by talent.

It appeared as though she was the manifestation of the Heavenly Dao itself. Only that would explain how she could tell with a glance when sword moves did not align with the Heavenly Dao.

Who was she? Why couldn't she cultivate? If she could cultivate, what sort of realm would she have attained?

"Miss Huan, you have drawn my attention to those points. Let me try again. If there are any imperfections, can you inform me?"

Going astray in the martial path wasn't terrifying. What was truly terrifying was not knowing that one had gone astray!

Be it a swordsman or bladesman, it was hard for them to find the deficiencies in their own sword or saber techniques. It was analogous to a dancer needing a mirror to correct their dancing posture. Yi Yun happened to lack that mirror.

"Of course. However, it appears that watering the flowers has to be pushed to tomorrow."

Yi Yun said, "Miss Huan, I will definitely help you water all the flowers tomorrow. I will ensure that the soil is plowed to be loose, soft, and neat."

"That would be great." Huan Chenxue smiled, the corners of her lips curving up slightly. Her smile was like a flower blooming in summer.

Yi Yun brandished his sword again and again as gorgeous sword beams flashed through the world. Huan Chenxue carefully watched him. She had extremely good memory and eyesight. She could tell Yi Yun in detail which strikes were disharmonious after he finished.

Huan Chenxue only told him which strikes were inadequate, and left the task of correcting them to him. She could even find problems in sword moves that Yi Yun originally thought were fine.

This gave Yi Yun a pleasant surprise. Although Huan Chenxue was of a mortal body, she was the best teacher. Perhaps countless people, even mighty seniors, would wish to have such a teacher!