True Martial World Chapter 123

Chapter 123: First in Mortal Blood
Chapter 123: First in Mortal Blood

“Yunxiao!” The Tao tribal clan’s elders panicked and quickly left the Tao tribal clan’s doctor to treat Tao Yunxiao.

But the medical facilities of the vast wilderness were limited. What could these quacks do for serious injuries that were a result of anger or the loss of blood?

They could only brew good herbs to be used. Hundred year old ginseng or lucidum were very good for a low level warrior, but for a Mortal Blood fifth stage warrior, their effects were great reduced.

The members of the Lian tribal clan’s warrior preparation camp looked at the fainted Tao Yunxiao and the busy tribal elders with pity.

Thinking back, when their master Lian Chengyu had failed to breakthrough to the Purple Blood realm, he had vomited blood. This was still fresh on their minds; the scene was so similar to the current scene of Tao Yunxiao vomiting blood…

But, their master, Lian Chengyu was even worse-off now. He had not said a single word since yesterday. He was probably crippled…

Thinking of this, the few members of the Lian tribal clan’s warrior preparation camp looked at Yi Yun with fear. This twelve year old youth was a terrifying demon. Even if he wasn’t strong enough to kill others, he was capable of making them die or go mad from anger without touching them!

At this moment, Yi Yun had swallowed one green elixir.

Nothing special was needed to be done when eating green elixirs, just chew and swallow.

The round green pill just melted in his mouth. It turned into an emerald green liquid and flowed down into Yi Yun’s stomach. Along with it came a strong aroma of herbs that refreshed one’s mind. Yi Yun felt the herbal essence spread within his body, opening up his pores.

“Little brother Yi, quickly shrink your pores or the green elixir’s herbal essence will diffuse. This is good stuff,” Zhang Tan advised by the side. He had turned envious just by watching.

Yi Yun nodded and followed Zhang Tan’s instructions. He shrunk his pores, and cleared his meridians, letting the green elixir’s herbal essence circulate within his body.

He felt his meridians refreshed. His right fist was also warm, as if a warm energy was enveloping it. Over time, it turned itchy and Yi Yun knew that his wound was recovering.

This green elixir sure is a high grade medicine!

Yi Yun could not help but look up at the airship. He felt grateful towards Lin Xintong because he knew that his injuries could have recovered even without the green elixir.

But Lin Xintong had specially given the green elixir to him; because of this, he remembered it well.

“Little brother Yi. After you reached the Tempered Body, Dragon Pulse state, to break through to the Purple Blood realm, it will need a lot more energy than others. When this green elixir melts into your body, slowly refine it. Do not be overeager. Use a few months to absorb it slowly, or there might be adverse effects.” Zhang Tan’s words spoke without any reservations. To Zhang Tan, Yi Yun was no longer a student, but someone worthy as his peer.

Be it Yi Yun’s future prospects or the value Lin Xintong had for Yi Yun, they all clearly illustrated this point.

And in the Tao tribal clan, only Hu Ya was worth a little of Zhang Tan’s attention, but just a little.

As for people like Tao Yunxiao, Zhang Tan could not even be bothered.

“Little brother Yi, tomorrow at an auspicious time, I will confer you the title of Kingdom Knight. Actually the real conferment ceremony can only done in the Jin Long Wei campgrounds, outside the vast wilderness. Tomorrow, I’ll just be giving you a Kingdom Knight’s seal, a conferment notice and the land that will be given to you.

Zhang Tan patted Yi Yun on the shoulders. “Work hard. By inducing Purple Air Comes From The East and also being valued by Miss Lin, you have a bright future ahead. At that time, this old brother might have to rely on little brother Yi. Haha.”

With that, Zhang Tan laughed heartily. Just from the way he addressed Yi Yun, he had subtly placed Yi Yun on equal footing.

Zhang Tan was a Jin Long Wei Thousand Households, and Yi Yun had just passed the Kingdom’s selection, yet they were on equal footing!

But it was no wonder. Zhang Tan was a Kingdom Knight, so was Yi Yun. They were both of the same nobility rank!

Not far, the Tao tribal clan’s elders saw this and consciously swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Zhang Tan’s position demanded the elders bow before him politely. They even had to be humble in their speech, but now, Zhang Tan was patting Yi Yun on the shoulder, and kept calling him “little brother Yi”, and even referred to himself as “old brother”!

This meant that verbally, Zhang Tan had acknowledged Yi Yun as his brother. Zhang Tan’s brother would be of similar stature. How could the tribal elders face Yi Yun?

These “respected” elders of the Tao tribal clan all turned dumb.

In the past, they could visit a small tribe like the Lian tribal clan with great aplomb, as if they were gods. The Patriarch of a small tribal clan had to meet them in person, bow and be courteous. If they stretched out their foot, numerous people would lick it.

As for the commoners of a small tribal clan, they did not even qualify to admire them. But now, a nobody like Yi Yun had leapt to the same footing as Zhang Tan. They had to bow when they saw Yi Yun?

The thought of needing to bow to a twelve year old child made these tribal elders feel like that had swallowed a housefly.

“If we can’t afford to offend, can’t we hide?” The tribal elders made up their minds. In the future, if they saw Yi Yun, they would take another path. It was better to take their lives than to speak humbly before Yi Yun.

Up in the airship, old man Su was grabbing his beard with a heartache expression. Yes… he was feeling the pinch for his two green elixirs.

Lin Xintong was speechless as she stood beside Su Jie. It was just two green elixirs.

“Master, you could make a whole furnace worth of green elixirs in the time it takes to have a meal.” Although old man Su was a Desolate Heaven Master, he was also an accomplished alchemist.

Old man Su retorted, “What? A whole furnace worth of green elixirs? Refining drugs also requires the ingredients. There’s also the fire. The fire I use is the special Earth Heart Li Fire, and I have to use a fire array and several desolate bones energy…Much resources are needed for cultivation, so we have to be thrifty. That damn brat, he was only cut in the hand and would be fine using the Jin Long Wei’s medicine. It’s such a waste using the green elixir.”

Old man Su complained. From the time they met, old man Su had been messing with Yi Yun.

Lin Xintong was between tears and laughter, and simply remained silent.

“Xintong, that old fellow Marquis Wenyun has finished setting up the array. I will be leaving tomorrow to assist Marquis Wenyun in opening up that ancient array. That ancient mystic realm is fraught with dangers. I can’t take you there, so you will be alone for a few days. You must be extra careful. If you encounter any danger, use the protective charm I gave you.”

Old man Su exhorted repeatedly as Lin Xintong nodded, “Master, you can be at ease.”

“I shall now announce that Yi Yun is first in the Kingdom’s selection Mortal Blood realm! He will be a Jin Long Wei elite, and conferred the title of Kingdom Knight!” Onstage, Zhang Tan announced Yi Yun’s results to tens of thousands of people.

As for Tao Yunxiao, he was carried away by the tribal elders.

The surrounding audience had indescribable feelings. As people of the Tao tribal clan, they had always been proud. In an area spanning thousands of miles, they were the absolute kings, but now, their pride had been shattered by Zhang Tan’s words.

“Little brother Yi, the Jin Long Wei is carrying out a mission in the Cloud Wilderness. We will be staying for a while, so we won’t be able to bring you to the Jin Long Wei campgrounds in the central plains to confer you your title temporarily . You can accompany my Jin Long Wei Army and spend some time in the vast wilderness!”

“I will follow the plans of Lord Thousand Households,” Yi Yun said without any objections.

Zhang Tan nodded. In the end, he had never asked the relationship Yi Yun had with Lin Xintong.

For figures like Lin Xintong, Zhang Tan knew that he shouldn’t delve into things he shouldn’t. Even the matter of Lin Xintong giving pills to Yi Yun would be played down by him. He would not mention it again since Lin Xintong’s message had only been for Zhang Tan’s ears.

Zhang Tan had a faint idea that Lin Xintong did not want many to know about it.

So Zhang Tan decided to simply say Lin Xintong had given those elixirs on a whim. He had taken things into his own hands by giving them to Yi Yun.

Zhang Tan faintly knew that the powers behind Lin Xintong were complex. It even concerned the upper echelon of the Kingdom. It wasn’t something a small fry like him could understand or partake in.

Previously there were rumors that Lin Xintong could become a Crown Princess. No matter if the rumors were true, it was better to err on the side of caution, so Zhang Tan would not gossip about Lin Xintong’s relations with other people.

Previously when Zhang Tan gave Yi Yun the green elixir, he had transmitted the part about Lin Xintong directly to Yi Yun. It was also to prevent others from hearing.