True Martial World Chapter 1231

Chapter 1231: Location of Boundless Mountain
Chapter 1231: Location of Boundless Mountain

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The tiny red snake was about the length of an index finger and as thin as a willow leaf. It raised its tiny head and looked at Yi Yun from the bowl's mouth.

Yi Yun's hand silently pressed down on his interspatial ring. From the first moment he saw the girl, he knew that she was absolutely not a mortal. How could the energy fluctuations within her deceive Yi Yun's senses?

Be it the bamboo basket or the bowl of water she offered, Yi Yun had noticed something amiss with them. He never expected that the seemingly dilapidated village would be home to such a sinister girl.

"Did you kill the people of this village? I'm not someone with a strong sense of justice that needs to help the weak, as it has nothing to do with me. But since you’ve provoked me today, I'll seek revenge for the villagers in passing."

As Yi Yun spoke, he took out a four-foot-long sword.

This was an ordinary sword he randomly took out from his interspatial ring. Although Yi Yun had obtained Mirage Snow, it was Huan Chenxue's family heirloom. Yi Yun would not use it wantonly against any enemy.

"Heh heh heh! What an audacious tone, watch me as I eat you!"

As the girl spoke, two pale red crescent blades appeared in her hands out of thin air. From the quality of the blades, they seemed to be formed from the fangs of a particular beast.

The moment the two blades appeared, the surrounding atmosphere turned scorching. The two blades slashed over, targeting Yi Yun's sword.

The girl had extraordinary discernment. She could tell at a glance that the sword Yi Yun had taken out was only of an ordinary grade. Against her beast fang blades, the only outcome was for it to be cleaved apart.


A clear sound rang as Yi Yun's sword was nipped by the two crescent blades as though a snake had its weak spot clasped.

The girl laughed elegantly as she exerted force in a bid to break Yi Yun's sword.

But the moment she used her strength, the girl's expression changed. It was as though Yi Yun's sword was a divine weapon that could not be snapped apart. Then, she felt an immense rebounding force, causing her to nearly lose her grip on her crescent blades.

At that moment, Yi Yun shook his right hand and, with a sword hum ringing, his sword transformed into a beam of light that came straight at the girl's chest.


The girl was alarmed as she retreated frantically. She barely dodged the strike, but the clothes on her chest had been slashed apart by the sword beam, revealing snow-white skin beneath.

The girl turned embarrassed and infuriated as she shouted sharply, "Die!"


With an explosion, the porcelain bowl that was placed on the table exploded suddenly. The tiny red snake in the bowl shot at Yi Yun's glabella like a sharp arrow.

And at the same time, the girl's venomous snake that transformed from a bamboo basket followed closely behind, aiming for Yi Yun's throat.

The two snakes of varying sizes leapt for Yi Yun's vital spots simultaneously.

Yi Yun scanned them with a glance and could immediately tell that the two snakes were not actually true snakes, but nomological manifestations.

Especially the tiny red snake. It attacked with terrifying bloodlust, and when it opened its jaws it was as though blood pools from hell had descended upon the world.

Laws of Blood?

Yi Yun's heart palpitated slightly. He had somewhat underestimated the girl. The Laws of Blood were originally quite uncommon laws. Their means of killing were strange and tended towards the unorthodox. Very few warriors were aware of them.

As for the other snake, it was refined from highly venomous objects. If it were to enter his body, it would tear through his stomach and intestines.

One side was blood while the other side was venom. With the two strange blades in the girl's hand, anyone from the younger generation would probably succumb to her.

Unfortunately, she was facing Yi Yun.

Yi Yun put away his sword and stretched out both arms, tapping gently on the two snakes.

A gray aura blasted out, enveloping the two tiny snakes.

Destruction Dao Domain!

By releasing the Destruction Dao Domain in a tiny region, it had a similar effect as the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence. However, it drained very little of Yi Yun's Yuan Qi.



Two explosive blasts sounded as the two snakes shot right into the gray mist, disintegrating instantly!

The girl was dumbfounded when she saw this.

That… was her ace in the hole. Something she had arduously cultivated in. Yet it was gone… just like that?

Before she could even react, Yi Yun had appeared in front of her like a ghost.

He clenched his fist and struck suddenly at the girl's abdomen!


The girl grunted in pain as she spewed a mouthful of blood. Her entire body flew, blasting through the rundown house.

She did not stop, flying for thousands of feet, crashing through several houses in the process before collapsing heavily in the ridges.

The girl spat out fresh blood mixed with mud. She was severely injured and suffered excruciating pain.

She had encountered a tough one!

Indeed, one would eventually encounter a ghost if one always walked in the night.

The girl knew that a wise girl does not fight when the odds are against her. The malignant star was not to be offended so she was bent on hiding.

The girl had engaged in her sinister acts for years and mastered many a great escape skill. Just as she created an avatar as an attempt to slink off, she heard a murderous voice booming in her ear—

"Don't you think of escaping through the ground. I have already locked onto you with my perception. If you make another move, your head will roll."

The girl's body froze as she felt a chill down her back. Instantly, she did not dare to move.

He was a true malignant star. Just as the thought of escaping came to her, she was discovered. There was no means of survival for her.

At that moment, Yi Yun had walked in front of the girl. Clenching her collar, he lifted her directly.

The girl was very light and felt like an accessory in Yi Yun's hand.

Yi Yun naturally did not stand on ceremony by confiscating the two beast fang blades.

He sized up the girl. "I thought you were a snake but you are actually human. I never expected you to be this vicious at your age."

The corners of Yi Yun's mouth curved up. He smiled rather nefariously. If anyone were to see this scene, there was no way they would think of Yi Yun as a good person. They would see him as an evil bully maltreating a village girl.

The girl turned aghast when she saw Yi Yun's sinister smile. She was afraid of what Yi Yun would do to her as she hurriedly explained, "Young Hero, don't be agitated. I… I only wanted to commit robbery. I do not eat people. Also… also, this was an abandoned village, to begin with. The people… the people were not killed by me…"

"I'll ask you a few questions. If you can answer them, I might spare you. If you lie, I'll snap your neck off."

Yi Yun naturally did not show any mercy to people that wanted to harm him.

The girl's face was pale. She had intended to submit to Yi Yun and use her advantages as a girl, saying obsequious things such as 'Big Brother spare me'. But when she saw Yi Yun's fierce look, she could not help but strike those thoughts away.

"Go… ahead and ask," The girl said helplessly.

"Do you know of Boundless Mountain?"

The girl shook her head like a rattle. "I do not know of Boundless Mountain but I've heard of Boundless Chapter…"

"Oh? Boundless Chapter?" Yi Yun pondered slightly. The map he had was aged so it wasn't a surprise if the sect established on Boundless Mountain was named Boundless Chapter.

"Where is this Boundless Chapter. Do you know of a person named Old Snake from Boundless Chapter?"

"Old Snake?"

The girl blinked her large eyes without exposing her thoughts.

"Do you have a grudge against him?" probed the girl.

Yi Yun furrowed his brows. "No, why?"

"Oh… That's good." The girl seemed to be relieved as she said, "I know Old Snake. He was originally Boundless Chapter's sect master."

"Sect master?" Yi Yun was immediately relieved when he heard that. From the looks of it, he had found the right person. The Boundless Chapter in question was likely Boundless Mountain.

Since it was a place introduced by Huan Chenxue, there must have been something special in Boundless Chapter. He just never expected Old Snake to be Boundless Chapter's sect master.

However, Yi Yun was somewhat curious. As the sect master of a powerful sect, why did he take on the name of Old Snake? It did not sound authoritative.

"Where is Boundless Chapter now? If you tell me the correct location, I'll spare you." Yi Yun intended to take a trip to Boundless Chapter and hand Huan Chenxue's letter to Old Snake.

"About that…" The girl felt a little embarrassed. "Well… I can't answer that one. The territory of Boundless Chapter had been snatched away some years ago, so there's no longer a Boundless Chapter… Yea… It's already gone…"

"What… what did you say? Its territory has been snatched away?" Yi Yun widened his eyes and felt a little dumbfounded.

"That right. As for the disciples of Boundless Chapter, they split the assets and escaped collectively. A number of disciples went to a powerful sect known as the Myriad God Ridge. However, as most Boundless Chapter disciples were poor in talent, the Myriad God Ridge was not interested in them. Ninety-nine percent of those who participated in Myriad God Ridge's entrance test failed…"

"So there was no other way out after disbanding. A very small number of people passed the test, becoming part of the Myriad God Ridge. As for Old Snake, it is unknown what methods he used, but he actually managed to pass the Myriad God Ridge's entrance test. I do not know how he managed to pass it at such an old age."

"Of course, he naturally couldn't be sect master anymore. He should be in Myriad God Ridge at present. Apparently, he does some miscellaneous chores…"

Upon hearing the girl's words, Yi Yun was left stunned. Was Boundless Chapter truly the place Huan Chenxue had recommended? He originally believed that, for it to be recommended by Huan Chenxue, the place was either a reclusive immortal sect or a powerful faction that controlled millions of miles of territory. Yet it was actually in such an abject state?