True Martial World Chapter 1235

Chapter 1235: Impervious
Chapter 1235: Impervious

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The old man thought nothing of Snake Girl's tirade. His skin was thicker than the city walls and he did not seem to notice the strange looks people were casting at him.

"How can that be? As the mantra goes, a teacher that teaches you for a day should be regarded as a father for life. I taught you all the means to make a living and now that I'm old, it's about time I enjoy my retirement. Look at me, even at this age, I'm still waking up early in the morning and going back late at night to do a little business. It’s such a tiring life."

When the old man said that, the surrounding warriors’ eyes nearly popped out from their heads. They had seen shameless people before, but they had never seen one as shameless as this. He even managed to claim that 'robbing' was a means of living.

Although a warrior's world was one in which survival of the fittest ruled and robbery wasn't a rare occurrence, to speak of it in such a perfectly justified manner would make even bandits blush slightly.

When Yi Yun saw that the duo was about to engage in another round of banter, he hurriedly interrupted them. "Senior… if you lack money for alcohol, I have some means of my own. I can earn money for you, but first I have something I need to ask you. Senior, I wonder if you can spare me some time to speak in private."

Yi Yun wanted to take out Huan Chenxue's letter, but it did not seem suitable to take it out in public with so many wandering eyes.

Old Snake had originally written Yi Yun off, but when he heard that there was money to be made, his tiny pair of eyes lit up. He turned back to look at Yi Yun. "Lad, you have some brains. How about it, do you want to be my disciple? The benefits of being my disciple are nearly infinite. In Myriad God Ridge, just say my name and no one will dare bully you."

Old Snake said this in an 'earnest and patient' manner, but the people around them were already bursting with laughter.

Yi Yun was a little dumbfounded. He had originally guessed that Huan Chenxue had instructed him to seek Old Snake to be his disciple. He already felt that Old Snake's personality was somewhat unique and there should be some difficulty in being accepted as his disciple. He never expected Old Snake to throw himself forward and offer himself as a master. Wasn't such a master worthless? Where was his dignity as an expert?

Although it sounded unreliable, Yi Yun considered the matter. Since Old Snake had already said so, he might as well go with the flow and acknowledge this master as he was. After all, there was no harm.

But just at that moment, Snake Girl rolled her eyes at the old man and grumbled, "So far, I’ve paid the fee for the teleportation array and the city entrance fee. Twelve inferior-grade Spirit Jade. I don't even earn that much from one business transaction."

Snake Girl was feeling displeased so she deliberately exposed Yi Yun.

When the old man heard that, he immediately looked Yi Yun in a different light. No money? If he had no money, what was he doing here acting like a wealthy young master?

He immediately coughed dryly and said, "My standards for a disciple are very high. Most people can forget about being my disciple. I would never consider it unless I received two hundred Spirit Jade as a courtesy gift."

When the old man said that, a few wealthy young masters present flapped their fans in contempt. Two hundred Spirit Jade was considered a high standard? What an ignoramus.

The youth in gorgeous clothes said with a laugh, "Two hundred Spirit Jade. Hehe, that's really a little expensive. It can barely pay for a meal at Heavenly Joy Tavern."

When he said that, the laughter became even more uproarious.

They were watching the comedy show of the old man, Snake Girl, and Yi Yun. They originally thought that the old man and Snake Girl were a one of a kind master-disciple duo, but they never expected the youth to also be a clueless ignoramus. This was obviously an old trickster that scammed for food and drink, yet Yi Yun continued addressing him as senior and even tried to show him respect. One had to wonder if he was slow in the head.

At that moment, Yi Yun felt a string of curses running through his mind. He did not mind how others viewed him, what bothered him was that the old fellow was such an oddity. He even began to suspect if he had found the wrong person.

The Boundless Mountain he needed to find was no longer Boundless Mountain but Boundless Chapter. In addition, the name Old Snake wasn't so rare. Could it be that this old scammer shared a name with the expert Yi Yun was meant to find?

At that moment, Yi Yun did not think it was wise to take out the letter. Yi Yun believed that Huan Chenxue belonged to a family clan that was reclusive. He did not know what sort of mission the family clan had but he definitely could not expose their existence to strangers.

Upon thinking of this, Yi Yun secretly measured the elder's cultivation level.

On the surface, the elder was only at the Dao Palace realm. He had an ordinary foundation and was a classic example of not having reached that level by his own strength.

However, Yi Yun had the Purple Crystal. With the Purple Crystal's energy vision, nothing could be hidden. He activated the energy vision and looked at the elder. What he saw made him gasp.

In the energy vision, the elder's cultivation level was still as bad as ever. However, what caught Yi Yun's attention was a blob of hazy gray light in the elder's body. Even with the energy vision, Yi Yun could not identify it.

The old man was extraordinary after all.

Yi Yun now believed that he had found the right person. He said with a voice transmission, "Senior, Miss Huan gave me a letter that I'm supposed to hand to you."

Yi Yun only mentioned the surname. In that way, the possibility of exposing Huan Chenxue was greatly reduced. If he was Old Snake, he should know the name. He carefully observed Old Snake's expression, hoping to find some minute change in it.

However, Yi Yun never expected that the old man would fail to hear it. After bantering with Snake Girl all day, he suddenly seemed to recall something. He turned and glanced at Yi Yun, saying blankly, "Lad, did you speak to me just now?"

Yi Yun was rendered speechless. The old fellow was truly impervious.

"I want to buy one of your registration tokens."

Yi Yun had made up his mind. He was bent on following the old man and since he had already gotten to the Myriad God Ridge, all he needed to do was enter the sect.

Old Snake rolled his eyes at Yi Yun. "Do you have money?"

At that moment, Snake Girl quickly pressed down on her interspatial ring, worried that he would have thoughts on her money. She knew very well that the old man would not give Yi Yun a discount.

"I do not have Spirit Jade but what do you think of this fruit?"

Yi Yun took out a red and plump fruit. It was a supplementary herb needed for alchemy. It wasn't an extremely expensive fruit but it was great for brewing alcohol. Because of that, it was always in great demand.

Even in the Sinkhole, such a fruit could be sold for about two to three hundred Spirit Jade.

Indeed, Old Snake's eyes lit up when he saw the fruit.

"Red Brewing Fruit. Great item. In that case, I'll accept it grudgingly. This token is yours."

Old Snake threw a token over. The crowd shook their heads when they saw this. The youth was truly dumb. He had bought a token from the old trickster for more than two times the price. He was taking a huge loss.

However, Old Snake still had some integrity. He did not demand money from his disciple and gave Snake Girl a registration token for free.

With that, the rich scions behind them realized that the buzz was over. They rushed over to buy a registration token. Instantly, Old Snake's business was surprisingly good. He did not have many tokens to begin with, so he sold them all very quickly.

Yi Yun walked to the front of the line. The registration booth was in a square up ahead. On one side was a registration booth that accepted money, and on the other was an ordinary testing ground. After obtaining a token, one had to immediately undergo a small test. This meant that before the token could even warm in their hands, they had to return it to Myriad God Ridge. It was a complete waste of money.

Yi Yun already had a token so he directly went to the testing ground.