True Martial World Chapter 124

Chapter 124: Overshadowing Heroic Spirit
Chapter 124: Overshadowing Heroic Spirit

The day after the Kingdom’s selection ended was the day for Yi Yun’s conferment ceremony!

Zhang Tan found Yi Yun, but the first thing that caught Yi Yun’s eyes was not the conferment notice, but an exclusive mount used by the Jin Long Wei!

And Zhang Tan indicated that this mount was specially prepared for Yi Yun.

“This mount… it’s mine!?” Yi Yun looked at the eight meter tall behemoth with great shock. This was a two to three story tall super-behemoth!

Yi Yun never expected this when he entered this world three months ago and saw Zhang Yuxian with a sword slung on his back, riding on such a behemoth across the vast wilderness.

And now, three months later, he actually would have such a beast mount of his own!

“Yes, it’s yours. Haha!” Zhang Tan laughed. “If it was any normal candidate, even if they became a Jin Long Wei member, it would take them a year or two before they could get their very own near-horned beast!”

“This near-horned beast can travel three thousand miles a day. Do not think of it as heavy, it can go anywhere, be it mountains or canyons! Also, it has a big advantage. It is this reason that it is the Jin Long Wei’s standard mount. Can you guess what it is?”

Zhang Tan stopped to keep Yi Yun guessing. Yi Yun asked with interest, “It can carry a lot? It has great stamina?”

Zhang Tan shook his head, “No! This near-horned beast can of course carry a lot and has great stamina. It can run for three days straight, covering ten thousand miles without a problem! But this isn’t the greatest advantage of the near-horned beast. The greatest advantage is that it eats very little! If a near-horned beast really wants to eat, it can eat a towering tree for its meal. But without food, it can directly absorb Heaven Earth Yuan Qi as its energy source. As a roaming army, supplies are a big problem. Usually, such a big mount’s appetite will need several carts of food. But the near-horned beast can starve for years. This is the critical point.”

“Directly absorb Heaven Earth Yuan Qi?” Yi Yun was stunned but quickly understood. Yes, in this world, there were all sorts of treasures. There were also desolate and fierce beasts. They could absorb the essence of the surroundings and expirate the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi from birth. Humans had to cultivate to reach such a state.

Humans and beasts had their own advantages.

A large mount that did not need food was a great help to traverse the vast wilderness!

Yi Yun was very pleased with his mount. He leaped and landed onto the near-horned beast’s wide back. The near-horned beast seemed to have some wisdom and did not resist Yi Yun as its new owner.

This mount was too cool!

“Thank you, Lord Thousand Households!” Yi Yun disembarked his mount and bowed.

“Haha, little brother Yi, just call me older brother Zhang from now on. The Jin Long Wei will be staying in the Tao tribal clan for some time. Stay for a few more days and cultivate.”

Hearing Zhang Tan’s words, Yi Yun hesitated slightly before saying, “It’s like this. I would love to stay here for a few days to cultivate, but I have an elder sister back in the Lian tribal clan. Because of some reasons, she had to hide in the mountains. Before I left, I left sufficient food for her. But she’s a weak girl, so I am worried that she has stayed in the mountains for too long a time. And… my relationship with my sister is very good. She hasn’t heard from me these few days, and will probably worry and maybe miss….”

“Also, I still have benefactors in the Lian tribal clan. Because of a lack of food, they aren’t having a good time, so I cannot put my mind at ease.” Because he did not bring Jiang Xiaorou with him, he was unable to be at ease.

Although the back mountains of the Lian tribal clan did not have any beasts, it was a place where rabbits were even hard to find, he could not afford a single mishap.

Zhang Tan laughed, “Looks like little brother Yi is sentimental at heart. Since you said so, then alright. In the next few days, some of my brothers will be coming to the Cloud Wilderness as reinforcements. General Yan has also ordered us to station troops around the surrounding tribes. We are still considered quite free for now. I’ll send some brothers with you to bring you back to the Lian tribal clan. You can then reunite with your sister. I’ll also get them to bring some good food for your benefactors!”

“In addition, you will need some followers at your new territory. The Jin Long Wei will help you bring them there.” Zhang Tan did as he said. With a wave of a hand, he let his subordinates do the preparations.

Yi Yun was pleased hearing that. The Jin Long Wei would bring food, allowing his sister and all his benefactors to go through this difficult period. With his most pressing needs resolved, Yi Yun could also hunt on his own.

Due to Lian Chengyu having overdrafted the Lian tribal clan’s food and resources, the people of the Lian tribal clan were already struggling. Some of them were even forced to eat Guanyin clay to stave off their hunger.

“Thank you older brother Zhang.” Yi Yun was not pretentious. Since Zhang Tan had said so, he casually called him so.

“Haha.” Zhang Tan laughed heartily and patted Yi Yun on his shoulders, “Little brother Yi, as soldiers, we work hard to make contributions in the future in order to be conferred high ranks. You have a bright future ahead. If you were to become wealthy in the future, your sister will also be conferred, and might even become a princess or something!”

“Come, old brother will choose a set of clothes for you!” Yi Yun was to be conferred as a Kingdom Knight today. Although it was the preliminary ceremony, he had to be well-dressed and not be dressed in his shabby linen clothes.

Yi Yun’s residence had already changed to the Jin Long Wei’s camp, where the living conditions were good.

Yi Yun took a comfortable hot bath. He took off his linen clothes and changed into the new Jin Long Wei clothes.

During celebratory ceremonies, the Jin Long Wei would wear special ceremonial clothes, as for Kingdom Knights, they could wear a flying fish robe!

The flying fish robe was white in color. Across the chest was an embroidered golden flying fish. It was exquisitely sewn using rich brocade. The beautiful patterns looked as if they were sewn with gold threads.

Yi Yun had always been wearing linen clothes. Even the Lian tribal clan’s Patriarch wore half new cotton robes which was already amazing. Usually, he would not be willing to wear it except during ceremonies.

As for the silk brocade, it was a legendary item because it was only obtained from the central plains! Not only the Lian tribal clan, even the Tao tribal clan’s Patriarch had never seen such clothes.

He wore a flying fish robe and around his waist was a unicorn band; and he was wearing moccasins on his feet.

These items, especially the flying fish robe and unicorn band, could only be worn by nobles. Even the richest tycoons were not entitled to wear them.

This was a symbol of nobility!

Just from the gear, Yi Yun could tell the extraordinary status of the Jin Long Wei and the privilege enjoyed by the nobles. Even the lowest ranked Kingdom Knight’s clothes, if sold, could be enough for a person to spend for the rest of his life.

After putting on his clothes, Yi Yun hung a Yanchi saber by his waist.

This was the standard saber of the Jin Long Wei. The scabbard was gilded with gold. As a unique mark of a Kingdom Knight, there was an oval piece of jade socketed in the middle of Yi Yun’s scabbard.

This Yanchi saber was mainly used for ceremonies or rituals. Of course, using it to kill wasn’t perfunctory.

This Yanchi saber was not more than three feet long. It was two inches wide and did not weigh more than a hundred pounds. Pulling the saber out of the sheath, the blade was cold and shiny. It could slice through metal like mud!

This saber was extremely valuable. With it hanging by his side, it added to his heroic spirit!

After having put on his entire outfit, he looked into the mirror and was stunned.

He couldn’t even believe that the youth in the mirror was himself.

Having come into this alternate world, he had always been wearing tattered linen clothes, how could he have tried brocade clothes?

As the saying goes, clothes make the man, Yi Yun in his white flying fish robe looked bright and valiant!

Due to the several months of training, Yi Yun’s body had grown better and better. With the Purple Crystal’s energy transforming his muscles, Yi Yun now had smooth and sleek skin, like a piece of jade. Soft lines featured his handsome face, but his eyebrows contained verve, making him still look masculine.

Although Yi Yun was still short, his body was fit. His legs were long and slender, making him a perfect embodiment of the flying fish robe.

Yi Yun was like a precious sword that had been unsheathed. Its blade’s beam shining in all directions with a force to be reckoned!

When Yi Yun walked out of the bathroom’s locker room, Zhang Tan’s eyes lit up upon seeing him. His subordinates all stared at Yi Yun, trying to distinguish if this was Yi Yun or some extraordinary son from a large family clan in the capital.

“Haha, you suit this flying fish robe perfectly! I must say, little brother Yi, with your looks, in another three or five years, when you become dashing, I wonder how many girls will get intro trouble because of you!” Zhang Tan joked without shame. Actually, Zhang Tan was not a serious person nor inflexible. A typical military man amidst a testosterone-filled environment was seldom serious or prim. It was common to brag and goof off, being outspoken and tell s*x jokes one after another.

But Zhang Tan would only be outspoken among people of similar stature, or with brothers whom he had gone through life and death with. In front of his subordinates and commoners, he would appear cold and heartless.

As an old timer in the army, in front of the recruits, he as an instructor had to maintain the dignity of the Jin Long Wei.

Yi Yun shyly scratched his head. He was very satisfied with the effects of wearing the flying fish robe.

“Let’s go, time to confer you as a Kingdom Knight!” With that, Zhang Tan brought Yi Yun out. Yi Yun rode on his near-horned beast. This beast sauntered through the streets of the Tao tribal clan’s city.

The entire Tao tribal clan was bustling because Yi Yun’s conferment ceremony was being held in the celebration square of the Tao tribal clan.

The Tao tribal clan meticulously made the arrangements. Because besides Yi Yun’s conferment as a Kingdom Knight, Hu Ya was also to be officially inducted as a Jin Long Wei member.

Of course, Yi Yun was the absolute star of the show today.

When Yi Yun rode on the near-horned beast and appeared near the Tao tribal clan celebration square, many people looked at Yi Yun.

Seeing Yi Yun in his brocade flying fish robe, with his Yanchi saber by his waist, many people of the Tao tribal clan became dumbfounded.