True Martial World Chapter 1240

Chapter 1240: Main Peak
Chapter 1240: Main Peak

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"What!? Sect Master is willing to take him in as a disciple?"

Song Bowen was startled by Mo Shanqing's words. The other three personal disciples were also in a state of disbelief.

The Myriad God Ridge's sect master had not taken in any disciples for the last thousand years.

Despite them all being personal disciples, there were differences in their status.

For instance, Song Bowen's master was Elder Taiqing, and the Myriad God Ridge's sect master was the junior brother of Elder Taiqing's master.

As for Mo Shanqing, Myriad God Ridge's sect master was the senior brother of his master.

The differences between the titles of martial uncle were not generational but based on cultivation level. In Myriad God Ridge, the accomplished reigned supreme. The higher the cultivation level, the higher one's status was. The highest was obviously the Patriarch. However, it was rare to even hear about the Patriarch, much less see him. Therefore, Myriad God Ridge's sect master naturally became the person with the highest authority in Myriad God Ridge.

This punk was actually so lucky as to be designated the personal disciple of the sect master?

Song Bowen found it unbelievable. What quality gave him that right?

In fact, Mo Shanqing did not truly understand the matter. However, since the sect master had given the order, what else could he say?

Instantly, the atmosphere turned rowdy. The title of personal disciple was enough to stir the crowd!

These candidates were mainly from the various regions of the Calm Sea. All of them wanted to enter the Myriad God Ridge to enjoy a meteoric rising.

The entire Calm Sea spanned tens of millions of kilometers that contained innumerable countries of various sizes. And if one became a Myriad God Ridge disciple, even if they were merely an outer disciple, it was enough for them to be made nobles in their own countries. If they became inner disciples, the status would be enough to make their country's emperor treat them with the utmost respect.

As for core disciples or personal disciples, they were completely unimaginable. If they really employed their strength, they could easily wipe out an entire dynasty.

The surroundings examinees started to voice their envy, making Mo Shanqing frown slightly. He glanced at Yi Yun and said, "It's your good luck and fortune that the sect master thinks so highly of you. However, a word of advice. It's useless to simply stir the Ascending Dragon Cauldron! True geniuses depend on strength, not some so-called 'wisdom root!’"

Mo Shanqing spoke coldly. In fact, he never understood the situation. If they were only interested in the treasures sealed in the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, they could just invite the candidate with the treasure into the sect and trade the treasure for some reasonable benefits. Why did they make any candidate that was able to stir the Ascending Dragon Cauldron a core or even personal disciple?

"Got it."

Yi Yun answered Mo Shanqing's advice tersely. He had a rather bad impression of Mo Shanqing and so didn’t bother to act cordially.

Such an attitude naturally displeased Mo Shanqing. He stole a glance at Yi Yun before retreating into the pocket world within the stone gateway.

The test continued!

With about seven to eight thousand participants, it would take about two days to finish. It was still early.

The second batch of tests had already been prepared. As the candidates anxiously participated in the test, they watched enviously as Yi Yun and Snake Girl went to a test booth to retrieve the clothes and tokens issued to new recruits.

"State your names!"

Ji bellowed at Yi Yun and Snake Girl.

Yi Yun’s mouth twitched. As an examinee, they had to engrave their names into the registration token after obtaining it. It could be clearly seen by anyone who scanned the token with their perceptions. He refused to believe that the personal disciples did not know his name. This manner of questioning was only meant to establish an imposing air.

"Snake Girl." Snake Girl obediently reported her name.

As for Yi Yun, he lazily waved the registration token in his hand without saying a word. His intention was clear—take a look for yourself.

As he watched this happen, a few veins protruded from Song Bowen's forehead.

"Junior Sister Jin, bring them up the mountain."

Ji surmised that if Song Bowen was to send the duo, they might come to blows midway. Therefore, he let his Junior Sister Jin, who had a warmer temperament, to lead the way.

Yi Yun did not mind. When he was about to leave, he glanced at Old Snake and while cupping his fists, he said, "Senior, I would like to treat you to some drinks whenever you have the time."

This was the second time Yi Yun said such a thing.

Many people had mocked him for overestimating himself back when he offered to treat Old Snake to drinks after gaining entry to the sect.

Now, as Yi Yun said the same thing a second time, they were left with more mixed emotions.

Why did the entire test appear to be a game to Yi Yun? Yet, despite his nonchalance, he really entered the Myriad God Ridge and became a personal disciple of the highest standing.

"Hehe, I'll wait till you are settled in. I'll be at the Myriad God Restaurant. Remember to bring more money," Old Snake said with a chuckle. He lit up when alcohol was mentioned.

When everyone heard that, their mouths twitched. Myriad God Restaurant!

The name made it obvious that it was run by the Myriad God Ridge. It was the most luxurious restaurant around the Myriad God Ridge. The food it served was usually cooked using natural treasures that were astronomical in price. It wasn't uncommon to pay a few thousand Spirit Jade for a single meal. If one were a little more extravagant, it would not be surprising for their bill to be one or two hundred thousand Spirit Jade.

Old Snake had immediately chosen the Myriad God Restaurant the moment he was being offered a treat. His shamelessness was truly unparalleled.

"Alright. See you at Myriad God Restaurant in five days."

Yi Yun agreed readily as a curve suffused his lips. This old fellow was finally willing to have a proper conversation with him. Yi Yun's mind was riddled with questions. One of them pertained to the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

Yi Yun followed Junior Sister Jin and headed for the Myriad God Ridge's main peak.

Junior Sister Jin remained silent throughout the journey and led Yi Yun across six peaks and five mountain entrances before arriving at Myriad God Ridge's main peak.

The mountain was tens of thousands of meters tall and its peak was covered in snow. However, amid the snow, there were large swaths of array formations that had exquisite jade trees and agar flowers that vied against each other for the right to be called the most beautiful.

After walking past the restraints, Yi Yun sighed at Myriad God Ridge's wealth. The bricks and tiles were literally lined with jade and gold. The spring water was made of spiritual liquid and there were spirit beasts darting around the valuable vegetation that was everywhere. The mist lingered, making it feel like an immortal's paradise.

"Junior Sister Jin, are these two newly recruited disciples?"

At that moment, a male disciple dressed in purple was standing above a gigantic hawk. He landed in front of Yi Yun and Snake Girl.

"Yes… Senior Brother Cang Wu, one of them is a personal disciple recruited by Sect Master and the other will be a core disciple. I have brought this young man to pay Sect Master a visit."

It was not easy to get a meeting with the sect master of Myriad God Ridge. However, Yi Yun was different. He was a disciple of the sect master and, according to the Myriad God Ridge's rules, newly recruited disciples had to first visit their masters.

"What? Sect Master has taken in a disciple?" Cang Wu looked at Yi Yun in disbelief after hearing the news. "He… got recruited?"

Cang Wu pointed at Yi Yun, who smirked. He could not be bothered to deal with these people. He was only planning on entering the Myriad God Ridge to find Old Snake, but he never expected to become the sect master's personal disciple. But so what if he was one? Why did everyone who saw him make a huge fuss about it as though they were mentally unsound?

"Yes, it's him. Might I trouble Senior Brother Cang Wu to pass the news. I'm bringing him to meet Sect Master," Junior Sister Jin said while looking at Yi Yun unhappily.