True Martial World Chapter 1247

Chapter 1247: Duanmu Qingwen
Chapter 1247: Duanmu Qingwen

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"Young Master… Young Master, are you dissatisfied with me?"

Duanmu Qingwen probed carefully.

Yi Yun did not reply to her. Instead, he closed his eyes and swept the Sunken Moon Tower's vicinity with his perception. He did not find a single trace of Zuoyan Xiaoyu.

Zuoyan Xiaoyu was gone!

Yi Yun suddenly felt an ominous foreboding.

Yi Yun naturally remembered Duanmu Qingwen’s name. Previously, Zuoyan Xiaoyu had mentioned that Duanmu Qingwen was an outer-sect disciple that had entered Myriad God Ridge together with her.

Back then, Duanmu Qingwen wished to be a maidservant in the personal disciple division as well. She had even tried to use her family ties but, in the end, the job landed in Zuoyan Xiaoyu's hands because of her slightly higher talent.

If there were shifts, Duanmu Qingwen still shouldn’t have been there. She was not a maidservant in the personal disciple zone at all.

Although he knew this, Yi Yun still held hopes. He asked her, "Do you maidservants also take shifts? Zuoyan Xiaoyu was serving me previously. Where is she?"

"Xiaoyu? She's been transferred away. It was the Miscellaneous Chores Department that instructed me to replace her," replied Duanmu Qingwen.

"She's been transferred!?" Duanmu Qingwen's answer sank Yi Yun's heart. Indeed, it was as he thought!

There was no question on the reason. It must have been due to the banquet four days ago.

Yi Yun was a personal disciple and, with his powerful strength, those people would not dare touch him. However, Zuoyan Xiaoyu was different. She was only an outer-sect disciple, lacking in both strength and background. She could be easily strong-armed!

Although the Myriad God Ridge rules prohibited disciples from killing one another, there was not much punishment other than paying some Spirit Jade if a personal disciple were to kill an outer-sect disciple!

Song Bowen and that lanky youth were clearly not magnanimous people. Having suffered at Yi Yun's hand, they knew that there was no way to turn the tables, so they vented their anger on Zuoyan Xiaoyu!

Back at the banquet, Zuoyan Xiaoyu had smacked Song Bowen and the lanky youth's faces at Yi Yun's request! As such, Zuoyan Xiaoyu's outcome could very likely be terrible!

And the worst thing was...this was all a result of Yi Yun’s own actions.

Upon realizing this, Yi Yun was seized with remorse. His negligence put Zuoyan Xiaoyu in trouble! If he had brought Zuoyan Xiaoyu into his seclusion chamber, such a situation would not have happened.

"Where's Zuoyan Xiaoyu? Where did she go!?"

Yi Yun's voice was rushed and unknowingly contained killing intent. It made Duanmu Qingwen frightened.

"I… I do not know…"

Duanmu Qingwen was truly startled by Yi Yun. She was only at the Yuan Opening realm, and being enveloped by Yi Yun's killing intent was like a mortal standing naked in the cold wind. She trembled in fear.

"You replaced her but you do not know where she is?"

Yi Yun took a step forward and glared at Duanmu Qingwen.

Duanmu Qingwen shrunk backward but, faced with Yi Yun's imposing stance, she was unable to endure. Unknowingly, she slumped into a chair and stared at Yi Yun with a face full of horror.

She had previously heard from sisters about Yi Yun. As a newly recruited personal disciple, Yi Yun was not only excellent in bearing, he was also very powerful and nice to servants.

When she was transferred to Sunken Moon Tower, she was the envy of many girls. She believed that being picked to serve Yi Yun was a stroke of luck that she accrued from several lifetimes. She wanted to diligently do her part. Everything she did today took her hours, and it was all done meticulously.

However, not only did she fail to obtain a compliment from Yi Yun, she was also hounded by Yi Yun with questioning that was filled with killing intent. She felt truly aggrieved at that moment.

"I… I really do not know…"

As Duanmu Qingwen spoke, she was feeling emotionally hurt. Back when she entered the sect, she did not mind losing to Zuoyan Xiaoyu. But now, having replaced Zuoyan Xiaoyu, she had done so much only to be questioned by Yi Yun in such a fierce manner about Zuoyan Xiaoyu's whereabouts. It was impossible for Duanmu Qingwen to feel any sort of good about this.

Upon seeing Duanmu Qingwen's reaction, Yi Yun took a step back. His remorse and anger towards Song Bowen had caused him to lose control of his emotions.

"Sorry…" Yi Yun said.

On careful thought, Duanmu Qingwen likely had nothing to do with the matter. The Duanmu family was only a small family clan with a seven-floor Dao Palace realm warrior at its head. There was no way they could have any relations with a personal disciple like Song Bowen.

Perhaps, after Song Bowen had Zuoyan Xiaoyu transferred away, the Miscellaneous Chores Department had casually selected another girl to replace her. And with Duanmu Qingwen having used her family connections previously, she was the next natural choice.

Upon thinking things through, Yi Yun held Duanmu Qingwen's hand and helped her up from the chair.

"I'm not going to hurt you. I'm only feeling anxious over Zuoyan Xiaoyu. Things have happened that you are unaware of. I'm afraid Xiaoyu is in trouble. Where is the Miscellaneous Chores Department? Bring me there."

Yi Yun repressed the pangs of fury in his heart and tried to speak calmly to Duanmu Qingwen.

He knew very well that it had been some time since Zuoyan Xiaoyu was taken away.

If Song Bowen and the lanky youth were bent on revenge, the odds were greatly against Zuoyan Xiaoyu.

Such a long period of time was enough for them to do anything to Zuoyan Xiaoyu.

Yi Yun had killed countless warriors in his many years of cultivation. However, he never harmed the innocent. He felt uneasy if a girl in her prime was destroyed because of him.

"There will only be people in the Miscellaneous Chores Department...early tomorrow."

"Bring me there now." Yi Yun's tone did not leave room for doubt.

"Alright… Alright…"

Duanmu Qingwen was filling a myriad of emotions. She never expected Yi Yun to be so worried over Zuoyan Xiaoyu. As a Myriad God Ridge personal disciple, even an emperor had to treat him respectfully and fear him. Yet, he was worried over a mere maidservant that had no background. This made Duanmu Qingwen suddenly envious of Zuoyan Xiaoyu. If Yi Yun could be this nice to her, she would be willing to brave any dangers for him.

There was more than one branch of the Miscellaneous Chores Department. Every region had miscellaneous chores that needed to be done, so a Miscellaneous Chores Department was set up in every region.

Duanmu Qingwen led Yi Yun to the Miscellaneous Chores Department in charge of the personal disciples’ zone.

At that moment, the Miscellaneous Chores Department was deserted and quiet. There was only a manager on duty. He looked to be in his thirties and had his legs crossed as he sat comfortably on a lounge chair. Beside him, a girl that looked like a maidservant was kneeling on a mat, massaging him.

She was rather good-looking but she was only a mortal.

Although the Myriad God Ridge would choose virgin female outer-sect disciples with talent and excellent looks as maidservants, the selected were only used to serve personal disciples.

To put it frankly, the Myriad God Ridge had considered that some maidservants would be fancied by the personal disciples. Therefore, there was a strict requirement for the maidservants’ talent. Girls with great talent would be beneficial to the personal disciples' cultivation level after they extracted their primordial Yin!

As for the manager, he naturally did not get such preferential treatment. The servant beside him was likely one that he bought himself.