True Martial World Chapter 1249

Chapter 1249: The Pleasant Surprise in the Ring
Chapter 1249: The Pleasant Surprise in the Ring

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Above the vast Calm Sea, the night sky was without clouds. The bright moon hung high and, as the Calm Sea lacked waves, it reflected the bright and clear moon on its surface. It looked immense and distant, with infinite silent beauty.

At that moment, a humongous spirit ship tore through the calmness of the night. It was heading straight for the deep depths of the Calm Sea.

The Sinkhole's Calm Sea contained several islands. Having existed for hundreds of millions of years, they produced all sorts of treasures.

This spirit ship was heading for these islands in search of their treasures.

One thing that should be mentioned is that, even more than the treasures it was seeking, just the spirit ship itself was priceless!

This was a supreme-grade spirit ship that experts at the Divine Lord level might not possess. It traveled at very fast speeds and was extremely stable. There was a spatial array on the spirit ship, so it could make long distance warps without using a teleportation array.

The spirit ship was extremely expensive, yet there was little worry about it being robbed when used outside. Few people could chase up to such a spirit ship and secondly, there was a concealment array on the surface of the spirit ship. Even a person whose cultivation level had reached the late-stages of a Supremacy would hardly be able to sense the existence of the spirit ship.

If one went into the spirit ship, they would marvel at the luxurious and comfortable interior. There were spatial dimension laws engraved in its main cabin, making what was a hundred-feet long cabin bigger by more than a hundred times. It transformed into a luxurious palace.

Inside the palace's main hall, there were two large and soft beds. Each bed was currently being enjoyed by a relaxed man. Both of them were soaking their feet in a wooden pail.

They each had a maidservant attending them, washing their feet.

If Yi Yun was here, he would have recognized these people immediately. They were none other than the lanky youth and Song Bowen.

The lanky youth's name was Zhang Wuchen. Although he was not from the Song family, he was deeply affiliated with them. In order to rope him in, they had married off Song Bowen's cousin to him a decade ago.

With this connection, Zhang Wuchen and Song Bowen naturally became good friends. In fact, the idea of bringing Zuoyan Xiaoyu out on experiential training was Zhang Wuchen's idea.

"Brother-in-law, although most personal disciples wouldn't think too much of a maidservant's life, that Yi Yun is quite an exception. He even gave a portion of the food cooked by Elder Lanqin to that little slut. He will probably investigate this matter and, once he finds out that Zuoyan Xiaoyu was taken away by us, he will definitely not take the insult lying down."

Song Bowen was truly worried. He was truly afraid of Yi Yun deep down. It made him lack the courage to ravage Zuoyan Xiaoyu.

"Brother Bowen, you’re thinking about this way too much. Yes, you were defeated by Yi Yun, but you have only cultivated for one hundred and eighty years. Your cultivation level is only at the third-floor Dao Palace, a floor lower than Yi Yun. Besides, that little bastard, Yi Yun, has probably cultivated for four or five centuries and deliberately represses his cultivation level to study the laws. It's only natural that you can't beat him!"

"I know but… the difference is too great." Song Bowen, who was always competitive, had no choice but to admit that there was a huge gap between him and Yi Yun.

"Why are you so downtrodden!? We haven't tested Yi Yun's age yet. I doubt he's as young as he looks. He might be strong but, in the future, it's not like we won't be able to retaliate. Besides, we still have the Song and Zhang family backing us. That little bastard has no reason to try anything against us, especially over some mere maidservant. If he brings it up to the Table of Elders, they will at most get us to pay him with a new maidservant!"

"In fact, I'm quite looking forward to how that little bastard will pursue the matter. If he truly cares for Zuoyan Xiaoyu, all the better. I want to let him know what it means to be truly disgusted. I'll teach that bitch a good lesson and enjoy her company. I can tell that she has plenty of primordial Yin and should still be a virgin. That bastard's unwillingness to enjoy her has benefited me! I will do this bitch so good that the orgasm she enjoys will have her craving death. I want him so infuriated that his mind is never at ease. The best would be if his anger breeds a mental demon!"

Zhang Wuchen chuckled deviantly when he said that. "Cuicui, Yan'er, have you taught that bitch a lesson? Bring her to me. It's time I indulge in her!"

As he spoke, Zhang Wuchen took off his bathrobes, revealing the firm muscles of his upper body.

He was already bordering on impatience. The only reason he had held back this long was that Song Bowen's second uncle had been following them. He watched over them as they passed through the Waveless Continent, a territory of an opposing sect. His second uncle had gone with them to ensure that nothing bad happened.

Now that they were above the Calm Sea, there was no one around. With the spirit ship’s safety ensured, Song Bowen's second uncle naturally left. Now, he could do as he pleased.

"Yes, Young Master."

The two naturally endowed maidservants brought Zuoyan Xiaoyu over as they gyrated their hips.

The maidservant named Yan'er was the one who had tripped Zuoyan Xiaoyu at the banquet.

Yan'er and Cuicui had been with Zhang Wuchen for more than a year. He favored them greatly so he had brought the two girls with him. He could enjoy them at any time.

Zuoyan Xiaoyu was brought out. Her body was covered in bruises. She had been slapped in the face several times, leaving a few shocking red palm prints.

"Little slut, I'll dig out your eyes if you continue crying! Quick, go serve our young master!"

Yan'er yanked at Zuoyan Xiaoyu's hair and threw her heavily to the ground. She may have looked petite and adorable but in fact, she had an extremely vicious heart. She was envious that Zuoyan Xiaoyu was able to eat the spirit food prepared by Elder Lanqin and yearned to dig out the little bitch's eyes. Now, she finally had a chance for revenge. The death sentence had already been passed for Zuoyan Xiaoyu and it would be a gruesome end.

Previously, with the Song family's second uncle present, Yan'er wasn’t able to accompany Zhang Wuchen. And since she had nothing better to do, she would teach Zuoyan Xiaoyu a lesson from time to time. Most of the injuries on Zuoyan Xiaoyu's body were inflicted by her.

"Why did you do this to her. Look at her face, it's swollen because of your slapping. How am I to be in the mood for pleasuring myself with her in a while?" said Zhang Wuchen unhappily when he saw the originally petite Zuoyan Xiaoyu in such a dire state.

"Young Master, why do you say that? I have already prepared some healing medicine that can instantly treat her wounds, making her so beautiful that even her skin can tear from a gentle breeze. Young Master, feel free to enjoy her."

Yan'er said sweetly and deliberately lifting her garment up, revealing a large portion of her bosom before taking out a bottle of medicine.

Zhang Wuchen was sexually aroused as he watched Yan'er. This little bitch was truly unrestrained. This was the reason why he favored her so greatly. But on the other hand, a delicate flower like Zuoyan Xiaoyu was a fresh experience.

Zhang Wuchen got up from his bed and removed his legs from the wooden pail. Yan'er hurriedly took a cloth to wipe Zhang Wuchen's feet.

However, Zhang Wuchen waved his hand, indicating that there was no need. He stretched out one leg and said to Zuoyan Xiaoyu, "Kneel down and crawl over. Lick my feet clean. If you lick them to my satisfaction, I'll be gentle on you later. If not, I’ll be taking your primordial Yin, sucking you to the point of your cultivation level dropping! Although your cultivation level is nothing to me, I am well-versed in several bed techniques. Once I demonstrate them, it will be endless fun! Hahahaha!"

Zhang Wuchen laughed maniacally and in a somewhat perverted manner. He was greatly enjoying the feeling of freely ravaging Yi Yun's maidservant.

He hated one thing the most in his life—his woman being screwed by others. If that woman was someone he had not placed his hands on and was even a virgin, the hatred would only deepen!

Zhang Wuchen believed that most men would never admit it, but from his point of view, the best feeling was to have his enemies' women taken from them and ravaged. It would be even greater if the girl's primordial Yin was still intact!

He wanted to use the most vicious method to seek revenge on Yi Yun. As such, the mental demon that Yi Yun had given him would be reduced to its nadir.

"Kill me!"

Zuoyan Xiaoyu was pressed down to the ground by Yan'er. Her pretty face was filled with unyielding anger. It was alright if she could no longer have the joy of serving Yi Yun. All she needed was do well at the new job the Miscellaneous Chores Department gave her.

However, she never expected that the Miscellaneous Chores Department had someone from the Song family. He had directly arranged for her to accompany Song Bowen and Zhang Wuchen out on experiential training. This sudden, cruel twist was as though she had plummeted into hell.

"You want death? It won't be that simple. I have sealed your cultivation powers, so there's no way you can kill yourself by severing your own meridians. I'll teach you well. I want you to submit to me, lying in front of me like a bitch. So you’re tenacious? Let's see how long you can last. Yan'er…"

As Zhang Wuchen spoke, he turned towards Yan'er.

Yan'er smiled in a seductive manner. "Yes, master. I'll teach her a good lesson…"

With that said, she pulled out a thin silver needle from her dense, long hair. The needle was a foot long and the glimmer the needlepoint effused left a chill down people's backs.

"This is a Marrow Intrusion Needle. Just being gently pricked by it will give a person a sensual orgasm. If it's pricked into flesh, the pain will be no less than being sliced by a thousand blades. If it's stabbed into the bone marrow, the soul will feel a pain like it's being torn apart. These are probably the most terrifying pains I can imagine. Enjoy it well."

As Yan'er laughed, another maidservant grabbed Zuoyan Xiaoyu. Her needle gently aimed at the back of Zuoyan Xiaoyu's neck…

At that moment, Yi Yun was still in Myriad God Ridge, millions of miles away!

He had already returned to his residence with Duanmu Qingwen. His mind was in chaos and could not calm himself.

Regardless of how he counted the time or thought of various methods, there was no way he could save Zuoyan Xiaoyu.

This left Yi Yun feeling extremely bitter.

He swore that if Zuoyan Xiaoyu was ravaged to death, he would destroy the entire Song family one day and have them accompany Zuoyan Xiaoyu in death. As for Song Bowen and that lanky youth, he would extract their souls and refine their marrows to conciliate the hatred he had!

"Young Master, I have caused trouble for Xiaoyu…"

Duanmu Qingwen was at a loss as to what to say. She was originally secretly delighted that she could replace Zuoyan Xiaoyu as Yi Yun's maidservant, but having learned of the situation, with Zuoyan Xiaoyu likely being tormented to death, her joy was gone. Only remorse was left.

She felt that her luck had been established on the cruelty Zuoyan Xiaoyu was suffering. This matter weighed down on her conscience.

"This has nothing to do with you," Yi Yun said coldly. He had no mood to care for Duanmu Qingwen's feelings.

He was still too weak. If he was sufficiently strong, he could storm the Song family and grab the patriarch. With his hands gripping the patriarch's neck, Song Bowen's location could be immediately obtained!

But now, with him in Myriad God Ridge amid even more powerful beings, he could not destroy the rules without having sufficient strength.

Even if this matter reached the Table of Elders, it would be advantageous to the Song family. What was a maidservant's life worth?

Then, suddenly…

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*!

There was a series of knocks on the door. Duanmu Qingwen hurriedly opened the door while Yi Yun could not be bothered with the visitor's identity.

When the door opened, Yi Yun listlessly took a glance. Standing by the door was… Snake Girl?

Yi Yun had not seen Snake Girl in days. He was somewhat perplexed. "What are you doing here?"

Yi Yun had quite a good impression of the disciple Old Snake had randomly taken in. Although he was in a bad mood, he tried his best to repress his feelings when facing Snake Girl.

Snake Girl shrugged. "Can't I come? Master told me to remind you to not forget the alcohol treat tomorrow at Myriad God Restaurant."


Yi Yun recalled that he had set up an appointment with Old Snake of five days after entering Myriad God Ridge. Tomorrow was the fifth day.

If this was a few days back, he would have looked forward to talking to Old Snake. He had many questions to ask him but now, he lacked that mood.

Yi Yun waved his hand with flagging interest and said, "Tell your master that I don't feel like drinking at the moment. Another day perhaps."

"Another day?" Snake Girl was taken aback as she looked oddly at Yi Yun.

"What's wrong?"

"Master told me that you would change the date when he told me to come to you. I refused to believe him, saying that you came all the way to Myriad God Ridge to look for him, so why would you change the date? Who knew that he'd actually be right? You are really changing the date."

"What?" Yi Yun was taken aback. Old Snake had guessed it?

"Master also said that he has a present for you. Once you see it, you won’t want to change the date, and you’ll even treat him to the best wine."

As Snake Girl spoke, she handed him an interspatial ring.

Yi Yun was baffled. He vaguely realized a possibility as he grabbed the interspatial ring. He touched it and took out an ancient and unadorned bronze circular disk.

It was a… disk array!!

Yi Yun looked at the various runes engraved on the bronze disk array. Immediately, he understood that it was a long-distance teleportation array that had a one-time use!

Yi Yun's master was Felicitous Rain Lord and so he had a deep understanding of spatial dimension laws. He quickly understood how to use the teleportation array.

There was only one pair of such one-time teleportation devices. If one teleportation disk array was used, one would immediately appear at the other teleportation disk array. There was no need for a fixed teleportation.

Could it be…

Yi Yun suddenly realized a possibility. His heart raced as he said, "Qingwen, take care of Snake Girl. I'll be entering my cultivation chamber for seclusion. Do not disturb me! Also, regarding this disk array, do not tell anyone. Do you understand!?"

After Yi Yun said those words, his body vanished like a gust of wind, leaving Duanmu Qingwen and Snake Girl with widened eyes. Both of them still did not know what had just happened.

"Why would Young Master suddenly be so spirited… What is up with… that disk array?"

Duanmu Qingwen murmured curiously. She obviously could not understand the disk array.

Snake Girl was also left blindly guessing. She had followed Old Snake for years but didn't learn much. Most of the time, she would watch Old Snake engage in the vices. As for the skills Old Snake taught her, it was only a crappy 'Old Snake Divine Skill.’ Just the name alone rendered people speechless.

Snake Girl did not have a good background, so she kept her hopes up and practiced the Old Snake Divine Skill properly. However, the crappy cultivation technique was exceedingly average. It was useless even after being honed for a long time.

Snake Girl could not detect anything special about the disk array Old Snake had given her. She even thought that the old man had picked up some garbage on the ground. Who knew that Yi Yun would be so excited after seeing the disk array?

At that moment, Yi Yun had already entered his cultivation chamber. He immediately activated the array formation, sealing the chamber. He took a deep breath and picked up the bronze disk array. He injected his Yuan Qi in as the runes lit up one by one. A spatial door slowly opened…