True Martial World Chapter 1251

Chapter 1251: Destroying All Evidence
Chapter 1251: Destroying All Evidence

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"Yi Yun, you… you will…"

Zhang Wuchen wanted to finish cursing Yi Yun by saying he’d 'die a horrible death' but his neck was clasped by Yi Yun. His mouth was agape but could not produce a sound.

Towards his antics, Yi Yun had a cold expression. Without a word, he injected Yuan Qi through his hand and broke Zhang Wuchen's neck!

Zhang Wuchen's eyes glazed over, instantly losing all their luster. Yi Yun grabbed Zhang Wuchen's interspatial ring while, at the same time, the Heretical God flames gathered together, burning Zhang Wuchen to ashes!

Upon seeing this scene, Song Bowen's face turned pale as he stood beside Zhang Wuchen’s charred remains. He had schemed together with Zhang Wuchen, and now his outcome would likely be the same as his brother-in-law’s.

Not only would he lose his life, but he would also die extremely horribly!

"Yi Yun… Yi Yun, you can't kill me. If you kill me, the Song family will pursue you until the end of your days! My second uncle has put a restriction on me. Once I'm killed, information about my demise will instantly be sent to the Song family, and you will be pursued by them. Also, killing me would violate the Myriad God Ridge's rules. Not even the sect master will be able to protect you!" Song Bowen exclaimed.

Yi Yun gave Song Bowen a glance. His eyes were filled with a bloodlust that sent a chill through Song Bowen's body.

Yi Yun showed no reaction to Song Bowen's words. He walked towards him and said, "Are you going to castrate yourself or do you want me to do it?"

"You… You… did you not understand what I said?"

Against the pressure Yi Yun put on him, Song Bowen was close to a mental breakdown.

"It looks like you are choosing the latter."

Yi Yun shook his head.


Song Bowen yelled but at that moment, the Heretical God Fire Seed that permeated the destruction domain raged towards Song Bowen. The inferno burned through the void to the point that it was completely inescapable!

Back at the banquet, Song Bowen had no chance of defending himself against a mere wisp of the Heretical God Fire Seed, much less the large amount that presently filled the destruction domain. Song Bowen's Yuan Qi was repressed, so how was he to face the Heretic Fire's attack that seemed to blot out the world?

"Yi Yun, I'll fight it out with you!"

Song Bowen yelled maniacally, but all that could be heard were a series of howling sounds. The Yuan Qi that Song Bowen had gathered had been directly burned through by the Heretic flames.

At that moment, Song Bowen's eyes flashed with a grotesque look. He opened his mouth and spat out a round bead that flew straight for Yi Yun!

"Explode Destruction Blood Bead! Let's die together!"

This was a life-preservation artifact that his second uncle had given him. Once the Destruction Blood Bead was triggered, it would annihilate all lifeblood in a hundred-foot radius, reducing humans into desiccated corpses.

He could have used the Destruction Blood Bead to kill enemies but, with it being necessary to activate it at a close distance, Song Bowen himself would be trapped within the explosion of the Destruction Blood Bead. His death was no question.

Song Bowen infused his remaining energy into the Destruction Blood Bead in hopes of exploding it!

But at that moment, Yi Yun made the first move. The Destruction power formed a wall that could destroy everything between Song Bowen and the Destruction Blood Bead. Song Bowen's Yuan Qi dissipated immediately upon contact with the powers of Destruction.

Yi Yun had already used his energy vision to identify the energy fluctuations of the Destruction Blood Bead. A tiny trick such as this wouldn’t get past him.

"You are completely unaware of the gap between us. How do you expect a mere bead to be able to bridge that gap?"

Yi Yun clenched his hands into a fist as the Heretical God Fire Seed surged over in overwhelming fashion.

It burned Song Bowen's limbs to ash, and even his crown jewels were burned to a crisp.

"You… You're doomed… My second uncle will not spare you…"

Song Bowen endured the excruciating pain to babble his last words.

However, Yi Yun remained indifferent for he did not mind it at all. "I already said, you are completely unaware of the gap between us. A mere restriction can't escape my Destruction domain, so how can it inform others about your death?"

As Yi Yun spoke, he punched out and struck Song Bowen's forehead.

This punch was infused with Destruction energies. It shattered Song Bowen's soul sea instantly and, with intense hate and indignation, Song Bowen collapsed to the ground.

With a wave of his hand, the second interspatial ring flew into Yi Yun's hand. Along with the interspatial ring was the Destruction Blood Bead.

The bead was quite a good item, so Yi Yun naturally kept it.

After turning around, Yi Yun looked at Yan'er and Cuicui. The color in the two maidservants’ faces was completely drained by their horror. They could not comprehend that the two men who easily lorded over their fates had been killed by Yi Yun in such a manner.

He may have been a personal disciple, but Yi Yun blatantly ignored the powerful Song and Zhang family, as well as the Myriad God Ridge's rules.

"Don't… Don't kill me. I can serve you. I'll do anything you want…" Yan'er said with a trembling voice.

Unfortunately for her, Yi Yun had already flicked his finger, sending a stream of light straight into Yan'er's soul sea. Yan'er did not even grunt before her eyes lost their luster. As for Cuicui, she had been scared out of her wits. Yi Yun walked in front of her and, without waiting for her to say a word, he directly probed into her soul!

Yi Yun had not seen Cuicui attack Zuoyan Xiaoyu, so he was unsure of her character. However, upon searching Cuicui's soul sea, he saw more than enough dirty scenes and machinations.

"Those girls that you inflicted death upon were probably as afraid as you are now…"

As Yi Yun spoke, Yuan Qi burst out from his palm, causing Cuicui's body to slump downward. Following that, the Heretical God Fire Seed gathered and burned the two girls into ash.

The restriction that Song Bowen had used to threaten Yi Yun was burned clean as well. After ascertaining that he had not left any evidence behind, Yi Yun undid his Destruction Dao Domain.

In a blink of an eye, Yi Yun and Zuoyan Xiaoyu were the only two left in the massive palace. The other four were dead and every trace of their existence had been wiped away. However, the palace remained intact. Even the beds were not destroyed, and in fact, maintained their original state.

"Young Master, I… I…"

Zuoyan Xiaoyu was at a loss for words. She had quickly gone from extreme despair to being snatched from the jaws of death. It left her emotions stirring in vicissitudes. She couldn't even construct a proper sentence.

On one hand, she was feeling excited that Yi Yun had suddenly appeared to save her. On the other hand, she felt deep remorse. In order to save her, Yi Yun had killed two personal disciples. If the Myriad God Ridge were to learn of this, it would absolutely not spare Yi Yun.

Yi Yun could read Zuoyan Xiaoyu's mind as he said, "There's no need to worry. They won't be able to connect it to me."

His coming here was all thanks to the teleportation disk array that Old Snake had secretly sneaked onboard the Great Traversal Spirit Ship. The disk array was something even the owner of the ship, Song Guangyan, did not notice.

As for when Song Guangyan left the spirit ship, Old Snake was perfectly aware of the timing.

Under such circumstances, even if the Song family had reason to suspect Yi Yun, they would not be able to figure out how Yi Yun could have been the one who killed Song Bowen and Zhang Wuchen. They would likely blame it on them being killed by others while they were out on an experiential training.

However, Yi Yun was truly baffled as to what Old Snake's cultivation level was. He seemed to come and go like a divine shadow.

On careful thought, it was about fifteen hours until the appointed meeting between Yi Yun and Old Snake. Yi Yun was beginning to feel a sense of anticipation over it.

"Xiaoyu, we are going back. You won't be able to reveal yourself for the time being," Yi Yun said. He had to immediately return to the Myriad God Ridge. As for the Great Traversal Spirit Ship, he naturally took it. It was a priceless enchanted artifact after all.

However, Yi Yun still needed to carefully examine the Great Traversal Spirit Ship and the two interspatial rings to prevent any restrictions from exposing him.