True Martial World Chapter 1254

Chapter 1254: Ascending Dragon Cauldron's Origin
Chapter 1254: Ascending Dragon Cauldron's Origin

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Myriad God Restaurant's seventh floor had a total of six rooms. Yi Yun had chosen the 'God' room, so a young lady in qipao led Yi Yun and Old Snake through the 'God' room's heavy door made of nanmu.

Upon entering the room, Yi Yun could not help but be overcome with emotion at the unique design of Myriad God Restaurant.

The God room contained a snowy pocket world that spanned several thousand feet.

Amid the snowy, pure white scenery was a tiny lake. A snow-laden, winding stone bridge extended towards the middle of the lake from the entrance of the God room. At the end of the stone bridge was a beautiful pavilion carved out of jade. The room’s table was placed in the middle of the pavilion.

The emerald water that surrounded the pavilion rippled as thousand-year-old snow lotuses bloomed in the middle of the lake. The snow lotuses were as clear as ice and as pure as jade. The contrast they formed with the plain whiteness of the snow left one easily mesmerized.

Customers who dined in the God room could enjoy a meal in the pavilion while also marveling at the sights of the snowy land. It was truly elegance par none.

Just the scene alone left Yi Yun awestruck by the Myriad God Restaurant's designer. There was a reason why so many people flocked to Myriad God Restaurant despite it charging such exorbitant prices.

"Haha, great place."

Old Snake was very pleased as he obstreperously walked to the pavilion in the middle of the lake before sinking his ass into a chair.

"Bring on the food and alcohol!" he urged.

Two young ladies in qipao had already arrived with a menu, which took the form of a disk array. When activated, it projected all the dishes and fine wine available. The projection was rendered so extremely realistically that it was capable of whetting one's appetite.

"There's no need for all this trouble. Just give us your signature dishes. Send about ten or twenty servings and then ten jugs of Immortal Inebriation!'

Old Snake waved his hand as though he was ordering meat skewers at a roadside stall without any restraint.

Yi Yun stole a glance at the prices of the food as the corners of his mouth twitched. Thankfully, his recent heist left him with all of Song Bowen and Zhang Wuchen's wealth. Otherwise, ordering dishes that cost upwards of a few thousand to above ten thousand Spirit Jade simply wouldn’t be possible.

Upon hearing Old Snake's order for generous amounts of food, the twinkle in the two ladies' eyes brightened as they looked at Yi Yun. They were naturally aware that the person who was really paying for the treat was the young man in front of them.

There were many people in Myriad God Ridge that were rich, but those who spent so much money on a single meal were few and far between.

This youth appeared extraordinary in both looks and demeanor, and with his eminent status as a personal disciple, such a figure was truly the man of one's dreams.

Upon noticing the girls' gaze, Yi Yun could not help but shake his head. Indeed, be it in his past life or the present martial world, girls always fell for the irresistible allure of living in the upper classes of society.

In his previous life, Yi Yun knew of wealthy scions who would lead charmed lives. As they spent lavishly, there would always be numerous beauties surrounding them, accompanying them in their wanton spending of their youth and money.

In Yi Yun's past life, he was an ordinary person. He had heard a lot of stories of such lives and was, in fact, curious about it and even dreamt of it.

Later, having come to this martial world, he began from the Cloud Wilderness and forged a difficult path through the martial way, cultivating to become stronger. He fought to survive and became accustomed to seeing gory battles. After experiencing numerous encounters in which his life was on the line, Yi Yun had long learned how to show restraint and exhibit wariness.

Yet, even though he was accustomed to such behaviors, the young heart he had repressed for so long still made him find it irresistible to indulge just this once.

Now, by spending freely to enjoy a lavish feast, leading a life he had never experienced in the past, a curiosity that was always inside him was satisfied. It was a brand new experience.

"Serve one of each of your signature dishes. Don't bother with jugs for the Immortal Inebriation. Just send an entire jar," Yi Yun said casually.

Warriors could eat as much or as little as they wished. He was not afraid of there being any waste. Besides, from the way Old Snake looked, he was definitely a glutton. It was clearly impossible for him to not finish the food.

Since he obtained all of his Spirit Jade from robbing, Yi Yun did not feel the pinch even if all of it was spent. The windfall he had obtained was all thanks to Old Snake after all. Yi Yun didn't think too much of using it to treat Old Snake.

"Alright, Young Master. Please wait a moment. We will immediately inform the kitchen. Also… personal disciples are given a ten percent discount. And with your generous expenditure today, you can become a distinguished customer of Myriad God Restaurant. That will give you a twenty percent discount."

The two ladies said this happily. The more the customers they waited on spent, the more they received in commissions.

Myriad God Restaurant served its dishes rather quickly. In about fifteen minutes, all the dishes were served. The two ladies stood ready to wait on them, but Yi Yun waved his hand and said, "Since the food has been served, you can take your leave. There's no need for you to be here."

"That…" Upon hearing Yi Yun say those words, the two ladies were somewhat disappointed. However, they still took their leave.

Old Snake eagerly began feasting on the table full of delicacies.

Yi Yun was in no hurry. He poured a cup of Immortal Inebriation for Old Snake and set up an insulation barrier, sealing them from their surroundings.

Although Myriad God Restaurant ensured that its customers enjoyed superior privacy, Yi Yun still wanted to be certain.

"Senior, allow me to toast you." Yi Yun raised his cup.

Old Snake tipped a wine jar directly. "There's no need for all these formalities. Just drink directly."

Old Snake had no sense of being a guest at all. He tipped his head and drank a huge swig of Immortal Inebriation. His face quickly took on an intoxicated look of satisfaction.

"Senior, Miss Huan has a letter for me to hand to you."

After drinking a few cups of wine, Yi Yun produced Huan Chenxue's letter.

Old Snake raised his eyes and took a glance. He tore the envelope open and read the letter. Old Snake's expression turned reserved for once as he seemed to become nostalgic.

"Chenxue's sword is with you?"

Old Snake looked seriously at Yi Yun. He seemed surprised that Huan Chenxue had given the sword to him.

"Yes, Miss Huan's companion sword is indeed with me. Senior, I have a few questions for you."

Old Snake put away the letter and grabbed a roasted drumstick. He took a bite of it, and then garbled through a mouth full of food.

"Senior, I would like to know more about the Ascending Dragon Cauldron."

Yi Yun had long been curious about the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. The cauldron was clearly a divine item. Yi Yun sensed that the level of its power far exceeded the Myriad God Ridge.

"Ascending Dragon Cauldron… hehe." Old Snake licked the oil from the corner of his lips. "It's not like you can't know about it. Speaking of which, the Ascending Dragon Cauldron is somewhat related to your pure Yang broken sword."

Old Snake had clearly learned that Yi Yun possessed the other half of the pure Yang broken sword from the letter.

"Oh?" Yi Yun faltered slightly. "Why do you say that?"

"Do you know about the twelve Dao Ancestors, or should I say… the twelve Fey Gods?" asked Old Snake.

"Yes!" Yi Yun nodded. Back in the Luo clan, he had come into repeated contact with the twelve Fey Gods.

"Do you know what they are?" asked Old Snake again.

Yi Yun hesitated for a moment before saying, "Only the first nine are known."

The first nine of the twelve Fey Gods were: Extreme Yang Illumination! Extreme Yin Nether Glow! Empress Earth Dao Tree! Dragon Emperor! Seven-colored Phoenix! Kun Peng! Heavenly Man! River of Forgetfulness! Solitary Nothingness!

Extreme Yang Illumination and Extreme Yin Nether Glow were born at the beginning of the universe when there was nothing but Chaos. The supreme ultimate (Taiji) generated the two opposing forces, Yin and Yang.

The Empress Earth Dao Tree was the manifestation of the three thousand Great Dao.

Dragon Emperor, Seven-colored Phoenix, Kun Peng, and Heavenly Man were the manifestations of several powerful lifeforms.

Finally, River of Forgetfulness was the river of time and Solitary Nothingness was the infinite void that represented the Great Dao of space and time.

These nine Fey Gods were known. The remaining three Fey Gods were a mystery. However, Yi Yun knew that the Purple Crystal Origins he possessed was one of the final three Fey Gods.

The twelve Fey Gods were names given by the Fey race.

As for the twelve Dao Ancestors, it was a name given by humans.

In fact, the twelve Fey Gods were in no way closer to the Fey race than humans. In short, the twelve Fey Gods represented the beginnings of the Heavenly Dao!

From this point of view, using the human's naming convention—twelve Dao Ancestors—was apter.

"Yes… Not bad. I can only tell you that your pure Yang broken sword is in fact somewhat related to Extreme Yang Illumination!"

"As for Chenxue's companion sword, it's a partner of your pure Yang broken sword. It is somewhat related to Extreme Yin Nether Glow."

"These two swords represent Yin and Yang, swords of the two opposing forces."

"What?" Upon hearing Old Snake's explanation, Yi Yun was astounded. He took out Mirage Snow from his interspatial ring immediately!

Mirage Snow was blue and crystalline, like a pure and clean ice crystal. It was like its owner, Huan Chenxue, and its appearance in the snow-filled pocket world made it even colder.

But this cold was not like any ordinary cold. It had a spirituality to it, a vibrant feeling that seemed to be contained within.

Yi Yun naturally recalled Huan Chenxue's old servant. He had sealed Dong Xiaowan and Fairy Youqin, making them immune from death. When he did, he also used an aura of frost ice that was filled with such unusual vibrancy.

"This sword is related to the second Dao Ancestor, Extreme Yin Nether Glow? Besides, it's a complete sword. Doesn't that mean it's even more valuable than the pure Yang broken sword?"

Yi Yun was truly astonished.

After all, just the half of the pure Yang broken sword was valued greatly by Bai Yueyin back then, let alone this complete sword!

"It's not as you imagine," Old Snake said with a shake of his head. He could read Yi Yun's thoughts. "Be it the pure Yang broken sword or Huanxue's sword, their preciousness does not come from the weapon itself but the power sealed within the weapon."

"Although the pure Yang broken sword is broken, there was a powerful Extreme Yang Illumination soul infused in the sword tip. That was the reason why Bai Yueyin wanted it. It also means that the pure Yang sword tip she had in hand possessed immense value, much more than that of the other half you possessed, or even Mirage Snow."

"In that case…" Yi Yun drew in a light gasp as he said, "In that case… The Ascending Dragon Cauldron is related to the fifth Dao Ancestor, Dragon Emperor?"

Since the Yin and Yang swords were related to Extreme Yang Illumination and Extreme Yin Nether Glow, Yi Yun naturally made the connection between the Ascending Dragon Cauldron and Dragon Emperor.

Old Snake nodded. "Your guess is right. And it's because of that that the Ascending Dragon Cauldron is a divine artifact. It too contains a wisp of a dragon's soul!"

"The Ascending Dragon Cauldron might seem to belong to the Myriad God Ridge but in fact, no one in Myriad God Ridge can properly use it. Not even the Patriarch of Myriad God Ridge. The Ascending Dragon Cauldron has chosen to stay here by itself!"