True Martial World Chapter 1256

Chapter 1256: Myriad God Ridge Sect Master
Chapter 1256: Myriad God Ridge Sect Master

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Yi Yun was fascinated by the mystery of why the Ascending Dragon Cauldron triggered for him. Why was he capable of triggering it? He definitely wasn't a descendant of some ancient race. Could it be… due to the Purple Crystal?

The Purple Crystal Origins had existed in Yi Yun's heart for about a hundred years.

Over the past century, every beat of his heart would be accompanied by an energy fluctuation from the Purple Crystal. With the innumerable beats of his heart, an immense amount of blood had flowed through the Purple Crystal. Therefore, Yi Yun's blood was no doubt infused with the aura of the Purple Crystal.

The Purple Crystal was one of the twelve Dao Ancestors, for sure. As for the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, it was only an artifact related to the Dragon Emperor. From that perspective, the Ascending Dragon Cauldron was naturally on a lower level than the Purple Crystal. It was understandable for it to be triggered by the Purple Crystal.

These thoughts flashed through Yi Yun's mind. Suddenly, he saw Old Snake looking at him with a cheeky smile. He resembled a weasel.

"Uh… Why are you looking at me like that…" Yi Yun stroked his chin. The old man was a miserly slippery one, to begin with. So the way he looked at Yi Yun gave him a sudden realization. "Don't tell me you that you want me to get the 'Dragon Emperor Technique' out for you?"

It was no wonder the old man had given him the information. Perhaps even from the moment he entered the sect, watching as he triggered the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, Old Snake had already had such a thought in mind.

Back then, Old Snake had forcefully severed the connection between Yi Yun's blood and the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, preventing Yi Yun's blood from causing too great a stir. Now, although Yi Yun had become a personal disciple, he was not given much attention from the Myriad God Ridge.

Old Snake said, "I obviously hope that you can retrieve the 'Dragon Emperor Technique' from the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. Your triggering of the cauldron's dragon soul has greatly sparked my interest."

Yi Yun wavered on this. If he could obtain the 'Dragon Emperor Technique,’ it would definitely be a huge opportunity for him.

However, could he pull out the 'Dragon Emperor Technique' with just the Purple Crystal? Yi Yun wasn't so sure.

Besides, the Ascending Dragon Cauldron was still in the Myriad God Ridge. Although Old Snake had said that the Ascending Dragon Cauldron was not the private property of the Myriad God Ridge and had chosen to stay there of its own will, the Myriad God Ridge obviously thought otherwise.

If he was able to obtain the 'Dragon Emperor Technique,’ the Myriad God Ridge would definitely take it away. Not only would Yi Yun miss his chance to look at it, but he would be lucky just to leave without being permanently silenced.

There was a complex and intricate battle for interests unfolding, and it was obvious that Yi Yun could not face it alone. He needed Old Snake to back him.

Yi Yun could still negotiate certain terms with Old Snake.

Although Old Snake was much stronger than he was, Yi Yun trusted Huan Chenxue. Since she had recommended Old Snake, his character wasn’t in question. This was the premise for Yi Yun's ability to negotiate with him.

Yi Yun said, "The Ascending Dragon Cauldron has been placed in the Myriad God Ridge and will definitely be heavily protected. If I approach it and trigger it, it will be discovered by the Myriad God Ridge Patriarch, right?"

Old Snake chuckled and said, "Being discovered is a certainty. However, the true matter is if he can react in time. When that time comes, I'll arrange everything. It will take at most five days before I can let you make an attempt. When the time comes, all you’ll need to do is give some of your blood."

"That fast!?" Yi Yun was astounded. He originally believed that a lot of planning would be required, allowing for the scheme to slowly play out. He never imagined that Old Snake would suggest five days.

He nodded and agreed to it. He naturally wanted to vie for such an opportunity!

"Come, let's continue drinking." With their business done, Old Snake lifted another jar of wine. "I say, Kid. Why don't you be my disciple," said Old Snake while licking his lips.

Yi Yun rolled his eyes at Old Snake. "With a master like you, I think I'll pass. I don't think I deserve it."

Seeing the terrible state Snake Girl was in, one could tell that being a disciple of the old fellow wasn't beneficial.

Everyone had their own lifestyle. Yi Yun guessed that the old fellow had lived for too long and was sick of living a lofty lifestyle. This was why he treated life like a game.

Although Old Snake appeared libertine, there was one thing he was still set upon. He still pursued the martial path.

That was the reason why Old Snake sought the 'Dragon Emperor Technique!’

The meal lasted from noon to the evening. They drank two jars of Immortal Inebriation and ate more than thirty signature dishes. Even after the twenty percent discount, it still cost Yi Yun four million Spirit Jade. It also made Yi Yun instantly become the most preferred customer in Myriad God Restaurant.

When Yi Yun left, the eyes of the few girls that waited on him were filled with a wistful look. All of them wished that Yi Yun would come again. After all, even in the Myriad God Restaurant which was patronized by distinguished customers, few would spend so freely. Just the service charges earned from waiting on one table were extremely sizable.

However, Yi Yun felt that the meal was only average. Although he had eaten a lot of natural treasures, the benefits they gave to his cultivation level were greatly inferior to those of the meal cooked by Elder Lanqin.


Suddenly, a flame ignited in front of Yi Yun.

It was a voice transmission charm. The Myriad God Ridge personal disciple token had a voice transmission mark that could be used for communication.

Upon hearing the content of the voice transmission, Yi Yun's heart thumped.

The Myriad God Ridge's sect master had come out of seclusion!

If Yi Yun was only an ordinary personal disciple, then the sect master would not mean anything special to him. However… Yi Yun was the sect master's disciple!

Days ago, the sect master he had never met had taken him in as a disciple due to the appearance of the Ascending Dragon Cauldron's dragon soul.

Although Yi Yun was not afraid of his freebie master, he still had to be careful!

Yi Yun responded and headed straight for Myriad God Ridge. Fifteen minutes later, he arrived at the sect master's seclusion zone.

Standing outside was the seductive-looking man—Cang Wu.

"My master is waiting inside for you," Cang Wu said as he gave Yi Yun a meaningful glance.

"Yes, Martial Uncle."

Yi Yun bowed.

"There's no need to call me Martial Uncle. Although our Myriad God Ridge determines seniority based on cultivation levels, you are my master's disciple. Just call me Senior Brother Cang Wu," Cang Wu said with a smile.

He tapped his fingers gently and behind him, a previously-restricted array formation opened up, forming a long corridor that led to the inner sanctums behind him.

As he looked at the long corridor with an unknown entity at its end, Yi Yun calmed his heart and walked in.

"This freebie master wouldn't harm me, right…"

As Yi Yun walked, he used his mental powers to repress the Purple Crystal's energies. He wasn't worried that the Purple Crystal would be exposed. However, having fused with the Purple Crystal over many years, its aura had subtly infused itself into Yi Yun's bloodline.

When facing the unfamiliar Myriad God Ridge sect master, it was best he remained vigilant. Yi Yun converged all his energy and soul power into the Purple Crystal. He also reduced the Purple Crystal aura in his bloodline to a minimum.

The corridor wasn't that long but Yi Yun walked very slowly. After about three minutes, he came in front of a large door that seemed to lead to a palace. He pushed open the door and entered.

What entered his vision was a pale-red hall.

The tiles at his feet seemed like they had been burned by flames before. They were red hot. Yi Yun knew that the production of such tiles required the injection of Fey beast blood, giving the tiles the ability to naturally possess heat. Weaker warriors would feel intolerable pain, as though their souls were burning, while walking across these tiles.

However, a person with a powerful soul would find their soul being tempered while walking over the tiles. Staying in such an area for prolonged periods of time had various benefits.

Yi Yun stepped on the tiles and looked straight ahead. He saw an old man that looked weighed down with age. He was languidly slumped onto a long chair and was watching him without much strength.

"You have come. Have a seat."

The elder spoke indifferently. His voice sounded extremely weak. Yi Yun could even sense a faint aura of death from him.

This was the Myriad God Ridge's sect master?

Yi Yun was alarmed. He would not have found it odd if the Myriad God Ridge's sect master was an elder nearing the end of his life. However, typical warriors would appear spirited from their Yuan Qi enrichment even as they approached their end.

One would have to truly be on death's doorstep to produce such an aura of death.

Could it be that the Myriad God Ridge's sect master was about to die?

Yi Yun did not sit. Instead, he bowed first. After all, he was the sect master's disciple, even if only in name.

"What is it? Are you surprised to see me like this?" asked the elder in a self-deprecating tone.

Yi Yun fell silent. He was truly surprised.

"You are rather honest…" The elder smiled as he straightened his back. He asked, seemingly without any undertones, "It appears you were not in Myriad God Ridge… last night?"

The elder's question alarmed Yi Yun.

Before he left that night, he had returned to his seclusion chamber. The chamber had a restriction that could insulate him from others’ perceptions. Even Snake Girl and Duanmu Qingwen did not know that he had left through a long-distance array.

However, the old man knew. This immediately made Yi Yun uncomfortable.

"I wasn’t," Yi Yun replied honestly.

"You must have gone somewhere very far, right?" asked the elder faintly.

Yi Yun's heart skipped a beat but he did not reply. Logically speaking, even if the sect master knew that he had left Myriad God Ridge, he should not have known how far he had gone or to where, unless he had put a tracing mark on him.

However, Yi Yun was confident that, thanks to the Purple Crystal, it was very difficult for someone to plant anything on him without him being aware of it.

"Don't be nervous. I realized that, after you left, you exceeded the range of my perception. I got Cang Wu to use a long-distance voice transmission charm to contact you. It has a range of five hundred thousand kilometers. If you had received it, you should know of its contents."

So it was a voice transmission charm. Yi Yun exhaled lightly. He never expected that a simple voice transmission charm had allowed the elder to infer how far he was from the Myriad God Ridge. How could he have received the voice transmission's contents?

"I didn't receive it!" Yi Yun had no means of hiding. He felt like the elder's listless eyes were like a deep lake that could see through everything.

"Yes…" The elder nodded. "It's good for you to travel out of here. Staying in Sunken Moon Tower all the time will be boring, after all. However, you have to mind your safety. It's extremely dangerous deep in the Calm Sea. A few days ago, your senior brothers, Song Bowen and Zhang Wuchen, must have felt that cultivating was just too boring. They applied to go on an experiential training trip outside, but experienced a mishap. Even as of now, their corpses haven't been found. They vanished into thin air just like that."

The elder spoke calmly. His voice sounded genial, like any elder speaking to a disciple, as though he was exhorting Yi Yun to be extra careful.