True Martial World Chapter 126

Chapter 126: With a beauty as companion
Chapter 126: With a beauty as companion

With old man Su gone, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong were left standing in the wilderness.

Under the moon, Lin Xintong was wearing a white dress like a fairy. Yi Yun wore a flying fish robe and had an excellent disposition.

In the wilderness stood a man and woman, both divine looking.

Lin Xintong was a quiet person, and Yi Yun usually didn’t say much, so the atmosphere turned silent.

“Old man Su… uh… Old man Su has left. Miss Lin, what plans do you have in the next few days?” Yi Yun was first to break the silence.

Hearing how Yi Yun addressed Su Jie, Lin Xintong laughed and looked radiant.

“Nothing much. Master told me not to go far, so I’ll just be hanging around here. In the deep parts of the Cloud Wilderness, there are some ancient desolate beasts that I cannot beat.”

“I see…” Yi Yun thought of something and said, “Tomorrow, I will be returning to the Lian tribal clan. Miss Lin, if you really have nothing…”

Yi Yun was still thinking over it, to train every night with Lin Xintong would give him great benefits.

“Alright,” Lin Xintong concisely answered. This surprised Yi Yun as he thought she wouldn’t agree, but she agreed immediately. He had not even finished what he had to say.

“You will go with me to the Lian tribal clan?” Yi Yun confirmed with Lin Xintong.

“I do have such a plan. I also have something I need to check,” said Lin Xintong.

Alright! Yi Yun was overjoyed. With Lin Xintong, it was obvious how fast his strength would improve.. He had originally thought he would be taking a trip back to see his sister, and might need to take a break from cultivating. But now, he had none of those concerns.

The next day at noon, five Jin Long Wei warriors prepared grain, meat, vegetables and clothes in preparation to disembark for the Lian tribal clan.

These people were to send Yi Yun home. To traverse the vast wilderness, one needed to be at the Purple Blood realm, and optimally at the middle or late stages of Purple Blood.

Although Yi Yun was strong, for him to travel alone in the vast wilderness was a worry for Zhang Tan.

Yi Yun rode a near-horned beast by himself. It was his own mount. Together with five other Jin Long Wei warriors, a team of six near-horned beasts was great in strength.

When Yi Yun finished packing his things, the members of the Lian tribal clan warrior preparation camp sneakily came and stood nearby. Seeing the six behemoths, they lamented.

These members of the warrior preparation camp had come to the Tao tribal clan for the Kingdom’s selection. Eventually they had to return to the Lian tribal clan, because the Tao tribal clan would never allow them to be freeloaders.

The Jin Long Wei would send the unsuccessful candidates from small tribal clans back, but they would only do it once, not again and again.

Clearly, if the members of the Lian tribal clan warrior preparation camp did not join the team, they could forget about going back, since the Jin Long Wei would not specially send them back.

A few men from the warrior preparation camp looked at each other bitterly. It was impossible to stay behind in the Tao tribal clan, but how were they to explain things when they returned to the Lian tribal clan?

They were too humiliated to go back!

Also, to hitchhike, they needed to ask the master, Yi Yun for permission!

They had previously followed Lian Chengyu’s lead by taunting and jeering at Yi Yun, but now, they had to beg Yi Yun.

Thinking about it made them distraught. If Yi Yun wanted to make things difficult for them and purposely chose not to bring them along, then they would have to run their own course!

“We’re dead, we’re dead. We have no way out. Let’s put the matter of returning aside first; even if we returned, with Young master Lian beaten to this state, how are we to explain it to the Patriarch…?”

A man said with a bitter face.

“Are you an idiot!?” said an older man as he slapped him. “Don’t you know, things have changed. In the future, Yi Yun is our new boss! Let’s rush to kowtow to Young master Yi and beg for his forgiveness. Acknowledging a new master is of utmost importance!”

When this clever man said these words, the surround few got confused.

“Neither do we have strength, nor are we beauties. Even if we were to kowtow and beg for forgiveness, it would be useless.”

Coming to the Tao tribal clan, they had seen all sorts of experts, and they had realized Yi Yun’s amazing power. These men of the warrior preparation camp finally realized their so-called strength was a pile of sh*t compared to Yi Yun.

“We also have to make a stand. In the future, we will man the fields and work hard. At least we will have a way to live. If not, Young master Yi can easily squeeze us to death like bugs.” The smart man sighed with emotion. He understand that the days of sucking up were gone. No matter how much they fawned over Yi Yun, he would not bother with them. But at least by doing so, they would still live.

“Then… then what about Young master Lian?” a dumb man weakly asked.

“Young master Lian? F**k him, he’s a useless young master now. Lian Chengyu, this grandson of a turtle has caused so much harm to me!” Upon mentioning Lian Chengyu, this man became angry. If it wasn’t for Lian Chengyu, he would not have been so irreconcilable with Yi Yun!

After all kinds of discussion, the men of the warrior preparation camp decided to recognize Yi Yun as their master.

They plucked their courage and while dragging Lian Chengyu, pushed each other towards Yi Yun.


The eight members of the warrior preparation camp knelt down on the ground. With Yi Yun’s current status, kneeling before him was taken for granted.

“Young master Yi, please be benevolent and forgive little us!”

“Young master Yi, little me failed to recognize a great person. Little me deserves to die.”

“Young master Yi, little me shall be your slave in the future. If you want little me to go east, little me will never dare go west. If you wanted little me to catch a dog, little me will never dare catch a chicken.”

The few men from the warrior preparation camp showed their regretful faces that were filled with grief, and slapped their faces with their big hands.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

As a display of good faith, a few men slapped themselves even louder.

Seeing the members of the warrior preparation camp and their servitude look, Yi Yun could not be bothered with them. They irked him.

Yi Yun was done packing his items and remained speechless.

With Yi Yun not showing any reaction, some of the slaves thought they did not show enough sincerity in slapping themselves, so they slapped themselves even harder.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

A few of their faces were slapped swollen.

Yi Yun got frustrated listening to it. “What are you doing?”

“May Young master Yi show mercy,” A man said as he slapped himself, “May Young master Yi bring little us home…”

Yi Yun impatiently said, “Just following would do.”

Although these people were bullies, they had never done any evil, so Yi Yun would not do anything to do them.

“Thank you Young master Yi!”

A few of the slaves were grateful.

A man thought and hesitantly asked, “Then… Then what about the treacherous Lian Chengyu?”

“Bring him along,” Yi Yun answered casually. Lian Chengyu was already crippled. The serious crimes he had committed, hence causing all the deaths, was to be dealt with by the people of the Lian tribal clan when he was brought back to the tribe.

“Alright, let’s bring the grandson of a turtle back. When we return to the tribe, Young master Yi will deal with him!” The man was smart, so the few members of the warrior preparation camp dragged the half-dead Lian Chengyu over.

Lian Chengyu’s eyes were dull. Being dragged by the men along the ground made his face stained with dirt.

After that, two men threw Lian Chengyu into a basket on the back of the near-horned beast as if they were throwing a dead dog. They did not care if Lian Chengyu was comfortable.

“F**king chicken sure caused me harm!” A man stepped on Lian Chengyu’s face to vent his anger.

Yi Yun saw this at the corner of his eye and had mixed feelings. Days ago, Lian Chengyu was the master, but days later he was a prisoner. The vast wilderness was cruel. The strong were honored and the weak…even survival was a luxury.

The behemoth team set off.

The six beasts ran of out the Tao tribal clan. They galloped all the way, stirring dust in their wake.

Yi Yun wistfully looked back and seemed to see a white clothed figure in a loft far in the distance, looking at him with a smile.

Lin Xintong naturally did not go with Yi Yun. In fact, none of the Jin Long Wei members knew that Lin Xintong would follow Yi Yun to the Lian tribal clan.