True Martial World Chapter 1260

Chapter 1260: Betrayal
Chapter 1260: Betrayal

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The entire Myriad God Ridge had a few dozen personal disciples, but the number of Elders far exceeded the number of personal disciples.

In Myriad God Ridge, anyone whose cultivation level reached the mid-stages of Supremacy could become an outer-sect Elder. Nearly all personal disciples had the potential to achieve that cultivation level; therefore, in terms of status, personal disciples were equivalent to outer-sect Elders. However, they were far inferior to core Elders.

Due to the gathering notice, many of the core members of the Myriad God Ridge had arrived one after another in Jade Emperor Palace, awaiting the patriarch's arrival.

Soon, the vast hall was filled with several hundred people. Yi Yun was naturally among the crowd.

After he arrived in Jade Emperor Palace, he sensed that someone was watching him. He looked up and saw a middle-aged man with a pale face walking toward him.

The middle-aged man's cultivation level was probably in the mid to late-stages of Supremacy. The way he looked at Yi Yun barely masked his bloodlust.

"Are you Yi Yun?" The middle-aged man asked with a voice filled with coldness.

Yi Yun frowned slightly. He did not know this person.

"That is me!"

"Great! Let me ask you, where did you go in the past two days?"

The middle-aged was interrogating him. Such a questioning tone made Yi Yun feel extremely uncomfortable. "Who are you?"

"I'm Song Zhanchen!" The man's voice had bold undertones. Yi Yun's eyebrows pricked up. With that surname, he was undoubtedly from the Song family.

"So it's Elder Song. Nice to meet you." Yi Yun put on a polite tone but cupped his fists languidly. He did not have a good impression of the Song family at all. "Elder Song, it seems you aren't my master. Therefore, I don't think I need to report my whereabouts to you, right?"

"Hehe!" The middle-aged man chortled sinisterly twice. "It's true that I'm not your master. It's fine if you do not tell me where you were. I'll say it for you. Yesterday, you left the Myriad God Ridge and traveled millions of miles away. Then, you returned within a day. At the same time, my son that was out for experiential training millions of miles away was murdered. Not only did you kill my son, you even killed Zhang Wuchen!"

The middle-aged man's voice rang out loud and clear. Instantly, many people present heard him and reacted.

"What? Yi Yun killed Song Bowen and Zhang Wuchen!?"

People were shocked. They previously knew that Song Bowen and Zhang Wuchen had perished while out on experiential training, but they did not know that it was related to Yi Yun.

If that were truly the case, then Yi Yun was truly audacious. Assassinating a personal disciple of the sect was a heavy crime in Myriad God Ridge!

Yi Yun narrowed his eyes as he looked at Song Zhanchen. Just two hours ago, he learned that the Myriad God Ridge sect master had guessed that he was the one responsible for killing Song Bowen and Zhang Wuchen.

However, to the sect master, the Song family was but one of the many family clans in Myriad God Ridge. With the sect master's status, it was beneath him to inform the Song family of the matter. As such, he never expected the Song family to know of it almost immediately!

Was it Cang Wu?

Yi Yun recalled the seductive man that was responsible for communicating on behalf of the sect master. When he was gone, the sect master had tried contacting him through Cang Wu. In other words, Cang Wu also knew that he had traveled far away the past two days.

If Cang Wu had a good relationship with the Song family, it was very likely that he would inform the Song family!

Upon thinking of this, Yi Yun scanned the hall. Instantly, he saw a man dressed in white with looks as beautiful as a woman's standing beside a pillar. He was casually chatting with a blue-dressed woman.

He appeared oblivious to Song Zhanchen's interrogation of Yi Yun. He also ignored the gaze Yi Yun was casting at him. He continued chatting with the blue-dressed woman, his every word and action refined and courteous, as if to showcase his modesty and gentleness.

Cang Wu…

Yi Yun took a deep breath. If Cang Wu had truly informed the Song family, then this matter must be known to the sect master.

However, Cang Wu appeared to pay no attention to it. That meant that the sect master had lost all concern for a so-called 'disciple' like him.

In other words, due to his failure to awaken the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, he was probably of no value to the sect master.

This was why Cang Wu felt so confident in delivering the news to the Song family. The sect master wouldn’t care, and he would be doing the Song family a favor. In those circumstances, why wouldn’t he inform them?

"Yi Yun! You killed Song Bowen and Zhang Wuchen, two personal disciples! According to the sect's rules, your cultivation will be crippled! You will be imprisoned for life!"

Song Zhanchen's voice was filled with killing intent. Song Bowen's death left him unsettled. Now, the murderer was finally found. However, Song Zhanchen was still puzzled as to what method Yi Yun had used to infiltrate the Great Traversal Spirit Ship.

Cripple his cultivation and give him life imprisonment?

Yi Yun sneered and said, "It's true that I wasn't in the sect the past two days. However, I was constantly in seclusion prior to that. How, then, was it possible for me to know where Song Bowen and Zhang Wuchen went? You keep insisting that I killed the two of them. But where's the evidence?"

"You want evidence? Then hand over your interspatial ring. Let me search it in public and I'll find you the evidence you want!"

As Song Zhanchen spoke, he locked his perception onto Yi Yun. It seemed as though he would snatch the ring away from him at any time!

"Search my interspatial ring?"

Yi Yun's gaze turned cold. To warriors, the only thing more important than their interspatial rings were their lives. Typically, all the wealth a warrior had was carried with them. Unless they were killed, no one would ever be allowed to freely probe one’s interspatial ring. It carried a lot of a warrior's secrets.

Although Yi Yun could hide the Great Traversal Spirit Ship in the God Advent Tower, it was absolutely impossible for him to let others see what was in his interspatial ring.

"Elder Song, if you want to attack me, just say so directly. Why do you need to raise a request such as searching my interspatial ring!?"

"Attack you?" Song Zhanchen guffawed. "Do you think a junior like you is worth the effort of me attacking you? Yi Yun, don't think that just because you are the sect master's disciple I wouldn't dare do a thing to you. You can't escape if you violate the sect's rules!"

Song Zhanchen threatened coldly.

And at that moment, a few people appeared behind Song Zhanchen.

"Brother Zhanchen, are you sure this punk killed my grandson?"

A woman spoke. She was from the Zhang family and, just like the Song family, Zhang Wuchen was the most outstanding person among the Zhang family's younger generation.

The Song and Zhang family had been important members in the Myriad God Ridge for years. They had six Elders who, if they joined forces, were a mighty force that would have no trouble destroying Yi Yun.

Had Yi Yun not been the sect master's disciple, it was very likely that these people would have already attacked.

Very quickly, the atmosphere in the hall was all set for a showdown. Many people were watching the buzz in a schadenfreudian manner. Up until now, Yi Yun had enjoyed too much special treatment, so there were many who wished ill on Yi Yun. If the crime of killing personal disciples was confirmed, even the sect master could not protect him.

The situation turned increasingly tense. The number of family members of the Song and Zhang family standing in front of Yi Yun increased, but at that moment—

A cold aura emanated through the entire hall!

The aura felt like it was blown from the deep abyss of the netherworld. It simultaneously gave people a shudder and an unfathomable feeling.

Yi Yun's heart palpitated. Such a terrifying aura… could it be that the Myriad God Patriarch had arrived?