True Martial World Chapter 1261

Chapter 1261: Myriad God Patriarch
Chapter 1261: Myriad God Patriarch

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The aura was not only sensed by Yi Yun. Many people present also shuddered because of the aura. The tense atmosphere of two parties about to jump at each other's throats was naturally and instantly calmed.

In front of the Myriad God Patriarch, no one dared to act impetuously.

A few seconds later, the large hall that everyone was in suddenly changed. What was once a palatial hall was now transforming into a completely open world.

A huge cauldron fell from the sky. It was engraved with a black dragon and it was extremely heavy. It effused a might that seemed like it could hold down mountains and rivers.

"Ascending Dragon Cauldron?"

A personal disciple said loudly. To the members of the sect, the Ascending Dragon Cauldron was the cornerstone treasure of the Myriad God Ridge. It was also a treasure that belonged to the Myriad God Patriarch.

However, Yi Yun knew that the Ascending Dragon Cauldron belonged to no one. The cauldron in front of them was not the real Ascending Dragon Cauldron, but a replica. Although it was a high-quality replica with a formidable aura that left the hearts of people palpitating, it was still quite inferior to the true Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

The real Ascending Dragon Cauldron would exude the feeling of facing the world to those who stood before it.

Above the cauldron stood a red-dressed boy. He had small eyes and his body was tiny. However, his face did not look young. There were minute wrinkles on his face that were inexplicably odd.

And standing on either side of the red-dressed boy were two people. One of them was an elder that Yi Yun recognized. He was none other than the Myriad God Ridge's sect master!

The other person was a handsome youth. He looked like a sixteen or seventeen-year-old mortal. He was dressed in white and there were purple patterns embroidered on his sleeves. He was tall and he had nice facial features. He had an outstanding bearing.

From the way the three people stood, one could easily tell who was the Myriad God Patriarch. It was the red-dressed boy standing front and center!

"He is the Myriad God Patriarch?"

Yi Yun stared at the queer-looking red-dressed boy. Upon first glance, he looked rather normal. However, the more carefully Yi Yun looked, the more uneasy he felt. He even felt a little disgusted. It was unknown what cultivation techniques he cultivated in for him to be in the form of a boy at such an advanced age.

"Greetings, Patriarch!"

The gathered crowd wasn't full of dumb people. Although this was the first time most of them were meeting the Myriad God Patriarch, they were able to instantly guess at his identity. Just his immense aura was confirmation enough.

The red-dressed boy languidly swept his glance at the people beneath him and said, "Dispense with the formalities. I summoned all of you here today to make a few announcements."

The red-dressed boy's voice was hoarse, unlike a child's voice at all. Every sound he produced made one feel as though their ears were burrowing into their brains.

"The first matter is in regards to the successor of the sect master!"

The sect master's successor!?

Everyone gasped. It was the major matter of the succession of the sect master. No wonder the Myriad God Patriarch was there to personally announce it!

The Myriad God Ridge's sect master had been in power for millions of years. The people of the Myriad God Ridge had nearly forgotten the need to change sect masters. Many of the personal disciples cultivated arduously with the sole goal of becoming a core Elder. None ever entertained the thought of becoming the next sect master.

No one imagined that the candidate for the next sect master would be decided today. Many people present could not help but be excited. However, they also knew that the chance of such a great thing befalling them was too minute.

Who could it be?

People waited with bated breaths. At that moment, the red-dressed boy continued, "All these years, I have been touring the Sinkhole in search of opportunities to enhance myself. In the end, my potential has run out and the chances are too few and far between. Therefore, I turned my thoughts to finding a person to take over my mantle. While traveling the Seven Desolates, I found a truly suitable young man. I have already taken him in as my last disciple. Yunyang, greet your fellow disciples."

When the red-dressed boy spoke, the youth behind him stepped forward. He casually cupped his fists at the crowd and said proudly, "I'm Feng Yunyang. I was lucky to be discovered by Master and, today, I come back to the Myriad God Ridge with Master. I wish for all my senior brothers and sisters, and junior brothers and sisters, to take good care of me!"

What? The patriarch had taken in a disciple!?

Everyone present was dumbfounded. They had been in the Myriad God Ridge for years but they had never heard of the patriarch taking in a disciple. They never expected him to bring a disciple back from his travels!

Who was this Feng Yunyang? How was he recruited by the patriarch to be his only disciple?

Without a doubt, the successor to the sect master was Feng Yunyang!

When they originally noticed the young man, many believed that he might be an old freak whose true age was beyond guessing. They never expected that he was really a young man and that he was the only disciple of the patriarch!

Instantly, many personal disciples were exceedingly disappointed. Although they knew they had no chance of becoming the successor to the sect master, they still felt displeased that an outsider would suddenly take that spot.

"The sect master's successor…"

Yi Yun looked at the red-dressed boy and the high-spirited youth who was standing beside him. He felt that something was a little off. From his point of view, the red-dressed boy's thoughts were only on the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. Why would he affirm the successor to the Myriad God Ridge's sect master at this point in time?

"There's one more thing." The red-dressed boy spoke again. "I realize that some of you are unimpressed by Yunyang and wish to vie for the spot against him. In fact, it is an equal opportunity. I might have made Yunyang my last disciple but all of you present are similarly my disciples. If you perform excellently, my heritage and treasures can be given to you. I'm old and I don't have many days left. The items I leave behind have to be handed down to my descendants, after all. How much you obtain will depend on your capabilities."

"I have here a list of natural treasures. If any one of you can find the materials on this list, I'll give you corresponding rewards."

The red-dressed boy waved his hand and the list transformed into a stream of light that stretched out hundreds of feet, presenting itself to the people in front of him.

The words on the list were written in a large golden font. Each word was the size of an inkstone. Everyone could read it clearly.

"Oh? These materials…"

Yi Yun's gaze zoomed in. Many of the materials were the bones and blood of Fey beasts. Herbs only made up a tiny portion of the list, and the names of the Fey beasts also caught Yi Yun's attention…

Heaven Devouring Wyrm!

Four-track Snake!

Dragonbone Whale!

Crimson Blood Heavenly Silkworm!

Li Fire Hornless Dragon!

Nine-winged Golden Dragon!

These ancient Fey beasts seemed unrelated from just their names. However, Yi Yun was well-versed in the divine alchemist's notes. He was acutely aware of every attribute of the Fey beasts written on the list. These particular Fey beasts had one thing in common: They more or less possessed the bloodline of the True Dragon.

There was no need to elaborate on the Heaven Devouring Wyrm. Back when Yi Yun was in the Luo clan, he had obtained the tailbone of a Heaven Devouring Wyrm after gaining the acknowledgment of the twelve ancient Fey columns. In terms of quality, the Heaven Devouring Wyrm tailbone was greatly inferior to the backbone that contained rich bone marrow. But even so, Yi Yun had obtained great benefits from the Heaven Devouring Wyrm tailbone.

The Four-track Snake was a gigantic python that could transform into a dragon according to legend. The reason why it was called a Four-track Snake was that its tummy could grow four legs.

The Dragonbone Whale was a manifestation of the legendary Dragon King of the seas. It was also called Dragon King Whale, a behemoth of the sea. Transforming into a dragon gave it the name whale, and transforming into a Peng gave it the name Kun.

As for the Crimson Blood Heavenly Silkworm, it was one of the legendary nine transformations of the Heavenly Silkworm. After the ninth transformation, it would become a golden dragon…

Yi Yun finished reading the entire list. There were a total of nineteen Ancient Fey beasts listed, all related to dragons.

There were three herbs that were also related to dragons.

Things like the Fey Blood Orchid were guarded by Ancient Fey like the Massive Desolate Grand Python. It took millions of years to grow and it grew by absorbing the breaths of the Massive Desolate Grand Python. And it so happened that the Massive Desolate Grand Python also had the bloodline of the True Dragon!

These materials were priceless. The Myriad God Patriarch had drafted all the personal disciples and Elders of the Myriad God Ridge to search for them. Many of them were from illustrious family clans but even so, it would be extremely difficult to gather all the materials!

What was this old fellow up to? By producing such a list, with every item related to the True Dragon, his goal was likely related to the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. Was he trying to refine some pill?