True Martial World Chapter 1262

Chapter 1262: Besieged on all sides
Chapter 1262: Besieged on all sides

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Yi Yun knew the secret of the Ascending Dragon Cauldron; therefore, he needed to consider the Myriad God Patriarch's every action carefully. He thought of the possible traps that might be waiting, and what ultimate goal the old fellow had.

As for the red-dressed boy's talk of being near the end of his life and the bullshit about him seeking someone to pass his mantle to, Yi Yun would be a fool to believe it.

He was acutely aware how ambitious the old fellow was. Hints could be seen from the way he handled the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. How could such a person give his everything to pave a way for his descendants?

"This disciple he took in…"

Yi Yun looked at Feng Yunyang silently. There was likely something special about the youth.

Yi Yun had complicated thoughts, but the other Myriad God Ridge disciples did not ponder over the matter. To them, the patriarch’s offer was their greatest opportunity.

The patriarch's heritage was something they constantly dreamed of.

"Patriarch!" A personal disciple prostrated himself. "If the items on this list can be obtained, will there be a chance to cultivate in your Myriad God Manual?"

The Myriad God Manual was famous in Myriad God Ridge. It was the supreme knowledge of the Myriad God Patriarch. Typically, Myriad God Ridge personal disciples only had the chance to cultivate in the first three volumes of the Myriad God Manual. As for the second three volumes, they could only be obtained by exchanging sect contribution points at appalling rates.

And the list that the patriarch produced was no doubt a fantastic way to contribute.

The red-dressed boy said, "The Myriad God Manual is nothing. If you gather these items, not only will you see the full Myriad God Manual, but all of my array formations, alchemical skills, and enchanted artifacts that I have tempered for millions of years can be yours!"

As the red-dressed boy said those words, everyone turned extremely excited.

They guessed that the patriarch was likely refining an extremely important pill for him to pay such a heavy price. They had to grasp the opportunity before them.

The family clans they were from had been entrenched in the Calm Sea for millions to tens of millions of years. The deep roots of these family clans naturally meant that they had a deep and complex web of connections. There was always a way to find even the rarest of items.

"Thank you, Patriarch! My wish is that the Patriarch would share the same age as the Heavens and Earth, and be as lustrous as the sun and moon!"

Everyone bowed deeply. The red-dressed boy waved his hand. "All of you are dismissed. If there is any information, simply report it to the sect master or inform Yunyang."

Inform Feng Yunyang?

Everyone looked at Feng Yunyang with mixed emotions. At present, Feng Yunyang was only the successor to the sect master but his status was supernatural. He lorded over the personal disciples and core Elders!

Without a doubt, Feng Yunyang would become the third most important person in the Myriad God Ridge thanks to the patriarch’s backing, whether the others were agreeable to it or not.

Upon noticing the envious and disgruntled looks the crowd was giving him, Feng Yunyang stood forward and spoke loudly, "Fellow sect members!"

"It's all thanks to Master's nurturing that I, Feng Yunyang, can reach what I've attained today. I haven't been cultivating for long and many of you here are my senior brothers or sisters. However, the martial path does not consider age. In this world, the strong are almighty! Other than cultivating in the martial path, I have some minute accomplishments in array formations! If any senior brother or sister has any thoughts to share, I'm willing to take the advice!"

Feng Yunyang's tone sounded amiable, particularly the part about him willing to take in advice, but everyone knew that Feng Yunyang was putting on a show of force.

As the last disciple of the patriarch, he was definitely extraordinarily talented. With the patriarch's nurturing, the resources he enjoyed were far superior to anyone else’s. In such a situation, who would dare give him any advice?

And of course, no one present spoke. The corners of Feng Yunyang's lips curled up for he was very satisfied with the reaction from the crowd.

As an outsider, he had suddenly become the successor to the sect master. He obviously knew the people were unconvinced, but so what? It only increased the superiority complex of holding the position!

"Cang Wu, it's Martial-nephew Yunyang's first time in Myriad God Ridge. Help him to settle into his board and lodging." The Myriad God Ridge's sect master spoke. Towards this successor that would replace him, he continued beaming. But it was unknown what he was truly thinking.

"Yes, Master!" Cang Wu received the order.

The gathering came to an end and, after the patriarch left, everyone began to leave the hall.

When Yi Yun left, he could clearly sense a large amount of killing intent lock onto him. The killing intent came from the Song and Zhang family.

With the patriarch and sect master present, they didn’t dare to try anything. But that did not mean Yi Yun was off the hook.

Yi Yun ignored them and returned to Sunken Moon Tower. After entering his cultivation chamber, he activated the array formation to insulate him from the Myriad God Ridge sect master's monitoring. Following that, he placed the Great Traversal Spirit Ship and other items in his interspatial ring into the God Advent Tower and sealed it up.

Although it was impossible for Yi Yun to hand his interspatial ring to the Zhang and Song family for investigation, it was still best to hide the suspect items away.

After he finished all of this, Yi Yun began meditating in cultivation. In Myriad God Ridge, he was facing a situation that could be described as being besieged from all sides.

Yi Yun could already tell that, thanks to his failure to awaken the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, the sect master thought nothing of him.

With the Song and Zhang family guessing that he was the one responsible for killing Zhang Wuchen and Song Bowen, he was in a dire situation.

Now, he had to grasp at every opportunity to cultivate and wait for Old Snake to take action. Then, he could employ a concerted attack with him from inside and outside.

At that moment, an array voice transmission from Qingwen came from outside the cultivation chamber. "Young Master, quickly come out. There's someone here who wants to speak to you."

"Oh?" Yi Yun pricked up his brows. Typically, Duanmu Qingwen would not disturb him once he entered the cultivation chamber. Could it be that the Zhang and Song family were here for him?

He deactivated the cultivation chamber's array and stepped out. When he did, he saw men wearing steward garb outside.

The one leading the group was a mustached middle-aged man. He looked like a manager of a store with his thin mustache.

His cultivation level wasn't high but from the way he was smiling, he did not appear to be from the Zhang or Song family.

The mustached middle-aged man bowed at Yi Yun and it was obvious that it was a perfunctory motion. He said, "Young Master Yi, I'm here to pass you a message. If it's possible, would you move out of Sunken Moon Tower at your earliest convenience?"

"Oh?" Yi Yun frowned. "What!?"

The mustached middle-aged man wrung his hands in an embarrassed manner. "I'm only following orders. A while ago, the sect master informed Lord Cang Wu to allocate Sunken Moon Tower as Young Master Yunyang's residence. Lord Cang Wu had mentioned that in the entire personal disciple zone, the best residence is Sunken Moon Tower and asked if Young Master Feng was willing to stay here. Young Master Feng nodded so Lord Cang Wu has arranged for this to be his residence."

"He ordered me here and I can't do anything about it. I can't exactly clone another Sunken Moon Tower either. Do you think… you can make it easy for me by moving out?"

The mustached middle-aged man said the last bit with a smile. Although he was smiling humbly, Yi Yun could tell that his smile had a derisiveness to it.

From the looks of it, Cang Wu had informed him of certain things. He also knew that, although he was still the sect master's disciple, he was no longer going to enjoy any beneficial treatment from the sect master.