True Martial World Chapter 1263

Chapter 1263: Myriad God Crown Prince
Chapter 1263: Myriad God Crown Prince

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"How about it Young Master Yi? If it is convenient for you, please move now. I have already found help for Young Master Yi. These men will help you move. I'm really sorry to make you go through all of this, Young Master Yi." When he saw Yi Yun not moving, the thin mustached middle-aged man obsequiously pleaded with him.

Yi Yun narrowed his eyes. "Where do you want me to move to?"

"About that…" The middle-aged man looked a little troubled. "Lord Cang Wu did not instruct me to move you to a particular place. There is a severe shortage of residences in the personal disciple district at the moment, you see. Young Master Yi, why don't you first move to the East Box Building and we can later make further arrangements for your residence?"

Upon hearing the middle-aged man's words, Yi Yun laughed. He knew of the East Box Building. It wasn't a residence for personal disciples, but the place where the stewards and deacons who served them stayed.

There was also the ridiculous claim that there was a shortage of residences in the personal disciple district. Just Zhang Wuchen and Song Bowen's deaths should have opened up two spots.

This was all likely arranged by Cang Wu. He had probably received benefits from the Zhang and Song family.

"The East Box Building isn't bad. If you want me to move there, that's fine. Although, I have quite a bit of luggage. Get Cang Wu to help me pack!"

With that said, Yi Yun turned to leave. Although he was not particularly attached to the Sunken Moon Tower, being chased out was completely different from him simply not being able to stay there.

Upon hearing Yi Yun's words, the middle-aged man was stunned. He never expected Yi Yun to say such a daring thing. Get Cang Wu himself here?

What sort of person was Cang Wu? As the eldest disciple of the Myriad God Ridge's sect master, his cultivation level was already at the Supremacy level. He held an extraordinary status. Any personal disciple that saw him would bow respectfully and greet him as Martial Uncle.

Who did Yi Yun think he was to ask Cang Wu to come personally to get him to move? Even if he hadn't lost the favor of the sect master, he was nowhere near comparable to Cang Wu.

"Young Master Yi, what's the point of making things difficult for me? I'm only a steward. If you are that capable, go directly to Lord Cang Wu and Young Sect Master Feng and say that!" The middle-aged man said furiously.

How could a disciple that has lost the favor of the sect master act so arrogantly? He was nothing compared to the only disciple of the patriarch, the next sect master.

Yi Yun could no longer be bothered with the steward. He closed the door to Sunken Moon Tower and shut the group out at the door.

The middle-aged man was fuming mad, but at that moment he could not do a thing. What else could he do if Yi Yun refused to move?

He stood in a daze in front of Sunken Moon Tower for a long while when he suddenly saw a group of people walking towards him from afar.

There were more than ten people. From their attire, they were mostly Elders or personal disciples of Myriad God Ridge. Walking among them was a youth. He was like the moon that drew a circle of stars around him. That person was none other than Feng Yunyang.

And walking beside Feng Yunyang was the sect master's eldest disciple, Cang Wu.

Even Cang Wu was walking half a step behind Feng Yunyang. At that moment in Myriad God Patriarch, Feng Yunyang was like the crown prince in mortal dynasties. His status was second only to the patriarch and incumbent sect master. Many people were fawning over him.

After the announcement, many family clans had prepared gifts and written letters of visit. They all planned on scheduling a time to visit Feng Yunyang.

To these ancient family clans, Feng Yunyang, as the next sect master, was someone that they absolutely had to establish good ties with. Any smart person could tell that the current sect master was near his end. Furthermore, the patriarch had said that his days were numbered. In effect, that meant that Feng Yunyang would become the only head of the Myriad God Ridge in the future. Who would dare to offend such a person?

However, not everyone could discern the circumstances. There were a few shortsighted people that were unconvinced by Feng Yunyang.

Previously, Feng Yunyang had mentioned that he had minute accomplishments on the martial path and array formations. He welcomed every senior brother and sister to give him 'advice.'

It was a way for Feng Yunyang to establish his authority, but there were two young and high-spirited personal disciples who believed that it was genuine. They believed that they had extraordinary talent. They thought that if they defeated Feng Yunyang they would receive the attention of the patriarch, and that they might be able to take Feng Yunyang’s place as his last disciple. In that case, they would undergo a meteoric rise, becoming the sect master's successor.

However, dreams are beautiful but reality is very cruel. When they went to 'give advice' to Feng Yunyang, they were defeated by him in three strikes!

Feng Yunyang was extremely ruthless in his attacks. One of them was beaten till he was on his last breath. The other one was nearly crippled. They would be bedridden for about a year, and there was no hope of recovery without expending large amounts of treasured herbs.

Such an act left many people secretly alarmed. Feng Yunyang was definitely not as benign as he seemed!

He clearly knew that the two who challenged him were not his match, and yet he enticed them to sign a challenge contract anyway. They went on the Myriad God Platform, and so he was not to be blamed even if they were beaten to death. After all, blades do not discriminate!

People knew that Feng Yunyang could have easily gained victory without injuring the other two. However, he deliberately injured them heavily in their dantians. Only a very vicious person would have such thoughts.

It was, in fact, a violation of the sect rules, but no one raised that point. With Feng Yunyang's status, people were eager to fawn over him, so who would be dumb enough to offend him? The only ones to blame were the two who didn't know any better. They were too naive with their dreams of grandeur.

"Young Sect Master is truly the kind of genius that doesn't even appear once in ten thousand years in the Calm Sea! It was truly heart-shaking to see Young Sect Master's valiant bearing on the Myriad God Platform!"

An elder beamed from ear to ear as he lauded Feng Yunyang. The way his wrinkles pressed together was enough to squeeze a fly to death.

"Elder Sun, your mentioning of the Calm Sea is too small in scope. From the way I see it, Young Sect Master is definitely the best even in the entire Sinkhole!"

Another person flattered. It was uplifted from the Calm Sea to the Sinkhole. Their sycophantic acts were done without even blinking.

Feng Yunyang relished in how the people addressed him 'Young Sect Master.’ Back in the Seven Desolates, when had he ever enjoyed such treatment?

The original Feng Yunyang came from a small sect. It was all because of Myriad God Patriarch's foresight and wisdom that he discovered how exceedingly talented he actually was. He obviously leapt at the chance to leave with the Myriad God Patriarch. Later, Myriad God Patriarch obtained divine medicine at great cost to help him clean his marrow and temper his bones. He was also taught divine techniques, giving him his robust foundations and present-day achievements.

He took in the flattery while maintaining his countenance before saying nonchalantly, "The Calm Sea's scope is indeed not big enough. Master has placed great hopes on me. I will not let him down either. In the future, I'll lead the Myriad God Ridge to expand beyond the Calm Sea and dominate the Sinkhole!"

When Feng Yunyang said those words, the crowd echoed emphatically. No youth could be more high spirited than this.

At that moment, Cang Wu said, "Junior Brother Feng, Sunken Moon Tower is right ahead. It's the best residence in the personal disciple district…"

"Oh, it's actually a building made of Sunken Moon Wood? That works! Not bad!"

Feng Yunyang was very pleased.

With a smile, Cang Wu turned to introduce the Sunken Moon Tower but he noticed the mustached middle-aged man running toward him with a downtrodden look.

Cang Wu frowned slightly and asked, "What's the matter?"

"Lord Cang Wu… Yi Yun refuses to move. He's still inside Sunken Moon Tower at this very moment!"